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  1. here is a good place to look for small drill bits. this is an awesome set of bits too.. small and handy! this set has one of the smallest I have seen with one exception.. and that is the set that Ghostrider has.. you would have to ask where he got them though :) http://www.ares-server.com/Ares/Ares.asp?M...roduct&ID=60362
  2. Micromark is an awesome store for buying diamond bits.. really really small drill bits and a chuck to put them in as well. you can also get a flex shaft there.. and a dremel tool holder for grinding and drill press holder for the dremel.. so many tools and props for tools that I could spend all day in that catalog.. hehe
  3. Oh and I am always a sad sack for Trading Spaces with Paige Davis.... ::wipes chin of drool::
  4. Yea I saw trhat episode on the show too.. it made me laugh then.. and even more now :) -jon
  5. Not in te dining room I would not want it there either.. nor from the living room for that matter.. it is one thing if you have a Game room just for gaming only or games... then that would be cool as it would be part of the decor.. but to hang a projector from the cieling in a living area.. heck no!! I love technology as much as the next guy.. but I like the way my house looks even more :) -jon
  6. Good job on this and I love the color.. the base is great as well.. I can ot say anything abd about this mini.. I think you did a good job and I really tried to find the gap you filled in and unless you hid it from us with another camera angle I could not find it :) -jon
  7. The local game store is looking to set something like this up in the store... for his own game.. going to try and talk him into letting me use the hook up at least once.. he is also using Neverwinter nights for it as well. -jon
  8. I am a Law and Order Junkie.. all three of them.. well I have not seen the fourth series of Land O yet though. I am also a fan of All three CSI's as well. Hmm and got to add the Stargates series in here too. and Smallville.. with that my week is prety much full up!
  9. wow this paint job is really really well done.. the bese of the three firgures you are sending out I think. The Viel on her face is phenominal!! I like the color choices as well.. well thought out.. keep them coming I can see improvement in just the three figs!!! -jon
  10. a friend of mine just stated another idea for the same concept.. instead of using Dungeenie.. they used the Game Neverwinter nights to make the maps and such.. to me that is a wicked idea too.. DM I am not sure i agree.. it is up in the air for me but I am a technology freak, so I would want to try it out before I made my mind up. it has it's ups and downs of course... I think the main ones would be time.. and to much of a distraction.. what do you all think? -jon
  11. :: wipes the drool off of my mouth :: Hmmm Honey can I have My digital camera AND a projector? (speaking to my wife about my dreams now) Man this is awesome.. I want to do this set up now.. it would be great for the local game store if it is possible to do there that is? Hmmm Wonder if they would let me try.. Oh well back to my dream.
  12. Wow DM this is awesome.. nice paint job and basing too! I can hardly wait to see this IRL .. hmm me thinks me get some Hirst arts now :) -jon
  13. Man this really is a nice piece and quite the taking for a first one at that. Really well done. If you do another keep us posted I would really like to see this worlkd for minis that you are going to create sounds like alot of fun.. makes me wish I had a basement.. maybe I will hijack my shed outside in my yard and make it a really big one and do terrain in there now? Hmmm wonder what my wife would say. -jon
  14. These are very very well done! the photos I am sure do not do them near the justice they seem to deserve.. I love the colors and I love your paint job.. keep em coming... please!
  15. I think they look well too.. you did a good job of making him look fairly villianous if that was the intent? If that was not the intent.. you made him look more then intimidating that is for sure hehe... As far as switching to NMM it is up to you and how you want to approach the hobby. Do you plan on displaying them in contests.. do something other then gaming with them.. Or just paint game with them and have fun! To me it is all a matter of how far you want to go in this hobby of ours and what you think you can imporve on to get there, that is all -jon
  16. Ti think that the bubbleing goo part of the base looks great!! The comments you made are dead on too.. you critique yourself well without putting yourself down like I do when I make my own critqueing. For directional lighting though the highlights for the bubbles so to speak should be near the top of the goo.. unless it was intended for the light to be coming from underneath too.. whcih would be a cool efect and you stated that and I missed it. (see I ramble alot too :D )
  17. Nice job on the highlights and such.. not exactly the colors I would have used on the egg shell but then again what exactly "is" the color on the shell of a dragon hehe. anyways nice job over all on it.. it really does like really well done.. better then I can do that is for sure hehe -jon
  18. one word says it all nicely!! STUNNING!! I love the flesh.. the NMM the over all colors.. the base.. everything about this entire piece sings great paint job!!
  19. Woah.. what a nice gift!!! also what a nice compliment coming from the sculptor himself! Way to go Eric!! Great job once again on this fantastic mini! -jon
  20. exactly what I would have suggested too!
  21. Man this is awesome!! I love the skin tones and the weapons.. the Wode on his face is excellent.. and looks like it belongs to it as well! everything about this thing scream run away.. nicely done!!
  22. They make carbide tips for wood, drywall and for tile and metal. :)
  23. Nice clean look to her.. can not see any mold lines in the photo at least. The Colors give it a rangery feel to it.. I like it.. the paint seems smooth and no chalky feel to it.. and the face looks great. I think you did a wonderful job on her!! -jon
  24. Man this guy has Attitude to spare.. awesome job of getting that across to us.. and yes great job on the conversion.. please tell us how you did it.. that way I can drool over your work some more hehe :) :)
  25. hehe the dremel is an awesome tool.. I think it is one of the most versatile tools and the most useful in my garage :) :) jon
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