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  1. That is a fantastic face, especially for that scale. I do like the palette you've been using. It feels very grounded.
  2. I have very little experience here, except to say I've got a bottle of Army Painter's Mithril Silver/Chain Mail Silver (it's marketed in two different lines) and I much prefer it to my Reaper Filigree Silver. It has good coverage and is very smooth - no metallic "graininess" to speak of, just shine. No experience with the rest of their products, but I've read good things about their latest metallics line.
  3. I rather like the crowned king. The saffron yellow goes surprisingly well with the gilt armor. I don't know what other color would've liked right for the tongue, but pink suits well enough.
  4. Purple was a great choice for the cloak. Seems like a stone tile mausoleum would be a good base.
  5. Wanted some sci fi minis and I saw this box of Star Wars Legion Rebel Troopers on sale, so I bought it. They've sat in the box since May, as I was a little intimidated at assembling and army painting. Now I feel a bit more confident, so I'm going for it. Started with basing first. I debated on what theme go to with, but I opted for a desert with warm, Kalahari-like tones. Mixed up a few different sand sizes, added some stones here and there. I noticed the commander has his gun pointed down and it was on the same level as his feet. Rather than drag it through the sand, I made
  6. Love those patterns and colors. Great job.
  7. For your second mini, this is great! I think the color tone is good - a balance of realistic and cartoonish. Perfect for the sculpt. Keep painting! Can't wait to see more!
  8. I'm liking the vibrancy on the fern and in her hair. Nicely done.
  9. Great color choices. That blue is stunning.
  10. Yeah, after I had trouble with coverage, I read a few articles about painting with yellow. I'm working on some desert bases right now that I wanted to have a warm yellow color, so I primed with white and underpainted with some thinned out red before putting down a yellow base color. Definitely helped with the coverage. I'll keep in mind about using red for shadows.
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