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  1. I painted it dark brown underneath. Then used a white glue to apply the static grass to the model. It turned out really well. I was presently surprised :) Edit: just so you know I used static grass for the "moss" a really short version of the grass.
  2. I would say the Matte Medium and or RMS flow Improver would be best to use in thinning them out again. It is typical for some of the thinning solution to evaporate from the RMS bottles over time... just do what you are doing as far as the matte medium to restore them and make sure you shake them really well. It should restore fairly well after that is done.
  3. Yea it was a tough game for me... I hate rooting for something that I want to loose. I was torn.. having to root for the Pack to win over the Bears and rooting for Orton to get more FF points... but low game scores and still loose. The Vikings game ticked me off.. the Falcons were interfering all over the place with the receivers and the ref's non-calls were more then bothersome. Plus I hate Baldy calling a game.. along with the "Coach" Billichek, they both seem to hate the Vikings for some reason or at least it seems that way. But yes it was a tight game for the championship!! Congrats sir.. (missed it by that much). :) There is always next year... of only Adrian Peterson and Moss had done better Sunday.. I might have pulled it out :)
  4. It should be a fun game in the Reaper Bowl... I am looking forward to the Challenge :) While none of my players stood out by themselves they ALL performed nicely!! Finally a win over the number one team... like me last year I got wiped out in the second round two and I was number one hehe. Now I am number 4 and going into the final. talk about odd things :) -jon
  5. Are the charts listed here up to date with ALL the reaper series of paints? The reason I ask is my wife wants to know if there is any I am missing and I need to go through all my paints for her and check them off and it is hard to do with out this chart. So please let me know if there is any way to get an updated chart now? If not I will just use the final black copy with the 218 paints listed on them? -nik
  6. Unfortunately I had a bad week last week :( I misjudged a few things and took out one of my higher scorers and boy did I loose that end of the deal. Green Bay Tanked and my TE got nada!! :( Oh well... now I get to take the Lightbringers on and hopefully we will do good against each other and have a great match up with a shoot out in the end hehe. Should be interesting as I am being picked to loose by four points at this moment and we are expected to go into the 90's with LB at 99 and me at 95.. so it should be interesting. We both took a hit last week with a loss :( Not fun.. oh well :) -jon
  7. I check them weekly... even though I have not won one of the good ones yet :) Nikmal
  8. If this was the case I would not have Kept Adrian Peterson of the Vikes then... taking a chance is a good thing though yes it can come and bite you in the butt.. but it can also pay off in spades too..
  9. Haldir... you know it is coming... ::SMOOCHES:: You have been tagged for smooches by the Gnu Gnomes!!! Pink for the win!! Muhahahaha
  10. You are more then welcome. I am really sorry that I was unable to help out though. Trying is always a good thing as it never hurts to try... but I had little hope. I wish you luck in getting another picture if possible.
  11. Hmmm sympathy?? Do I dare?? ::thinks about it:: Sorry... it didn't happen earlier!!
  12. The photo is pretty much shot. It is way to dark to really truly get any detail out of it much less facial features which is what I am sure you really want if I am not mistaken. I did try to do something with it and I had no luck and I was using Photoshop CS3, all I basically got from it is a washed out image that was just that.. washed out and no details. I am sorry sir.
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