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  1. I lost a ton of points due to bad choices on players verses benchings, but Jamal Lewis BAILED ME OUT!!! Man, look at his stats...


    20 carries for only 37 yards


    but for



    Man talk about a big game player... He did well.. to bad his Single game rushing record went down today..


    by my man ADRIAN PETERSON of the Vikings!! 2 games he has over 500 yds rushing.. tonight alone he had 296 yds on the ground!! And he is a ROOKIE!!


    My god can this kid play and RUN! :)

  2. Does anyone have any penicillin?


    I think the Gnomes are passing something around with all that slobbery junk. I noticed a rather itchy rash shortly after losing to them.

    Yea that slobbery junk that I be spreading is my winning attitude and G-nome love to all you people that have a loosing attitude of late when they play me. I would hate to not show the love to all the loosers :rolleyes: after all us G-nomes are the innocents in this group of people.. with out us you all would be lost (oh wait you are loosers and it is not going to change hehe). Now as far as the need for penicillin well that is something else all together... I think that is from the turf burn from being on the ground so much.. never know what kind of disease one might pick up from that area.. all that blood that was spilled and such. Us G-nomes has spilled very little blood thus far.. not that we will not but no disease comes from us... so it must be you all muhahahaha.


    Cuculain now as far as you go.. well you will get your chance once again.. and then times will be better for you.. well I like spreading positive beliefs even if it would never happen that you would win... not a chance in Gnome love muahahahaha!!!

  3. Scores, schedules and standings have been updated.


    After my pathetic week this week, it may be a few days before I'm able to talk any smack!

    Hey there..


    would not want to let you down then here you go! ::SMOOCHES AND HUGGLES:: just for you Staytes!! :)


    Muhahahahaha. I got ya!!


    Oh Great, now you've got them all slimey for their stomp-down this week. ::P:

    Do not worry.. you will get your turn at all this goodly slime that my G-Nomes deliver too! muahahahaha :blink:



  4. With my uncanny knack to spot talent, like Ronnie Brown and Kris Brown, I should likely make a career change right now and become a pro scout. My favorite kicker was only 9.8% owned when I said to myself "Self, the Texans look like an offense destined to kick lots of field goals and his kid looks good..." 3 50+ yard FGs today and 23 points total is saving my arse on a week with a lot of byes. I need to hope Muhammed, Franks and Romo can scare up 3 fantasy points between them.... :)



    And Clemens is gone! HA! Yankees suck!

    I do not think it was from skill but luck my friend hehe :)


    Oh well I am just glad I do not have to face you today.. man I got the bye week blues I am just glad that Stephan and his Groo's stunk it up worse then I did.. We are going for the lowest point game match-up for the league I think, though I do still have two people out and he is done for the week :)



    Oh and before I forget.. you DO like ::smooches and huggles:: I told you so Stephan!!!!!! (got ya) :) :devil: :devil:

  5. Groo no like hugs!! Groo think Nikmal and his G-Nomes suffered from lack of love as children. Keep yucky man-love away from Groo. Groo like women!!

    I think that the Knave and his wanderers will keep wandering right off of the field.. and is already admitting defeat at the hands of the G-nomes. Me thinks that the Groo's are afraid to loose to my G-nomes and getting all the huggles coming to their team!! Muhahaha.. be very afraid.. VERY afraid! hehehe.. It is coming at ya Groo!! ::huggles and smooches:: (just a prelude to what is coming) :devil::blink:

  6. The way Philly is stinking out the joint, looks like my only hope is that Moss is covered so tightly by the Bengals Secondary <snicker><snort> that he catches nothing and Brady throws 400 yds and 5 scores to everyone else on the team.

    So do I here you conceding to my greatness and going to kneel to this short team for your kisses and huggles? :D :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:


    There's still a quarter left in the game.

    And it's Brady.


    I shall keep the faith until the game ends, although it is looking bleak.

    I be thinking it be time for ye to start kneeling knave.. ::SMOOCHES AND HUGGLES:: :wacko: :wacko: :wacko:
  7. The way Philly is stinking out the joint, looks like my only hope is that Moss is covered so tightly by the Bengals Secondary <snicker><snort> that he catches nothing and Brady throws 400 yds and 5 scores to everyone else on the team.

