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  1. On 7/10/2019 at 6:06 PM, Harrek said:

    Did you underpaint the "moss" areas with a dark green first?  How did you attack the moss?

    I painted it dark brown underneath. Then used a white glue to apply the static grass to the model. It turned out really well. I was presently surprised :)


    Edit: just so you know I used static grass for the "moss" a really short version of the grass.


  2. Hi all


    I recently got back into painting after 4 years of not touching a brush, and my MSP were the only paints that survived.


    However, I'm beginning to think that some of them did not survive, but are instead undead. :ph34r: One or two seem a little grainy and quite thick. I'm assuming it's just caused by evaporation. About a third of them don't behave well when thinned. The pigments seem to form aggregates (little grains) that look rather nasty on the mini.


    I've tried thinning with the following: tap water, de-ionized water (I assumed ions in my tap water was causing the aggregation), 50% de-ionized water + 50% W&N flow improver, Vallejo Matte Medium.


    The Matte Medium is the only one that doesn't cause aggregation, but it is a gel, and I really dislike blending with it.


    Any suggestions for a medium I can thin this with without causing these issues?

    I would say the Matte Medium and or RMS flow Improver would be best to use in thinning them out again. It is typical for some of the thinning solution to evaporate from the RMS bottles over time... just do what you are doing as far as the matte medium to restore them and make sure you shake them really well. It should restore fairly well after that is done.

  3. Oh my God that was close. I stayed up watching the Chicago Packers game and was a bit disheartened by the touchdown, but then the two Ints negated that so I knew it was going to come down to how many yards Orton got as to if I'd win or lose. In the end I lost count, can't believe Crosby missed that kick it'd all have been over there and then. Still It ended on a tie, and my bench had some good players sat there.


    Excellent game Nikmal, I doubt watching that Vikings game could have been easy for you, nor was listening to that Jets game for me. And having to cheer for Orton when you ideally want the Bears to lose can't have been pleasant.


    Now I just have to hope that the Bills win and so do the Jets!

    Yea it was a tough game for me... I hate rooting for something that I want to loose. I was torn.. having to root for the Pack to win over the Bears and rooting for Orton to get more FF points... but low game scores and still loose.


    The Vikings game ticked me off.. the Falcons were interfering all over the place with the receivers and the ref's non-calls were more then bothersome. Plus I hate Baldy calling a game.. along with the "Coach" Billichek, they both seem to hate the Vikings for some reason or at least it seems that way.


    But yes it was a tight game for the championship!! Congrats sir.. (missed it by that much). :)


    There is always next year... of only Adrian Peterson and Moss had done better Sunday.. I might have pulled it out :)

  4. A load of crazy results in the football this weekend, I thought I was through and clear for sure with like 2 minutes to play in the Kansas SD game when suddenly Rivers made some magic happen. That left me watching the score of the Carolina Denver game with trepidation expecting Brandon Marshall to ruin my defence and leaving me reliant on Jonathan Stewart and the Browns scoring well. Fortunately the Panthers seemed to get on top of Denver early.


    So barring a 22 pt performance by the Eagles I should be through to the Superbowl (or Reaper Bowl, whatever we call it :))

    It should be a fun game in the Reaper Bowl... I am looking forward to the Challenge :)

    While none of my players stood out by themselves they ALL performed nicely!! Finally a win over the number one team... like me last year I got wiped out in the second round two and I was number one hehe. Now I am number 4 and going into the final. talk about odd things :)



  5. Are the charts listed here up to date with ALL the reaper series of paints? The reason I ask is my wife wants to know if there is any I am missing and I need to go through all my paints for her and check them off and it is hard to do with out this chart. So please let me know if there is any way to get an updated chart now?


    If not I will just use the final black copy with the 218 paints listed on them?


  6. Amazingly we could finish with five teams on 8-5, the current teams on 8-4 are playing two of the teams on 7-5

    Unfortunately I had a bad week last week :( I misjudged a few things and took out one of my higher scorers and boy did I loose that end of the deal. Green Bay Tanked and my TE got nada!! :(


    Oh well... now I get to take the Lightbringers on and hopefully we will do good against each other and have a great match up with a shoot out in the end hehe.


    Should be interesting as I am being picked to loose by four points at this moment and we are expected to go into the 90's with LB at 99 and me at 95.. so it should be interesting. We both took a hit last week with a loss :(


    Not fun.. oh well :)



  7. Well there seems no point hanging onto a totally unknown rookie who won't play a game this year. I am not going to have him as a keeper for next year. Tom Brady sure worth hanging onto, unknown rookie not so much.

