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  1. Wasn't there some butcher pigs? I'm sure I remember something about them? maybe I just dreamt them....
  2. Just heard back from Reaper, no ship, no core "There may be more beyond that but that is what I can tell you with certainty." So disappointed. I know no one is at fault, and I'm glad that Reaper is dealing with it so well, but man, what a bummer. That was a long year and 2 months wait for nothing. To use a ship pun, it's taken the wind out of my sails a bit lol.
  3. Me too, but from what I'm reading on the discord, and from what you've just told me, I've got a sinking feeling... Cheers for the info! I guess I'll just have to keep my fingers crossed. Ugh, it's going to be a long, miserable wait.
  4. Thanks for the reply. That's what I fear... in all the images I've seen of boxes being delivered the ship is it's own thing. I'm hoping that they figured shipping to AUS would be more economical to put it all in one box. My UPS tracking only lists one item. You don't remember approx how much the ship weighed do you? All I can do now is try to work out the likelihood of it being in the box by guessing the total weight of my entire order! I'm trying to be positive and hopeful, but far out, it's hard. It's especially frustrating because I remember when they sold the 'excess' core sets and ships on the website a while ago. I wish rather than they saying "we have a list of those who missed out - so email us when you find things missing and we'll give you a refund" they would just tell those people who are on the list now, and put us out of our collective misery.
  5. Does anyone know is the Sophie's revenge box is always shipped by itself, or is it possible that it could be in a large box? I've got a massive 5.5 order on the way, but the shipping notification is only for one item. After reading the notification yesterday about missing items (and how they cannot replace them), and the above comments about missing out on things, I'm genuinely concerned that I'm going to miss out on a ship that I've been looking forward to/writing a campaign for/hyping my party up with for over a year now... Funny enough I'm not really fussed if I don't get the core set, but man, I'll be so disappointed if I end up sans ship.
  6. Thanks, it's heavy for sure - but it works spot on for the undead! Very cool. Tbh though I was hoping you'd say "oh, it was x GW technical paint" so I could grab a pot today and get that effect easily 😅
  7. How did you get the rust effect on the first skelly's sword and armour? It looks really good.
  8. I just got UPS notification of shipping to Australia, estimated arrival the 27th... At least I'm assuming it's my B5.5 order, 10 lb box? I have a ship too. I was literally 2 months or so away from getting out from under my mini pile, looks like I'm about to be deep in the hole again!
  9. As the title says - has the Reaper shipping policy just changed for Australia? Usually I do a big $100 USD plus order from the US store to get it shipped for free, plus the freebies, but just went to do my order today and it's no longer available - I can pay shipping, or pay in AUD to have it shipped from the Australian distributor (whom I loathe with a passion - lack of stock, crummy customer service, over priced - the antithesis of Reaper) and miss out on the freebies as well. Truthfully my orders usually end up near the $200 mark because I get impatient, and that extra free mini tempts me in. I looks like now the choice is a) pay USD, no free shipping but freebies or b) pay AUD from the Atherworks distributor, no freebies, crummy service and selection, but free shipping OR (but not likely) I guess stop buying new minis and just work on the piles of shame that I already have.... This change must have just happened - mid month when I went to order this option was still available. Have any other Aussies noticed this?
  10. In my experience, if there's a magic carpet in the vicinity, at least one of my players are going to stand on it... regardless of whatever else may be happening.
  11. Two figures! A rider plus standing version!
  12. Talons encounter - apparently the nest is huge, and the totem is extremely detailed, the quality doesn't show up on the KS.
  13. FYI, apparently the archway in Tombs has the same level of detail carved into the entire sculpture - front, back, sides and under the archways (same with the walls).
  14. Ding! Tombs is unlocked! So are the Raptorkin!
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