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  1. DAMN!!! this is by far the best piece I have seen in a long long time! I would love to see this one up close.. I am really really impressed beyond words!! this piece will serve me as inspiration for many many years to come.. I am printing it out and tacking it to my paint area!!! -jon
  2. It really is ALOT easier then you might think... if you can not tell I love my dremel.. I think I am beginning to sound like a commercial hehe
  3. Nicely done.. especially the faces.. I like the nice details nice and clean.. the colors are nice too!! Keep it up.. I would love to see more by you again! -jon
  4. Most hardware stores carry Dremel and rotay tools.. not to mention Micromark.com as well.. they are all nice places to go to for Rotary tool bits.. Here is the links to Micromarks Flex shaft and some other useful links there as well for the Bits :) -jon http://www.ares-server.com/Ares/Ares.asp?M...roduct&ID=50352 http://www.ares-server.com/Ares/Ares.asp?M...roduct&ID=80919 http://www.ares-server.com/Ares/Ares.asp?M...partment&ID=118 http://www.ares-server.com/Ares/Ares.asp?M...roduct&ID=82592 All are nice for the dremel :)
  5. It is fixed once again in the original post as well.. sorry bout that :) -j
  6. I have ot say I love it!! I am going to use this effect alot more now :) -jon
  7. Check out micromark.com they have some awesome mini tools for modeling and miniature work... (they also have the dremel there that you might want to get :) ) -jon
  8. Looks nice. it looks a tad chalky.. so i might suggest thining out your paints a little more and work in layers, but I like your colors and this is a nice mini. -jon
  9. Actually if you buy the generic Diamond bits they are ALOT cheaper and about teh same quality too! I got a package of ten (generic) at my menards here in Gurnee and I ahve 3 Dremel diamond bits.. and they are about the same.. I can hardly tell them apart.. (I keep em seperated to show others the differance) -jon
  10. that also depends on the bits you use.. you use a cutting wheel you definately want to use lower speeds.. if you use diamond bits.. higher speeds are nice.. and no they will not melt your mini :) -jon
  11. A good dremel to get is the 400 xp pro I believe is the number.. you can find it on micro marks site.. or at a hardware store.. just remmeber the number 400 and you will get the right one.. the XP pro part I might be remembering wrong though.. (there is only one 400 numbered dremel tool :) )
  12. The Dremel would work perfect for this!! let me know if you need help DM I would be more the happy to do so.. and we can get together and paint too hehe :) -jon
  13. I use a varible speed dremel.. it is a little more expensive.. but better in the long run.. I use the dremel for cleaning minis. Beleive it or not it is a wonderful tool for doing so. I use an flex shaft extension.. so I can hold the bit in my hand like a pencil.. instead of the bulky dremel itself. I also use diamond bits... they are smaller then some of the mini files you see out there.. and can reach into those tiny spaces a mini file could not.. or be able to file in those tiny spaces the mini file could not file in with the back and forth movement of filing. When I am cleaning a mini I usually use my dremel on a 15 thousand RPM up to a 20 RPM speed. depending on what I am doing to the mini. I use the sanding wheels and cutting wheels for major modifications to the mini as they cut nicely... and I have a smaller colett for using small drill bits at low speeds for pinning.. (again using the flex shaft for this for more precise handling of the drill.) I got my diamond bits at Menards in the rotary tool section for 10 bucks.. for 10 bits.. man that was a deal of a lifetime there :) You can also get the flex shaft there too.. when I puchased my dremel it came with the flex shaft :) I also recomend buying smaller Colletts too if you can afford them.. not to mention some cutting wheels and sanding wheels. they are great for basing and modifying minis :) Hope this helps... I love my dremel for use on minis and consider it one of my more valuable tools for mini painting! If you have any questions or want me to show you how to use the dremel the way I do and you live in the chicago area let me know and I would be happy to do so hehe :) -jon
  14. I can hardly wait for the book!!!! -jon
  15. the face looks good and you have a nice choice of colors.. but like DM mentioned it is rather hard to see some of the details because of the glossiness.. it might be a little bright with the light tooo reflecting off of it.. I might suggest dull coating and then posting them up too :) -jon
  16. When using a notebook or 3x5 cards (which is an excellent Idea BTW!) Write the recipe down.. as well as paint a little bit of paint onto the note page or card itself.. that way you know the color you want just by looking at it! :) -jon
  17. WOW.. I have never seen this mini before.. I WANT IT!! This is an awesome sculpt and another awesome paint job.. I am really impressed with the colors.. the Yellow of the beard seems to highlight the shirt/tabbard really well... and the armor and axe look awesome to say the least!! I love it all around.. now I just need to know.. what sculpt it is so I can get it too!! is it a current Reaper mini? -jon
  18. She is looking great.. I too look forward to seeing this one done as well! -jon
  19. Man that fade is awesome! I am more then impressed with it.. the hair looks great as well as the blouse and well.. the whole dang figure.. I love it! -jon
  20. Dang.. Man I might have to learn how to paint free hand from you.. your brush control is ALOT better then mine that is for sure.. I would get an ulcer trying to do freehand like that! Great job keep it up and by all means post more!! -jon
  21. Me being new to the group and such just saw this thread and wanted to say.. Congratulations belatedly.. and my praryrs are with you too! I am sorry for being so cliche :) -jon
  22. I use my DVD recroder on my Computer to record movies and tv shows off of my TIVO.. it is a wonderful thing to have!! TIVO and a computer with the software on it to burn the TIVO TV programs and pay per view onto DVD :) -jon P.S I actually do not use my DVD-RW for data back up.. I have a 120 gig USB external drive that I bought from sams club for 80 dollars.. it is well worth the price as I have such a large hard drive I would be lost without it.. My wife got one for her computers as well :)
  23. Got a question for you all. Has anyone tried to use Oil paint from the tube for painting a mini? I know the drying time is days instead of minutes... but you can blend so nicely with it and such.. do you think it is a viable solution? I am thinking of trying it myself but the problem I have is that I travel to paint alot too.. and the drying time in the mini is going to hampre the trail so to speak.. I would need a good way of transporting a mini without smudgin the paint in the travel. So question 1 Do you ever or have ever use oils when painting a mini or would ever try to? 2 What is a good way to transport a mini with wet paint on it without smudging it? (sorry that I ramble so much) -jon
  24. The Tabbard does look like it is a bit chalky.. but in truely looking at the image though.. it looks like it was on the sculpt itself? is that right? How wierd :) Anyways the colors look great I like the greens and the purples on it! Nice paint job.. now if I can only be that good hehe -jon
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