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  1. I was surprised that when I clicked on the link at noon it was already showing me unavailable, and I guess I just got a really great rep on the phone because she was easily able to get me the con rates for Wednesday through Monday. I had an elderly late that was so sweet. It's a bummer that so many people are having a hard time getting in though.
  2. I'm anxiously awaiting ReaperCon news so I can book my hotel room already!!!!! And @Haldir...we all knew you wouldn't stay away!!! haha
  3. Crazy thing...I didn't do any Hobby Hijinks this year, although I did go around several times passing out Ribbons anytime they were singing, and I loved it! But Hobby Hijinks is pretty much what sold me on ReaperCon and what has inspired me to keep painting. I didn't want to go to ReaperCon the first time I went because I was shy, nervous, and had just had Knee Surgery on my left knee not even 2 weeks before. My husband begged me to go, so I went. I think I only had 2 or 3 classes that year, but I had only ever painted 3 minis before ReaperCon 2021. But everyone at Hobby Hijinks was so encouraging, and since it was just painting for fun, and with random colors in the dice rolls, or with random tools in Sophie Says, there was no pressure to actually have a perfectly painted mini. @Ludo was just so much fun and seemed so happy to be there and so happy to have us all there that my walls started to come down and I started to feel comfortable there. I know that's where I first met @Dr Bob and @OneBoot and probably several others of you. I really think that had I not participated in Hobby Hijinks, I would not have wanted to keep going back, or try to improve my painting. I tell everyone that I meet to go to ReaperCon and to start at the Hobby Hijinks if they are a new painter. This year a couple of the dads in a group of New to D&D players that I DM for went to RearperCon on Saturday with their kids and they loved Hobby Hijinks and are now really excited for next year's ReaperCon and want to start painting more. We're going to do painting club again so they can learn more and paint throughout the year. I'm super excited about it too!!
  4. That was SOOO fun!! I loved it! And I loved that my table was right by the Hobby Hijinx because every time a new group started singing, I would go over there and just start handing out ribbons to everyone singing! It was FABULOUS!
  5. I'm pretty sure I've told you all this several times: I LOVE HEARING EVERYONE SING!!! Anyone can sing, even off key, as long as you are having fun with it, then sing your hearts out!!! I love it, love it, LOVE IT!!! Sing to me my people!!!! haha
  6. You most definitely should!!! Also, I'm still thinking we need a bust of @Dr Bob and a mini of @Reaper_Jon to paint.
  7. I MISS YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I seriously had such a great time (other than falling in the hotel shower. oof.) @haldir your game was a lot of fun and I definitely think you need to come back next year so I can play in more games. Also, all week I was at a table with @jedijared and @gmvader and I had no idea that gmvader was at my table. I would have told y'all sooner if I had known. lol I just got done with my first day back at work and it was terrible. So many unhappy customers, hundreds of emails to work on, and the last call of the day was seriously the worst call ever that it had me in tears and had me work half an hour late. Can we please go back to being all together at ReaperCon now???? Y'all are the best people ever and I love how we are all so different but we can come together and have fun and enjoy each other's company and not judge anyone for any of their weird differences. LOL No one pressured me to partake in drinking and didn't make me feel weird or awkward about it, so many people were ok when I asked them not to swear around me as much, and just....I just love it all. On a random note, my hubby says I should start streaming "Sing and Paint with PammyD2" so you can all join me in painting and sing along with me. It kind of sounds fun. Normally I don't sing in front of people, but since I get everyone else to sing for me, it only sounds fair. HAHA.
  8. So...was supposed to leave no later than 2...and here we are, 2 hours later, and finally on our way. Here's to hoping it only takes an hour to get there.
  9. You guys are too kind! So I just took my 15 minute break from work (ended up taking 20. oops) but I glued some random rocks to the base, and I had some small rock basing material, so I took some Elmer's glue and just spread it around randomly and through the little rocks on that. Hopefully it will be good and dry soon so I can cover it all in the mud paint and hopefully it will look good. I was trying to have both sides look the same, and that is just a little more difficult with the ground, but I hope it works.
  10. Thank you! I do not consider myself a good painter at all and feel like I have no idea what I'm doing. I also wanted to be able to use the minis for something else, so that's why I didn't cut into the base and cover them with green stuff to make it all look like one floor. I was trying to make the floor look like mud, so maybe I will try and add some rocks around and then paint mud on them.
  11. Help!!! I just put together my diorama. Everything is glued down, so there is no going back now. Do you have any other suggestions that can help me really make it good? I've worked really hard on it, but I'm sure there is more I could do. What do you think? Ignore the white of the bottom base. I'm painting that part right now. PXL_20230830_044850114.mp4 PXL_20230830_044947976.mp4 PXL_20230830_044850114.mp4
  12. So, I actually just stepped away from my desk for a moment to work on my diorama, and I ended up cutting my middle finger pretty bad. Just a deep slice right in the bad of my finger. At least it is the left hand. But, OUCH! It really hurts, and was bleeding quite a bit. Don't worry, there is a Band-Aid on it now. And I didn't bleed on anything important!
  13. 2 more hours of work today and then I will be spending the rest of my evening painting the terrain for my diorama and hopefully doing the finally assembly. That is all I have planned for tonight. Nope, wait. I have to do some laundry and then pack. Then I have to work 4 hours tomorrow and the goal is to get to the hotel no later than 3pm tomorrow. Once there, I can calmly find a place to sit....AND FINISH PAINTING! V_V I'm fine. Not stressed at all. Totally cool. /sarcasm >_>
  14. Thank you!!! It was actually pretty hard for me to get to that part of his head because the sword is in the way. I do want to try to fix it a little, but finding the time to paint before ReaperCon is going to be difficult since I'm going out of town this weekend for a friend's birthday. But I really appreciate the suggestion and will try to improve!
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