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  1. Has anyone on here used Glaze Mediums to thin thier paints.. In Reading this article ( http://www.brushthralls.com/Glaze/index.php ) I am thinking I might seriously try it.. I already own it.. but in reading it it really does make alot of sense on the use of thinners and such.. I want to know your opinions as well? is it a good option or bad? -jon
  2. I agree with DM on this.. here is a good article ( http://www.brushthralls.com/Glaze/index.php ) on what a wash would look like on a mini.. it is a rather comprehensive article too.. I got it off of a topic on here and I must say without a doubt it is one of the best I have seen and or read on this subject.. Good luck I know how hard it is to be a beginner and to be fruistrated the main thing is to never give up and to keep on trying. Just remember you can only improve.. and improve you will.. trust us on that ok! GOOD LUCK! -jon
  3. Did I mention I love dwarves!!! This is a reallyt nice one.. especially the face.. the details are astounding too! -jon
  4. Nice detailing on the Robe!! I love it The face is great. The Hair looks a little flat but you can hardly see any of it.. it might be the photo though :) The armor and blade look nice too..
  5. Not sure if this is the right area for this but I am giving this a shot :) Anyone know of any good spot for finding small 15 ml to 20 ml containers for paint in the Chicago area. The ones I really want is the centerfuge ones.. with the plastic stand to hold them in.. anyone know of a store that has them for sale for fairly cheap in the Chicago area? -jon
  6. Hehe... I am sure Curt would not mind.. after all you bought alot from him to begin with . Now you have me thinking of sinning... oh oh... man.. Curt.. forgi... no.. not the threat of cutting me off from the interne...ok ok.. I will stay with you curt.. I promise! (all kidding aside that is cool!! we all need to get deals like that) -jon
  7. Great Start!! Man that is cool that your wife is madonna.. can I get an autograph? hehe :) -jon
  8. I am SO jealous of these minis.. I wish I had them myself! Nice colors and good technique! -jon
  9. Nice army!! I would droll seeing this one come out of the box! Maybe you should use that as a secret weapon.. save them in the box till the last second.. then take em out.. and watch the opposing player dehydrate when you do so :D All kidding aside.. these are wonderfully done... Man with all these cool figurines I can honestly say I have alot of improving ahead of me! -jon
  10. The Hair looks nicely done.. except.. that it might be the phto itself.. the top seems to lack definition. The colors are wonderfully done. The Shield.. I can say WOW!! I think it would be cool to see some washed out colors on the shild to where the peacock is... to maybe say that the shield was once painted but faded with battle and it being in use constantly? I have to admit you still impress me and I have only seen a few figurines by you.. keep them coming!! -jon
  11. Speaking for the Dwarven minis!! I love them all! Can not get enough dwarves being made and painted LOL This is a very nicely done mini.. keep on keeping on so to speak.. you are a wonderful painter.. with each mini I see that you have painted inspires me to excel on what I am doing.. keep it coming bro! -jon
  12. I can not agree more.. the action that is implied is phenominal.. I love it!
  13. I think this is a very viable solution... alot of work though.. but it sounds like you are well up for the task.. I think this is a cool idea!! -jon
  14. WOW!!!!!!!! I have not seen this sculpt before.. now I know I am going to sound like a broken record here.. but I am going to have to get this one now too! -jon
  15. Yes it does.. you can see some of the highlights that you could not in the earlier pics I think :) -jon
  16. I ws thinking it was Shiney as well.. but it is supposed to be a clay golem.. so that it might have been intended to look wet? The Skin tones are nice.. but with the shininess it is hard to tell how smooth the blending is? It looks nice though.. I really wanted to get this mini too.. but have not yet.. now I am going to have to rethink that. -jon
  17. I think this looks awesome! I am definately going to pick this one up on my next foray to the game store!! One comment though. The stripes while they look awesome.. the one thick one on the back seems a bit overpowering to the rest of the stripes? Is that the way it looks like on the actual shark itself (Tiger shark that is). The main reason I ask as it seems to draw my eye to the spot more then I think was intended? Now for the best compliment I could give you!! Man those eyes are absolutely stunning!! I wish I could do that! -jon
  18. The Fireball I believe is sculpted. The woman is a Reaper mini. Actually the fireball was the one I thought was a magnificant egoFlam ing Sphere.. at least it looks just like the one I saw here :) under the title of Flaming Sphere http://www.magnificentegos.com/PC_Artifacts&Dweomers.html# I could be wrong I would like to know the other though.. if it is a reaper or not.. because I really like the colors and would like to give it a try myself if Jenova did not mind if I copied the colors Jenova used on it.. not that I could do any better... I just want one for my self is all :) (what is the saying) Mimicry is one of the best forms of flattery?) :D I also give this one a solid 9 !! -jon
  19. I totally agree in this Great job on the face.. I reammly am impressed with the subtle use of colors in it! -jon
  20. Nice job.. the yellow does look a little washed out in he picture... but as you said that was the camera :) Are these both Magnificant ego minis? Nice paint job... Did you ever consider using alternative lighting? the flames on her hands would have been a perfect opportunity to do so... Either way excellent job :) -jon
  21. I am using firefox as well.. I just updated it last night... in watching this mine did not lock up or loose any of my bookmarks.. odd. I am not sure if it is related to the short flick or not. -jon
  22. Nice paint job.. I love the colors.. the sculpt is a bit stiff.. but has a wonderful face! I love the eyes you did on this one.. the colors are nice.. the Chainmail seems a bit dark though.. was that intentional? The Base is excellent! I love it.. nice job!! -jon
  23. DM.. nice job on him.. this is the best work I have seen you do.. but then again I have not seen to many pieces you have done.. I am more then impressed.. keep it up bro! -jon
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