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  1. As the title says - has the Reaper shipping policy just changed for Australia? Usually I do a big $100 USD plus order from the US store to get it shipped for free, plus the freebies, but just went to do my order today and it's no longer available - I can pay shipping, or pay in AUD to have it shipped from the Australian distributor (whom I loathe with a passion - lack of stock, crummy customer service, over priced - the antithesis of Reaper) and miss out on the freebies as well. Truthfully my orders usually end up near the $200 mark because I get impatient, and that extra free mini tempts me in. I looks like now the choice is a) pay USD, no free shipping but freebies or b) pay AUD from the Atherworks distributor, no freebies, crummy service and selection, but free shipping OR (but not likely) I guess stop buying new minis and just work on the piles of shame that I already have.... This change must have just happened - mid month when I went to order this option was still available. Have any other Aussies noticed this?
  2. In my experience, if there's a magic carpet in the vicinity, at least one of my players are going to stand on it... regardless of whatever else may be happening.
  3. Two figures! A rider plus standing version!
  4. Talons encounter - apparently the nest is huge, and the totem is extremely detailed, the quality doesn't show up on the KS.
  5. FYI, apparently the archway in Tombs has the same level of detail carved into the entire sculpture - front, back, sides and under the archways (same with the walls).
  6. Ding! Tombs is unlocked! So are the Raptorkin!
  7. I'm at $566. Just waiting to see what else Reaper may try and tempt me with! I'm really glad that I've been following this KS on here - it's pretty hard to tell what's going on on the KS page. I only knew about some of the unlocks from this thread! Granted, that would have meant a pleasant surprise when I found extra minis in the box, and more things than expected when I went to the pledge manager, but I hope it doesn't prevent others from buying in before the KS closes.
  8. Ding! Phoenix egg is unlocked! Eggcellent.... ..I'll see myself out.
  9. Have faith! You never know what they may pull out to tempt us in the final hours. I'm really hanging out for the remaining encounters as well. It's not over till the time runs out - and the Texas day is only just beginning. Feel free to commence being bummed out in ten and a bit hours.
  10. Yep, welcome to the club. After the KS is over you spend your pledge amount on whatever you want, and can add more to buy extra stuff. The upside of this is that you can buy things later when you have extra money (or when FOMO kicks in), the downside if that the extra money added after the KS ends won't help us reach the stretch goals. P.S in my personal experience, you'll end up buying everything that looks cool to you eventually, so you may as well pledge as much as you can now to bump up the numbers. I've passed on things in the past only to end up buying them later. I said once before that I've never regretted buying anything from the Bones KickStarter, but I've definitely regretted not buying things!
  11. Did the map change? Last night I'm sure it had more of an underground/fungi feel to it...
  12. So close to the big dragon! With 33 hours to go, things are looking very exciting! Very keen to see if there are anymore surprises around the corner (I'm looking at you butcher pigs!) Now that I'm pretty much in for everything, the question is, how much more will Reaper be able to get out of me? @TaleSpinner I'm loving both your sculpts. I had no idea what a flumph was until today, but now I do, I'm a happier person for it. I can't wait to pop it in my dungeons to help weary adventures, or to point out the obvious clues that I'm signposting for them that they're missing.
  13. Lighthouse - Check. Initially missed the joke about it, got sick of hearing about it, but part of me wondered if it was going to pop up anyway. Very happy it did. It'll go well with the ship, be a very cool terrain piece, and for $30 with the minis, I think it's a steal. (I don't know where you all are finding cheaper scenery! If I ever saw something like this in a store, with two detachable minis - especially if one was a walrus, and one with a seagull on his shoulder, I'd grab it without hesitation. And I don't think I could DIY something as good for the money/time) Plus, as it's a KS only, if I didn't get one I'd get FOMO for sure! Core set - I'd already decided to get this, had justified the cost and was committed, so I'm always happy to see it get bigger (and I'll grab a couple more bee lancers to make a full squadron). I'm going in for all the expansions - for me, there's enough easily in the revealed ones to justify them to myself. I'm just on the edge of my seat for Tombs and Dungeons, I want to get the full sets of those. GG was an on-the-fencer, but based on how much I still love the Brinewind set and am blown away by the quality of the terrain I'm trusting in Reaper to pull it off. (Plus their old fire place is 10 bucks by itself and I was eyeing it off for dressing anyway, the GG one is way cooler). Paints, yup, no brainer Add ons - tbh, I'm pretty keen on them too. all of them pretty much, except the chibis (not my style) and the orcs (nothing against Jackson - I'm just orced out). Sometimes I feel like either my tastes mustn't be as selective as others; I'm finding it very easy to talk myself into pledging more than my pre-KS brain budgeted. Whenever the tiny unwelcome voice of adult budgeting peeps up, I just look at my past Reaper orders (all over USD 100, all with substantially less in them) and compare them to the value offered in the KS. The next 2 days are going to be a wild and emotional ride!
