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  1. Man talk about a big game player... He did well.. to bad his Single game rushing record went down today.. by my man ADRIAN PETERSON of the Vikings!! 2 games he has over 500 yds rushing.. tonight alone he had 296 yds on the ground!! And he is a ROOKIE!! My god can this kid play and RUN! :)
  2. I think that I am enjoying my chances against the Grunts... Yo' Adrian!!! Smooches and huggles soon to follow muhahaha
  3. Yea that slobbery junk that I be spreading is my winning attitude and G-nome love to all you people that have a loosing attitude of late when they play me. I would hate to not show the love to all the loosers after all us G-nomes are the innocents in this group of people.. with out us you all would be lost (oh wait you are loosers and it is not going to change hehe). Now as far as the need for penicillin well that is something else all together... I think that is from the turf burn from being on the ground so much.. never know what kind of disease one might pick up from that area.. all that blood that was spilled and such. Us G-nomes has spilled very little blood thus far.. not that we will not but no disease comes from us... so it must be you all muhahahaha. Cuculain now as far as you go.. well you will get your chance once again.. and then times will be better for you.. well I like spreading positive beliefs even if it would never happen that you would win... not a chance in Gnome love muahahahaha!!!
  4. Hey there.. would not want to let you down then here you go! ::SMOOCHES AND HUGGLES:: just for you Staytes!! :) Muhahahahaha. I got ya!! Oh Great, now you've got them all slimey for their stomp-down this week. Do not worry.. you will get your turn at all this goodly slime that my G-Nomes deliver too! muahahahaha ALL YOUR GAME BELONG TO US muhaha :)
  5. Hey there.. would not want to let you down then here you go! ::SMOOCHES AND HUGGLES:: just for you Staytes!! :) Muhahahahaha. I got ya!!
  6. I do not think it was from skill but luck my friend hehe :) Oh well I am just glad I do not have to face you today.. man I got the bye week blues I am just glad that Stephan and his Groo's stunk it up worse then I did.. We are going for the lowest point game match-up for the league I think, though I do still have two people out and he is done for the week :) Oh and before I forget.. you DO like ::smooches and huggles:: I told you so Stephan!!!!!! (got ya) :) :devil:
  7. I think that the Knave and his wanderers will keep wandering right off of the field.. and is already admitting defeat at the hands of the G-nomes. Me thinks that the Groo's are afraid to loose to my G-nomes and getting all the huggles coming to their team!! Muhahaha.. be very afraid.. VERY afraid! hehehe.. It is coming at ya Groo!! ::huggles and smooches:: (just a prelude to what is coming)
  8. So do I here you conceding to my greatness and going to kneel to this short team for your kisses and huggles? :D :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: There's still a quarter left in the game. And it's Brady. I shall keep the faith until the game ends, although it is looking bleak. I be thinking it be time for ye to start kneeling knave.. ::SMOOCHES AND HUGGLES:: :wacko:
  9. So do I here you conceding to my greatness and going to kneel to this short team for your kisses and huggles? :D :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
  10. I know the feeling. I did not find out my player went inactive till 2 minutes into the dang game :( I was so hopeful too. Oh well at least I am still ahead and hopeful :)
  11. hmmmm sounds like qwik needs some kisses and hugs!! they be coming soon!!
  12. hehe.. the Cheyenne Mtn dwarves' bench is outscoring their first string starters.. this is devastating.. for them.. Hugs and Smooches on the way!!!! :D
  13. The Mountain Dwarves.. built the mountain over them and dug themselves so deep they will never come out :) Hehe.. you could have started McNabb and beat my arse too.. but no.. you had to start Delhomme :) 35 points for McNabb and well Delhome still has not played.. I wonder will he get 35? :D Hugs and smooches await you Qwikie :)
  14. You get to be the first to get this Haldir!! ::HUGS:: ::SMOOCHES:: It was a pleasure to play you..can not wait for it again.. Now.. if only you could actually play well.. my bench beat your starters!! :D
  15. Hehe... and all the hugs and smooches coming your way again this year will be enjoyable for me too.. wait that did not come out right. ummmm well you will STILL get hugs and smooches just because you will need it after the butt kicking I give ya :)
  16. I am just printing some stuff out.. I will be in yahoo shortly :) (as soon as the printing is done that is) :)
  17. I am fine with the 2:30pm start time as well. As far as the draft I am good with the snake draft.. partly because I do not want to loose the aformentioned player, but also as this is not the NFL either.. so a snake draft would work for me as well. May I suggest the modified snake draft that staytes had suggested earlier? I am good for what ever the rest decide. I am not a fan of the standard draft for obvious reasons stated by others though. While yes the best teams from last year get shafted they get severely shafted in the long run. They may have some of the better keepers but they to are taking a chance on their keepers as they are only one player each.. and that does not gauruntee a win per week.
  18. I am good for what everyone decides. As to the debate about the draft and the fairness of the keepers and such. I have to agree with Staytes in this thus far. In that it does kind of mimic to some degree a real football team and the keepers are part of it and protected so to speak. So while yes LT may be a good pick last year he may not perform to what his full potential was either. It is a give and take what with injuries and such. I lost my best point maker to retirement this year.. so yes it is tough but more then fair I think. It is all part of the game and we did agree to having a keeper league.. how many was not determined but I like how we are going thus far to be honest. While some of the new players may not think it is totally fair they understand that in coming into a new league it is part of the game and part of the fun. The rookies and such make for good keepers too as you are banking on their potential so in keeping them you take a chance.. it is all in fun so lets keep trying to get that magic rookie and or player that scores a ton of points for us :)
  19. Colts and the saints now. in the SB If The Pats go to the SB.. I have to agree with everyone.. to many announcers with be saying that QB is SO much like Tom Brady now..... But not a bad comparison.. he always seems to win tose critical games though.
  20. I am definately in.. Now as far as Playoff hopefuls.. Chicago is one round and out. NO Superbowl bound Indy 1 and out. Cowboys.. who cares!! Chargers.. Superbowl bound Pats.. make it to the Division game... and loose. Anyone else.. Id o not care about hehe :) For teh Superbowl I pick NO to win! :) I definately agree with this. Increasing teh roster size is good. Having some kind of cap is also a good idea. Now keeping 50% of the players for a team is a tough decision. I would like to stick with four players here being a keeper. I also think that we should change sites for fantasy football.. I know there are ALOT better ones out there.. Just my opinion though.. I will go with the majority here :)
  21. Yea if there is a Play Off Pool I will have to go with San Diego. But I am in if there is one :) Congrats to our new Champ!! Thanks Staytes for inviting me once again to the league.. I enjoyed the hell out of it! To my Oppnent!! ::SMOOCHES::
  22. Well I think that my score is pretty much in. 107-33 so far.. you still have ALOT of players out yet.. so. YOU WILL STILL LOOSE HEHE :) ::Smooches and huggles::
  23. Gotta love dem numbers by my man Tiki!! So much for the rematch.. so when would you like to copllect your Gnomish Smooch.. just FOR YOU! :) ::smooches::
  24. Yea.. and you are still gonna get hosed like the last time muhahaha :) A Big squisshie smooch is coming your way my little friend!!
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