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  1. I totally agree.. they are gorgeous.. if I had the money I know I would bid on them.. someone is going to be very lucky to have them.. and the idea was a very good one indeed!!
  2. Lets make it pink!! GO GNU G-NOMES!! :) ::winks:: :) ::cuddly hugs everyone:: ::back to your regularly scheduled thread with an apology for the highjacking.. I just thought that I would give everyone a great big Cuddly hug!!::
  3. well I am not sure of anything like Cav or Warlord Factions.. sorry.. I am just a Silly D&D player of 31 years now.. So pick something for me.. and if it has anything to do with Gnomes.. I am especially for it hehe :)
  4. I am going for Daunte anyways :) and BTW I am not the pink pansys.. though I do like the pretty flowers hehe :) No we are just cute and Cuddly... so much so that it is sickning! Imagine getting hugged to death by that clingy girlfriend that you feared so much.. the one that was ALWAYS wanting to do stuff with you.. be by your side.. imainge Femme Fatal :) hehe. (no I am not truely this ummm shall I say enfemenant.. it just seemed funny at the time hehe) :)
  5. I will give it a shot. I just do not know the players well enough is all. I do not mind trying at least. it will be a learning expierance :) I am available alot so let me know when where and I will be there :)
  6. And intimidating in them pink helmets. what can I say.. we are only two feet tall :) Dem big helemts have to be boot strapped on in order to stay on our heads.. and we need a periscope just to be able to see!! :)
  7. oh I totally agree at times the commercials are the best part of the super bowl... it is the rest of the games that we skip though... but having the ability to be able to pause live TV is priceless!! :)
  8. I too vote for the Divisions.. I welcome the chance to fight for the last place!! :) Meanwhile give me Gnu G-Nomes a great big cuddly hug.. and then let them go and run up the score.. careful now.. they are deadly with snuggliness!! :)
  9. for the football game I usually TIVO the game and then we watch it about an hour into the game.. so I can fast forward through the commericals.. it is kind of nice to be able to do that.. including the half time show! :) It is also nice to be able to have your own replays and such too.. in slow motion or frame by frame!! If you have not already got TIVO.. I really truely recommend it.. I can not say that enough.. I went without it at a friends house and I was always trying to fast forward through the commercials.. it was annoying :)
  10. Dang... was Gen COn at least worth the headache.. er neck Ache even. :) Sorry to hear about the Car though!
  11. sounds good to me :) Just wish I knew the football players better :) BTW Mr Spartans and the BadAsses... um.. you to are brothers right.. one wears no pants and the other shows thier asses.. so um.. ok and you want us Gnomes to take notes on how to moon someone? Muhaha I will loan you a note pad to take notes... Be cute, cuddly and carry a BIG butt CAN of WHUP YA's !! "_"
  12. Yea I am one of the players and I am completely clueless when it comes to this game.. so please join.. even if you are as clueless as I am.. it will be fun and a learning expierance.. especially if we whip the others hehe!! :D
  13. I think that it looks awesome!! To make the yellow not so bright you might want to take a wash of oarnge over it.. a really light oarnge. it might tone it down some if that is the case.. if not keep it the way it is.. I would be proud to have that as a fire elemental at my game table! :)
  14. I think that we should go for 12.. either way is fine though :) (still waiting for the GC folks to come home?)
  15. They may not be intimidating.. but imagine the loss is just that much more humiliating when you get beat by of all things... a Gnome hehe :)
  16. Speaking as a person that also reads alot of comics.. I love the comic alot! It is funny and very entertaining to say the least. My only wish... and a minor one at that.. is that they come out alot faster Keep up the good work... Now as far as it being on the first page.. I do not mind it either way.. as long as I can read them :)
  17. ok... I know alot about surfing the web and such... but this one has me stumped for some reason. I am trying to log in to choose the draft selection and team colors and helmet design such as that... and for some reason I am unable to find out how to get there on ESPN's page... I went and looked almost every concievable place on that stupid site.. so obviously I am missing it :( Can someone PLEASE give me the page to get to to log in AND get to the place to take care of all that?? I think I am just to tired to find it or something :( So please help a feeble-minded person out here :)
  18. Alcohol does that one some plastics.. even Resins. what I would do is that happened is to stick it in the feezer for a little bit.. that might solidfy the part that melted so to speak. and make it so it is not gooey any more. If that does not work.. I am not sure what else to do sorry.. I am sure someone that is at Gen Con can answer this better then I can :)
  19. I would love to see a Smokey Ink. A Walnut Ink. A Green Ink A Black Ink. A Red Ink. A Blue Ink A Purple Ink A Smokey Ink heck a few inks would be a good thing. I know some people do not like them.. but they are pretty useful to people that can not paint all that well like me ;) Titanium White would be cool too. a Nice really bright white.. can not get much brighter then that :)
  20. well I sent my Email via private message.. sorry I got it so late. I also signed up at the ESPN site as Nikmal too :) So I guess I was the hold out.. be gentle with me.. this is my first time after all playing any kind of fantasy football :) -jon [email protected]
  21. Let me know when your Vikings have won twelve championship games. Or better yet have a winning record in the Super Bowl! Heck I am proud of the fact that they made it in to the Super Bowl four times.. never mind that they did not win!! I am a fan.. now do I need to have bragging rights.. nope not at all. I am not a Fan of dallas because of some sour grapes on loosing a certain hockey team to them a while back.. I think they are called the stars now?? :) BTW not many teams can say they made it into the super bowl four times... they lost true.. but at least they made the trip there :)
  22. What the heck.. I know nothing about the players hardly at all... so I will get my butt kicked I am sure.. and I have never played fantasy football before.. but I will try.. if that is ok. I will need help though :) -jon
  23. My Team is the Vikes!! I Bleed Purple and Gold!! My second fav team is ANYONE playing against my least fav team.. Dallas!!!!! Now as far as the cheese Heads are concerned.. not worth the time hehe :) Good luck! :)
  24. Yes Congrats.. I am so glad that everything turned out for the better!!
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