  14. Tomorrow is going to be a good day...
  15. Very happy to see in the flavourtext that seagulls are finally recognised for the evil, flesh tearing, undead whispering birds that they truly are. I've always felt that what my rpg worlds lack are evil sentient seagulls.
  16. It's funny, I kinda expected to see the light house pop up at the end here. I've never really commented on it because, well it was pretty ott talked about for a while, but I was very curious to see if it would make a surprise appearance. And now it has, I'm very excited to pick one up! Sometimes it feels like buying something from the KS is like buying prepackaged inspiration for a one-shot (looking at you owl bear nest) or a basis for a whole campaign (tombs). Maybe that's just how I'm justifying pledging for everything - "sure I need that... that will be great for when I write (insert vague idea here, specifically bent to necessitate as many B6 things as possible) for the upcoming (insert unlikely possible future game)" I really hope the light house pumps this KS up, I want to see Mr Pinchy again!
  17. This is what I just thought too! I've been popping on here a couple of times each day this week and seeing nothing new, then today there was 5 pages of comments - and pics of all the new stuff. I'm very happy to see the momentum pick up again! Fingers crossed it's now just awesome reveal after awesome reveal. I'm also very happy to see the new previews, and loving everything up there, the Tombs expansion will push me to get into more desert setting writing, Denizens is looking solid (and who doesn't like a giant slug?). I'd already pledged for one of everything, assuming (correctly it turns out) that I'd be happy with each expansion, but here's to hoping it pulls a few extra dollars out of a few more hesitant backers.
  18. Once again, you've managed to articulate something that I felt, but didn't really realise I knew, until I'd read it. Well done (again!) On the skull complaint front - personally I love a goofy skull or three on my Reaper minis. My DnD tends to run towards the silly/light hearted rather than grim dark fantasy, and Ridolfi's (and most of Reaper's) style fits this perfectly for me. I've never looked to Reaper for realistic fantasy - there are other awesome companies for that audience. On another note - looks like we just hit 1,020 K! Green Griff is complete!
  19. Far out mate, I couldn't have said it better myself.
  20. I'd like him a cheeky add-on to the Tombs expansion, perhaps without the pistols so he'd fit into the fantasy theme, however, if they did re do him and put him in a Chronoscope Expansion I'd grab that just as happily (I'd grab both happily without him - but you know, I'm always keen for more minis).
  21. Mate, thanks very much. Now I've just got to bang another $97.01 worth of minis in my cart and I'm golden. Looks like I may as well pledge for the Tombs already - I'll be getting it now regardless of what's in it 🤣
  22. Wait, what? I may have understood this, but are you telling me that there is a Brendan Fraser Bones mini? If so, looks like I'm buying another box of minis to get him and the free shipping to Aus 😅
  23. I've just finished rewatching the 1999 classic film The Mummy, and I've got to admit now I'm pretty darned excited to see what's in the Lost Tombs expansion!
  24. Yep - totally agree with everything you've said. I personally love having a large array of minis for players to choose from, and for new players who are overwhelmed by the D&D options sometimes they'll just pick a mini they think looks cool and I'll knock up an easy stat sheet for them to use. It's also great to have a massive collection of really interesting NPCs and back up minis for one-shots. I am more than excited to buy the core set (and have pledged already) and I still love thumbing through the reaper blister packs at my FLGS to buy any minis that catch my eye - however, I can also see how many other long time KS supporters wouldn't want to splash out on a full core set if the characters/or monsters don't interest them. For me, if I was on a budget, a $65 monster core of the ants, bog shambler, mongrel folk, nightmare, familiars, toil and trouble, mudmen ect would pull me in even if I couldn't convince myself to get the full core. I agree with you re: more players making/designing their own personal characters, and I love when players turn up with their own minis - it adds to the theatre of the sessions. I'm in the very fortunate position of having enough expendable cash to buy everything on offer (as I did in Bones 5) and work through it all at my own pace (and give away things that really don't interest me/won't get painted) however for those who don't have that sort of budget, space, or understanding housemates/partners, splitting the core may help pull in a few extra pledges from the veterans who feel there is too much filler for their personal collections this time around. It was an idea that had never occurred to me until I'd read it today, and seems a good solution to a problem that several people have voiced.
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