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  1. When is CAV-Con? Unlikely I can go either way. I really like this mini.
  2. Sounds like a winner to me
  3. General308


    So I have been gone for a while. I noticed in the Talon game store there is a section for terrain. What is the word on that? I am really interested in game terrain.
  4. Ok boiled them it worked well. My first thought is the came out well. The only thing I don't like is the small hex bases on a CAV like the Emperor the small bases just don't fit well. But the minis themselves are great. When is CAV bones II
  5. So does anyone have advice on how to boil the Tsuiseki's? I am a bit worried about trying it. Do you have to bend the piece back into place or does it do it it's self?
  6. She submited because she thought as soon as the shield was lowered her troopers would storm the room and turn the shields back on. For some reason they didn't. The First order not simply turning the shield back on is the biggest plot hole in the movie.
  7. I have seen it twice now and I love it. Here is the deal with Ren. He hasn't fully turned to the Dark side yet. That is why he struggles with the light side pulling at him. It is also why he is strongest when he is calm. When talking to the Vader Totem he begs to be shown the power of the Dark side again. Which means he likely saw some sort of a Vision we don't know about yet. But when he is angry and not at peace he becomes weaker unlike previous Star Wars Villans. As to the Saber with Fin and Rey. You have to remember Ren was hurt from the Bowcaster blast. Every time he would pound his side he was bleeding everywere. He was basicly bleeding out during that fight. Watching it a second time through it felt like Ren was toying with Fin until fin got a luck shot in on his shoulder he then took Fin out quickly. Rey is another story. She clearly has training even if she doesn't remember it. When Ren got into her mind she seemed to start to remember it. You also have to remember Ren was not trying to kill Rey. He was ordered to bring her to Snook. So he was tring to capture here. Which was a mistake because she again taped in to the force and overpowers him. Again as soon as Ren becomes uncalm he becomes weak. Rey to me is likely Luke's daughter. Luke's saber had a sort of Sword in the Stone moment and the Saber went to Rey not Ren. I think that is telling. Could she still be Leia's maybe but unlikely. Her music in the fight scene was very much like Luke's. So for the next year and a half that is what everyone is going to be speculating on. Honestly my whole family enjoyed it. My daughter teared up when Han died(Leia's Fault bye the way.)
  8. Soonish? Really need to use bad language.
  9. You should do a contest and let players come up with designs to fill in the gaps.
  10. Sounds like an ad: 4 out of 4 gamers back Reaper Bones! My first reaction was "why is his gamer group shrinking? That's sad." That's why I hope she appears sooner rather than later. I'd love to see her pop up on Friday (10th or 17th) to help boost weekend pledges, since they're traditionally slower pledge days. You know I only plan to pledge for that mini. I am more of a scifi person. But I want that one.
  11. Soon? <wince> I know I apologize for the use of such foul language. It isn't very becoming.
  12. In all fairness they only said June 19th. They didn't say what year and that is an important detail in CAV that normally leads to "Soon"
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