    So do I here you conceding to my greatness and going to kneel to this short team for your kisses and huggles? :D :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

  8. The Mountain Dwarves.. built the mountain over them and dug themselves so deep they will never come out :)

    Hehe.. you could have started McNabb and beat my arse too.. but no.. you had to start Delhomme :)


    35 points for McNabb and well Delhome still has not played.. I wonder will he get 35? :D


    Hugs and smooches await you Qwikie :)

  9. I noticed also noticed that this year's stats when clicking a player brings up last year's stats as well. Hopefully it'll get fixed before the official scoring is over.



    You get to be the first to get this Haldir!! ::HUGS:: ::SMOOCHES::


    It was a pleasure to play you..can not wait for it again.. Now.. if only you could actually play well.. my bench beat your starters!! :D

  10. oh come on now, the Minions were slightly better then you last year


    ah yes I get those lovable huggable gnomes again this year, last year I said smack to them & they ended up beating me, so I think I'll just stay quiet this year & let my players do the smacking.


    now who has Ahman Green?? I place a curse upon him!!!!!!!


    with that being said good luck to everyone this week, hope it's a fun year like last year!!!!



    Hehe... and all the hugs and smooches coming your way again this year will be enjoyable for me too.. wait that did not come out right. ummmm well you will STILL get hugs and smooches just because you will need it after the butt kicking I give ya :)

  11. ok, guys, just letting you know that I am logged into yahoo. Styates said he is logged in and setting up a conference blog so guess as you read tis just come online and he will contact you to join in

    I am just printing some stuff out.. I will be in yahoo shortly :) (as soon as the printing is done that is) :)

  12. I am fine with the 2:30pm start time as well.


    As far as the draft I am good with the snake draft.. partly because I do not want to loose the aformentioned player, but also as this is not the NFL either.. so a snake draft would work for me as well. May I suggest the modified snake draft that staytes had suggested earlier?


    I am good for what ever the rest decide. I am not a fan of the standard draft for obvious reasons stated by others though. While yes the best teams from last year get shafted they get severely shafted in the long run. They may have some of the better keepers but they to are taking a chance on their keepers as they are only one player each.. and that does not gauruntee a win per week.

  13. First round of the Supp Draft is up in the first post of the thread.



    I am good for what everyone decides. As to the debate about the draft and the fairness of the keepers and such. I have to agree with Staytes in this thus far. In that it does kind of mimic to some degree a real football team and the keepers are part of it and protected so to speak. So while yes LT may be a good pick last year he may not perform to what his full potential was either. It is a give and take what with injuries and such. I lost my best point maker to retirement this year.. so yes it is tough but more then fair I think.

    It is all part of the game and we did agree to having a keeper league.. how many was not determined but I like how we are going thus far to be honest. While some of the new players may not think it is totally fair they understand that in coming into a new league it is part of the game and part of the fun. The rookies and such make for good keepers too as you are banking on their potential so in keeping them you take a chance.. it is all in fun so lets keep trying to get that magic rookie and or player that scores a ton of points for us :)

  14. Colts all the way for me. I agree, Brady has been impressive, I just can't stand the guy!


    And I too will be rooting for the Saints!! (Yes, that was quite a hit that Reggie took, but he bounced back quite nicely. The guy has serious skills!)

    Colts and the saints now. in the SB



    If The Pats go to the SB.. I have to agree with everyone.. to many announcers with be saying that QB is SO much like Tom Brady now.....


    But not a bad comparison.. he always seems to win tose critical games though.

  15. Too funny guys. Looks like if the Chiefs tank, I get to be a Philly fan! (Not to bad, but personally I'm rooting for the Saints in the NFC!)


    Anyway, sorry for being AWOL the last few days. Congrats to Crazy8 on hanging in there for the tie on the Pigskin Pick'em and of course huge congrats are in order for our Season 2 Champion, Icarus!!!!


    Although, letting a noob win should be against some sort of man-code or something. Hold on while I check the rule book....darn, it's not in there, but it should be!!


    Glad that you all enjoyed the league, I did as well. Thanks for all the appreciation, but the league wouldn't have been nearly as fun without all of you guys either. So thanks to all of you for keeping the smack talk and good natured ribbing going. It's the banter and camaraderie that makes this league as fun as it is.


    I'll get the final standings posted today and the tentative draft order for next season put up there as well. Then we need to figure out exactly what's up for next year. Is everybody still in??? I know of two guys so far who would like to join in for next year, so we'll have to discuss how to go about adding new teams, keepers, and stuff like that.




