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  1. I love the colors you used! Nice paint jobs over all too! keep up the good work. -j
  2. Congrats!! Now get back to painting :) -j
  3. man those eyes are damn good.. I am jealous I wish I had that brush control! -j
  4. I am of the sticky tack as well.. cheap.. easily handeled and cleaned up after use.. not to shabby :) if it is a larger one.. a bit more difficult.. but try gluing it to a CD (AOL works good for this) and use that.. comes off easily afterwords.. or you can use the AOL cd as a base... (Learned this from Ghostrider.. Thanks!) -jon
  5. Congrats!!! Cute baby!! I am glad everything went so well!! Keep the pics coming.. always love to see baby pictures!! -j
  6. THe Base looks nice.. like an over grown road. :) The Armor.. it is nice seeing metalics.. I live them! Nicely done as well! The Face is fantastic too I love it. I have seen this mini painted alot and you have done it justice I think.. keep them coming!! -jon
  7. The Schools in MN are excellent.. in looking on the web they rank 7th in the nation.. what good that says I am not sure. Now as far as needing a block heater yes it is important.. but most new cars have one.. if they do not it does not cost much to have installed... also a battery blanket is nice to have as well. Now as for the contests on teh coldest cities in the lower 48.. yes there is a contest for it in MN.. and International Falls usually wins that contest for being that city. The good news is.. Intrntl falls is a LONG way away from Rochester... and it is usually not even close to being that cold in Rochester as it would be in the Falls area. So.. good luck if you decide to make the move.. I would say it is worth the move and the Job :) BTW while the winters are cold.. the summers more then make up for it.. they are gorgeous and MN is a beautiful state winter or summer.. and if you like to fish.. oh my gawd... MN is the place to be!! There are all kinds of outdoor activities year round there as well.. Boating, fishing both water skining and Snow Skining ... snowmobiling and Windsurfing... I think that MN has alot to offer you :) -jon
  8. The Face is freaking awesome, got to love the look of surprise on him!! nice job on the robes too.. the paint seems to be really clean on them! Nicely done! -j
  9. I will not disagree there hehe :) White glue is alot cheaper.. I am just saying that the accelerator is 5 bucks true.. but at a drop at a time.. 5 bucks spread over a year is nominal.. considering how long it would last is all :) -jon
  10. I have to agree a small drop of accelerator is nominal and cost effective... using white glue you will go through it almost as fast as you would the accelerator at a drop a time. -jon
  11. When I am working with Super glue I use insta-set to quicken the set time of it. But instead of keeping it in a spray bottle and getting the stuff all over the place when you spray it.. like I do. I put it in a precision dropper bottle and then put a drop on top of the super glue.. and man does it work well! Plus you do not get it all over your fingers as you would when you sprayed the stuff.. not to mention it lasts ALOT longer that way. -j
  12. When you use the Dremel and you really tork on the mini like cutting and such it can get quite hot.. so be careful.. I would just use a sanding drum instead.. and a towel or something to hold the mini with.. you have to be very careful though.. as the towel can get caught up in the dremel bit easily.. and yes you can use a vice too.. but make sure you have plenty of padding in the vice to protect the mini as well :) As far as flying parts.. I have used a box before fairly good sized one.. then I just use the box to protect others and such from flying parts :) -jon
  13. WOW!!!! I would easily compare this to the masters!! the Photo is nice and crisp.. shows lots of details.. Man this is a gorgeously done piece!! the colors are nice and crisp/clean.. the skin tones are great.. the armor is second to none.. I have nothing to say against this as far as criticisms.. this is just gorgeous!! the one thing I will say.. never sell yourself short.. You could easily win many contests with this piece!! -jon
  14. I am not from Rochester nor have I lived there..(I am also from MN further north of Rochester) but I do have family there.. it is a rather nice place to live from what I hear from them.. it is fairly quiet and the schools are nice. The Mayo Clinic is a world renowned hospital and is second to none in care.. so yes I would suggest takiing the job and moving I think that she will enjoy it. I also hope that she does not mind colder weather as it does get fairly cold there and often! From what I know of the area it is gorgeous and friendly people!! I would like to live there myself if my wife did not want to move to a warmer climate then what we are in now.. and that does not include MN unfortunately :) -jon
  15. I am trying to talk my wife ito letting me get one as well.. so far no go. but eventually I will perservere enough to get one and a nice compressor!! :)
  16. Nicely done.. knowing how much of a pain they are to paint they are well worth the pain with how well they turn out though.. I love to paint dragons but have to agree they are as tough as the name implies!! I love what you did with this one and the base really makes it even better!! -jon
  17. I bought this one for my wife's character too.. she is a wonderful piece.. nicely done.. I need to paint her as well. Though I need to use different color combo's per the wife :) Oh well hehe. I wish I could see the satins better they look nice none the less :) this is a nicely done piece!! -jon
  18. Well DM.. I try to ask those same questions about the speed limits in rural areas of road.. why are they 35 miles an hour when the road is nice and wide.. and no driveways or anything to worry about.. yuet I do not see a single car going under 45-50 mph? I ask that at Games Plus all the time. The only answer I normally get.. is it is CHicago.. that is all you need to know :) Hehehe... I think it stinks.. but it is Chicago.. the only place where Rhyme or reason does not seem to apply LOL -jon
  19. Well just keep waiting till you hear from him.. as he just now paid you, you had every right to wait. that way you did not put the work into it before hand. JUst wait for the info and go from there. :) -jon
  20. Woah.. this is looking freaking awesome.. now.. get it together for us.. so we can wipe the droll off of our chins!! :) -jon
  21. wow.. nice colors!! I really like the free hand paint scheme of the native american touch! It is nicely done.. nice blending and layering too.. I wish I could see the face more but from what I DO see of it, it looks really well done!! Keep it coming.. this is a nice piece! -jon
  22. even if you do drill through a piece.. Green stuff is a wonderful thing to fill the hole up.. so no worries.. but yea always try not to drill thorugh it ;) -jon
  23. You get used to it.. the spinning actually relaxes my hand enough that I do not tork on the mini when I use it :) -jon
  24. 105 and 106 are great bits for mold lines.. They are alos covered in the generic ones I posted.. the small spherical ones are in the group.. but yes definately let the dremel do the work.. not your muscle... and above all protect your lungs and eyes with eye protection and a dust mask!! (Good points thanks for pointing those out!!)
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