    If this was the case I would not have Kept Adrian Peterson of the Vikes then... taking a chance is a good thing though yes it can come and bite you in the butt.. but it can also pay off in spades too..

  8. Looks like I picked a bad week to quit <insert substance of choice>


    Not only is my fantasy team getting utterly killed and crippled, but Brady may have suffered a season ender.


    There is no joy in Lowell.

    Hmmm sympathy?? Do I dare?? ::thinks about it:: Sorry... it didn't happen earlier!!

  9. I need help getting this photo brightened up so you can actually see it. I don't know if its fixable or not, but I figured its better putting it it out there than just leaving it. Its from my camera phone (its all I had and I wanted a picture with Robby Krieger from The Doors.) Here's the photo. Thanks for anybody who can do it.



    The photo is pretty much shot. It is way to dark to really truly get any detail out of it much less facial features which is what I am sure you really want if I am not mistaken. I did try to do something with it and I had no luck and I was using Photoshop CS3, all I basically got from it is a washed out image that was just that.. washed out and no details. I am sorry sir.

  10. Nikmal,


    As for drafting for you, last year people that were not able to be a part of it, the rest of everyone collectively did their best to draft from the top of board based on requests. So seeing that you have your different needs listed I think we should be able to help you out.

    That would be great.. thanks!

  11. Would someone be able too draft for me if possible?


    I need one more QB. 3 more receivers, 1 more RB (maybe two) one more defense (preferably the Vikes if available). and for sure 1 tight end.. for the bye week or in case Tony gets injured. What ever else you can pick up for me to fill my bench would be nice.. thank you!!


    BTW I WILL make the trade for Tony Gonzalez for Calvin Johnson wide receiver.

  12. Ok...


    Keepers: Gnu G-nomes.


    Quarterback. Matt Hasselback. (Sea)

    Running Back. Adrian Peterson. (MN)

    Running Back, Chester Taylor. (MN)

    Wide Receiver, Jerricho Cotchery (NYJ)

    Wide Receiver. Randy Moss. (NE)

    Tight End, Anthony Gonzalez (KC)

    Kicker. Mason Crosby. (GBP)

    Defense. Steelers.

  13. Ok I am not going to be able to be there on Draft day unfortunately :( I have to go to a planned day at my families house (reunion).


    I need the link to the reaper fantasy football site if I can.. that way I can go there and make sure of what players I have again. But at this point and time I am keeping at the very least... my QB (Matt Hasselbeck) and my main Running back (Adrian Peterson), I know most of you were HOPING I would not play him eh? :hehe:


    Once I get the link I will select any of the other keepers I can get if possible ok.

  14. wow.. I just now looked at the scores... After Palmer only got like 3 points against the woeful Rams D, I figured all hope was lost... I turned the tv off most of the day as I was still loaded on medz and sleeping most of my illness off. I have been in my server room almost all of today.. finally got to come out and check to see how bad Ranz crushed me... and low and behold... I got him.. it made me laugh that it was from the tie breakers.. guess i stacked my bench good (if Redman does any good tonight, I might just have to replace Palmer with him as my starter next week).


    Palmer has been suc a huge disapointment this season.


    And another frustrating thing is watching all these players that I released earlier this year cause they couldnt do squat now take off. Like Chester Taylor, and Reggie Williams.


    Does anyone think that Marvin Harrison will mak a comeback next year, or think he retires with his knee injury? I had the chance at Wayne during the supp draft... but noooo I had to take the hobbled Harrison... oh well....

    It is amazing that some of the last years good running backs are not producing and some of the chancier risks are actually producing. taking risks in the draft is never a bad thing.. and sure there is always a chance that you will pick a lemon but then again the rewards if the produce play dividends down the road too.


    I think that Harrison is more the likely going to retire.


    It is always tough to see players get injured when you count on them.. but as you did you bank on someone taking an injury and pray that you can get a good back-up for them. Praying that they have a break-out season and that it will repeat the next year too. I can not imagine what the actual NFL coaches go through when they see one of their star players get hurt and they are desperate because of a shortage in that position.. to the point where you just take the loss and hope for a good draft next year and rebuild with younger more durable players. Hmm good analogy for our teams too I guess :)


    Good luck everyone in the play-offs, and yes even if I win or loose.. it is still all in fun right? :D



  15. Not that it matters with where I'm standing (or laying done really) but I have both the NYG Wide Outs this week I went with Toomer as Burress was invisible last week, what a surprise Burress gets a TD. Story of my season can't believe the Jets did so poor against the Browns, bring back Chad!