    (PS Go CHIEFS, can you guys believe the insanity last Sunday that put us in the playoffs?!?!?!?)

    I am definately in..


    Now as far as Playoff hopefuls..

    Chicago is one round and out.

    NO Superbowl bound

    Indy 1 and out.

    Cowboys.. who cares!!

    Chargers.. Superbowl bound

    Pats.. make it to the Division game... and loose.


    Anyone else.. Id o not care about hehe :)


    For teh Superbowl I pick NO to win! :)


    Most of the folks I know that are veteran fantasy football players usually have teams keeping 50% of their total roster. The trick is to pick up the good players as rookies and hold them til their breakout year. Not everyone you keep is going to be held to play next year. Or you snag a guy at the end of the season who was injured all year, hoping for a good next season (like Daunte Culpepper for instance). You might pick up a guy so you can wait. Besides, it's the NFL, the lifespan of a lot of these players is 2-4 years. There is always fresh meat available. Even with a 50% keeper, there is turnover due to aging, injuries, people anticipating a good rookie crop at a position so they dump one of their tier 2 vets. The Tier 1 guys are all going to get kept. But you still have to make the hard decisions on those 2nd and 3rd tier guys. Is this the best he will be? Will he sign with a bad team in the off season and play poorly, but get his money (Deion Branch), who knows.


    Allowing more keepers also means people can start trading kept players for draft picks. For example. I'm pretty low in the draft this year, and my running backs suck pretty hard so I'll not likely keep any, and the chances of drafting a really good RB is not great, but I have 2 good QB's. You have 2 pretty good RB's, but no QB to speak of. I'm low in the draft, and right now, there are a few quality starting QB's available. I can trade you my pick for your RB. You get that QB you want.


    It looks like you can set a cap for the maximum number of players by position per team. Right now no one can carry more than 4 QB's on their roster. I don't think it would be a problem to drop it to 3. There really isn't a reason unless you;re stockpiling a rookie for future considerations. 3 SHOULD be sufficient.


    My thinking on increasing the roster, both bench and starter, is that starts to put more emphasis on the mid range players. It makes it less likely that just because you have THE STUD position player you'll win, because you may not be getting all the extra points from your 2nd and 3rd players. Adding the extra starter means you lighten the impact of the single superstar or killer game a little. Granted it means people will have to stop picking all the marquee guys. If we move to 16 teams, that will make things more interesting.

    I definately agree with this. Increasing teh roster size is good.

    Having some kind of cap is also a good idea. Now keeping 50% of the players for a team is a tough decision. I would like to stick with four players here being a keeper.


    I also think that we should change sites for fantasy football.. I know there are ALOT better ones out there..

    Just my opinion though.. I will go with the majority here :)

  16. --dons anti smooching suit now---


    Hey never know Micheal Turner may break LT's record today & score 30 TDs!!!!


    oh wait that isn't what fantasy football is about.



    Well I think that my score is pretty much in. 107-33 so far.. you still have ALOT of players out yet.. so. YOU WILL STILL LOOSE HEHE :)

    ::Smooches and huggles::

  17. I hear yah


    even with Eli fighting for that playoff spot I didn't think starting him would be good with all his struggles (got 8 pts for the bench, big whopee) + Rivers is on the top afc team right now, so not sure how much time we'll get + he has been struggling, same with Grossman, soooooooooooo that brings in ole Kurt Warner for me, ha ha, figured 'zona has nothing to play for + ole Kurt might want some face time in case of anther team lookin for a qb.


    gotta love having more then 90% of your team being on locked playoff teams ha ha.


    oh well with Tiki runnin wild last night (43 frickin pts, jeesh) I'm gonna conceede now, unless the rest of the G-nomes tank (which I doubt that will happen) really the only way I can even come close.



    Gotta love dem numbers by my man Tiki!! So much for the rematch.. so when would you like to copllect your Gnomish Smooch.. just FOR YOU! :)



  18. well it took to the end of the winner's loser bracket but finally the rematch I wanted, HA HA HA HA


    I finally get the G-nomes!!!!! ha ha ha


    congrats again on makin the final round, Ranz, you too Icarus, hope the game is a good one


    & Ranz, you never know, I think that the first time I've seen the Ritterlich score under 50, so you never know.....



    Yea.. and you are still gonna get hosed like the last time muhahaha :)


    A Big squisshie smooch is coming your way my little friend!!

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