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  1. I did a deep dive and found it is probably a Vought Corsair from WWII. If anyone knows who the manufacturer is it be appreciated!
  2. I agree that a $400 + mini is outrageous, but I do like the fact the head sculpts are correct, which they can do without concern because the have the licensing. The dragon heads for Tianot (Maal Drakar) don't match the Forgotten Realms head shapes, and a lot of head shapes frankly, of the lore for chromatic dragons. I saw a conversion that someone did to make it match, but seems a bit out of my league at the moment.
  3. I'm looking to paint this airplane mini I got for a painting contest, but I need some help identifying the plane so I can get as accurate as possible to a realistic paint job. Problem is, I have no idea who made it. It doesn't have the telltale Reaper stamping and I couldn't find it on the online store, but I do know I got it at either Reapercon 2019 or it was in a virtual Reapercon swag bag, I am leaning towards the former. I include pictures below, but it appears to have four missiles under each wing and the nose looks like the front is supposed to have a propeller that they didn't sculpt.
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