    I'm reliant on the ever reliable Saints to save my matchup :rolleyes:

    Actually I was hoping that Colston did as good as he did last week with 3 points!! :)


    One can hope.. but if he does 17 or more I am SOL :)


    Good luck bro! :)

  16. Problem is, the Pats second stringers are doing the arse whooping too.

    And you don't have enough players to do a 100% swap out, so some of the starters have to stay in.


    Did I have an issue with Brady staying in during some of the blow outs? Not really, he has a completely new receiving corps and nothing will help that group mesh like in-game full speed practice. Them staying in is part of their preparation for later in the season and playoffs when it really counts. I was a little concerned about a defenive player getting pissed and trying to take him out, but fortunately, the Pats O-line has done a great job of protecting him.


    And honestly, I have been a Pats fan for a long long time. I have been subject to many over the top arse whoopings. I didn't like it, but I didn't complain because I could recognize the fact that my team just sucked.


    If my team is getting its arse handed to them 42-7, I wouldn't be complaining about the opponent getting so many points as I would my POS defense allowing the points.


    Not to mention the Indy game last season showed that ifyou don't keep your foot on your opponent's throat, and keep scoring points until the other team stops you, there is always the chance of the comback. And Indy went to the Superbowl as a result.


    Philly and Baltimore learned that over the past two weeks too.

    there is a mixed bag about teams running the score up and even leaving the starters in. While I do not like seeing it happen to my Vikings I would still watch the game and not be mad at the one team doing the scoring but at my team for not stopping them. As Qwik said.. any given sunday the score can be easily reversed with a bad play or two.. and the score can be overcome. To not keep your foot on the loosing teams throat is saying you are not good enough for me to run the score up. I think that by running the score up you are showing MORE respect to them as it is showing them that you respect their ability to score and making it harder by running the points up.

  17. Qwyk, valid points all give you that one, just think Belcheck & the whole organization will look pretty foolish if the Pats are up like 42 to 0 on the Dolphins later this year & Brady get clobbered that it takes him out for the rest of the season. There is wussiciation football & there is smart football after all.


    Hey Rupert, you building a med center for all those IRs?? :)



    still can't believe I made the playoffs, but the gnomes will walk all over me with just Chester & AP, (Vikes play SF this week), Really can't improve my daft posistion so I think it's anther mid-round selection again......


    but on the bright side at least one of my guys isn't getting suspended, ha ha ha & wahoo I got the Bills D (HA HA HA, yes sad when you can cheer for something like that!!)




    Yea I am really liking the combination of those two now. AP is doing so dang good I would not take him out if you paid me.. then the other side with Chester.. man they are great together. Then there is Randy Moss.. what a hoot. has not had stellar games the last two weeks but he makes defenses cringe when him and Brady get on the field. So with Moss on the field he gives Brady some other guys to go to besides moss.. so there should be points for Moss just FOR that hehe. considering Moss gets all the double and triple coverages :)


    I can not believe how well my team is doing this year. AP has done a great job and then Taylor picked it up for AP when he was injured. Everyone can thank The TMKE (Arizona Cardinals) for that trade. :) It was the best trade I could have made and I think that I got the better end of the deal on it :)


    I am loving having the Steelers as my D too.. they have done well for me again this year.. not overly awesome numbers but a heck of a lot better then average :)



  18. Off to a good start this week.... I like that in the final week me and the gnomes are fighting for the overall #1 playoff spot... I'll take a 3 way tie with the wind and gnomes since if I win this week I'll be 1-0 against each of ya heads up :devil:

    Yea you may be off to a good start so far.. but you have 4 people played so far.. and they were some of your best.. I still have several to play.. and only one of my players have played thus far.. I like my chances so far.. so good luck with the 3 way tie.. for second as I will be the lone gnome at the top.. booya :)



    ::smooches and Huggles:: coming your way!! :)

  19. Its amazing the difference two missed field goals make...


    I had a feeling as soon as Viniteri missed the first one that I was probably going to lose. By the time he missed the second one I knew it was a done deal...



    He makes those two, I win by two, but instead lose by 6... oh well, good play sir..

    I have to say it wwas a fun thing to play you.. I was a bit nervous.. with Adrian Peterson being out and my star receiver Randy Moss bbeiing on a bye.. well I was thinking oh gods I am going to loose.. and until Hasselback had a stellar game.. man did THAT help! I had to make up a ten point deficit. It was fuun annd thank you sir..


    Ok now for the inevitable....



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