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  1. Do not worry about being as good or better then any of us.. even though I am fairly new I would like to think that this board is beyond the I am better then you comments you might see on CMON or some such.. so it is a grewat place to post your pictures.. I do have to agree is there any way you can give us a bigger picture.. not a zoomed in one.. just make the pic a tad larger is all :) -jon
  2. man the skin tones on this are excfellent.. I lov eht work you do!! I can hardly wait to see this one to completion!!
  3. the wings are excellent!! but I agree with the other two comments.. the cloth and such seems to be bland.. I would highlight firther definately.. but please do not touch them wings.. they are beautiful!! -jon
  4. yea I do not blame you for that.. but I must say that I have complete faith in my dremel for use on minis.. have not hurt myself yet.. and with safety in mind do not plan on it hehe.. Mad Dog protect dem fingers.. would like to hear you play sometime :) -jon
  5. I have seen alot of tutorials out there that have specific color recipes from certain lines.. that is one of the main reasons I was thinking this would be a cool thing to do.. hopefully that is :)
  6. The best solution for me is to not wash my own clothes.. my wife tells me I am good at destroying our clothes.. so I am relegated to folding laundry now hehe :)
  7. DM>. may I ask why you think it might not be worth the undertaking.. just curious of course :) (me and my stupid curiosity will get me foot to mouth disease one of thses days hehe) -j
  8. Great job on the camo pattern.. you really have to look closely at the details to pick em out. That is the sign of a good camo effect. As a Former Tanker from the Army.. I will have to say one criticisim though. Those tanks look brand new out of the shop!! every tank I was on that looked brand new out of the shop we did our best to dirty it up so to speak and make it look used that also helped break it up for ops. My advice would be to give it some dirt.. make it look used with some drybrushing and weathering effects.. maybe some rust runnels from where water hits a small detail (is there any small details on these.. hard to tell from the phto :) ) and makes a rust smear from where the water drips off of it down the side. Great job painting this.. I would love to see more :) -jon
  9. Awesome job on her.. you have a right to be proud.. I can barely see the color differential on the reds.. but the laquered effect looks great!! The Face is a nice job too.. over all she looks hot! -jon
  10. Wow.. you are so good at doing NMM.. I am going to try my hand at this soon.. just got to get the right mini to do it with.. I think that this one would be a good start.. The paint job on this mini is awesome and inspioring to do better on the ones I paint.. thank you for showing us this, Keep it up and keep showing us and inspiring us to do better! -jon
  11. I too would love a color comparason chart for Reaper master paints and pro paints to Vallejo VGC and MGC paints like the one smoking wreckeage suggested.. I am up for the challange as I too use several brands of paint and the chart would be extremely useful for all the tutorials that are out there that use different brands of paints and the like.. jon
  12. Woah.. for someone that is just gettting started.. you are doing really good!! Especially the face as that is so hard to do too! I am very impressed.. the face looks awesome. The skin tones are shaping up nicely as well! Keep it coming! -jon
  13. Ahh ok.. I thought that you were talking about this attachement.. which is ONLY for the XPR model :) http://www.ares-server.com/Ares/Ares.asp?M...roduct&ID=83198
  14. not to bad thanks!!! it is ncie to see that people do tutorials on here that is always cool! -jon
  15. Yep that attachement is ONLY for the XPR model.. right now the only XPR model out there is the 400 XPR. Nice too! but there are a few things that the XPR will not work for either so it is kind of a trade off for the conventional one compared to the new comfy molded one :) -jon
  16. Ok here is the link to see the Trailer for it online.. while you can not see the largest version of it because I did not sign up for Hyperspace.. (Geaorge lucas's version of forcing me to sign up for stuff I do not want) I was able to see a smaller version of it in all of it's glory!!! http://www.aol.com/starwars/trailer/index.adp Enjoy :) -jon
  17. NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I called my sister about an unrelated matter and she told me it was coming on. wish my sister would ahve told me it was coming on.. I will have to look for it on the internet and see if I can see it there :) -jon
  18. Yes you can get router bits.. they sell them at hardware stores.. but if you want you can get a set off of Micromarks web page as well.. they have a decent set and the cost is fairly cost effective too :) -jon
  19. Nice piece.. well done on the paint job.. I like the colors.. especially the yellow and I have to agree it does not get enough attention paid to it at all :) I do have one critique though.. it might be the picture I can not tell but the flesh seems a little chalky.. might want to try some thinner paints? But I do have to say desp[ite my criticisim this is a really well done paint job.. including the flesh.. there is not to much shadow (which is what I am guilty of frequently) and just the right amount of highlighting I think :) -jon
  20. I have spent 150 bucks for one mini or two.. (the Ral Partha limited edition dragons.. Takhisis and the Great Red Dragon) They are both wonderful dragons... one is currently on display at Games plus.. it is one of my favorites but kind of a cartoony look to it though as a sculpt. 400 is a tad much then I am willing to spend on a dragon of that size I would rather get the Resin Vermathrax that is 3 feet tall and a 4 foot wing span.. man that is a gorgeous hugeature!! Not to mention it is only 300 dollars too :) I do want the Chaos Dragon and the FW Red Dragon.. but I will have to wait to get my Digital camera before i even consider one of those dragons!! -jon
  21. Nikmal


    IN april the Book "Dungeons and Dragons for Dummies" is due to come out as well.. that is going to cover how to play and run a game for beginners.. I think this si going to be a wonderful book and I for one will be buying it simply to hand to new players instead of overwhelming them with the PH as it sometimes seems to do. here is the link if you want further information on it :) http://www.dummies.com/WileyCDA/DummiesTit...0764584596.html -jon
  22. Thsi thing looks awesome... nicely done.. I love the color scheme as well.. nich shading and the face looks great!! Keep them coming in :D -j
  23. I have been seeing infomercials lately on Ott-Lamps, while normally very very expensive, are quite cheap in this infomercial. Through the infomercial you can get this lamp for 99.99 ( http://www.save-on-crafts.com/ottrucolfloo.html ) (Same as listed price on web page) 99 bucks for this lamp is an awesome Deal!! but with the infomercial you also get this one free of charge with the floor lamp ( http://www.save-on-crafts.com/ottr13watala.html ) which is normally 79.99... now here is the kicker if for any reason you do not like the floor lamp you can send it back on thier dime..(with in 30 days of course) and you get to KEEP the table top version free of charge!!!! What is cool about Ott-lamps and the reason I bring them up on here is because they radiate very little heat and shed an awesome light for painting minis to. I think that they are by far one of the best lamps for mini painters out there to day.. if anyone wants the number from the infomercial I would be glad to give it to them.. just send me an email ok :) -jon
  24. Man if it were not so true.. and harmful to the game itself.. I would be crying from laughing so hard... this is hilarious!
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