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  1. Heck, I feel bad now that I haven't been able to make it to the painting on Friday. Cursed life keeps getting in the way. Thankfully I was able to go to Games Day at the old Games Plus and do a little catch up.

    Boy did you do some Catch-up to!!! I was very impressed... I thought that you might have super glued your self to the table at one point hehe :)


  2. Nikmal & I know each other. The store is an hour from me. It is where I do almost all of my game shopping, but it is too far for weekly painting. I had gone a few times and will probably go again, but not regularly. The sad part is the I only know of one game store closer and it has no gaming area. The other three went out of business.

    Yea I live quite the ways from the Game Store too.. I am in Gurnee area. I am more then willing to host any night except wed night and tuesday night here for painting at my house too.. if anyone lives in the area or wants to drive up to it. I have plenty of room.. and druing the summer you might even be able to get me to BBQ for us if we were to paint during the day sometime :) ( I was even the head chef of a resteraunt for 12 years before I blew my knee out badly) If you would like to paint at my place.. drop me a line via email ok :)



  3. So are there any painters in the Chicago land area? I've been meaning to try and kick my efforts up a notch but feel that as is, I'm about at the extent of my abilities and patience. I know we've got a couple hobby shops in Chicago via the various Gamer's Paradises and of course, Games Plus, which has it's own painting thing (on the day I can't make it), so thought I'd see if anyone else was around.

    I am one of the people that set it up for Wed Nights at Games Plus.. one because the table was available.. and two it seemed good for the people involved at the time. Saturday nights at Games Plus is a bit crowded.. and the table is not always available because of tournements and such.. plus they do not keep the room open as late. Friday night we might be able to pull off.. I will talk to Curt about it tomorrow night.. even though I might not be able to attend them all I will try to make it to at least two a month if that is the case and we can set it up that way. (not that you would want me there any ways hehe)


    Also if anyone is interested in coming to Games Plus on Wed nights the more the merrier :)

    We welcome one and all of any talent :)

    I wish I did not have a mobility problem or I would come to IMPS too.. I heard alot about that from a person that comes to the Wed Night Gatherings ... and From Ghost Rider too :)

    He says it is the bomb!


  4. Personally, I think what would sell better is something that TSR did with their monster manual in 2nd edition.


    Just write the booklet in looseleaf form and sell a looseleaf binder with the Reaper Logo and/or Sophie on the cover. :wub:


    Then people could buy the booklets that have a listing of what paint to purchase for the LTP and purchase the mini of their choice to practice on.


    This has many added benefits:

    • Tabbed areas in the binder from the individual LPT booklets to a pinning guide.
    • A pocket area where people can keep their brushes safely during travel.
    • A safe and secure area where people can keep all their painting notes.
    • Premade Reaper Tabbed Pages with loverly glossy pictures of loverly Painted Reaper Miniatures.
    • Could even add, if the book were big enough, a space for people to keep Warlord and/or CAV stat cards.
    • A Reaper Paint color wheel. One for Masters and one for the Pro Paint. :wub:

    Such binders would be a wonderful way to promote all Reaper products. Tabs could be labeled from "Thinning Paint" to even "Basic Miniature Photography" tips. By selling each tabbed area as a seperate package, you allow the consumer to purchase exactly what they need, plus you keep the added advantage of keeping people from making multiple paint purchases in the LTP kits. Another added benefit is that sometimes those LTPKs sit on shelves for a while and the paint goes bad (I've had this happen in one LTPK I purchased). The average consumer does not know Reaper's stand on product return. Chances are they would just "deal with it" and never return it or never buy future Reaper paint because of that one bad batch. It would also cut down on customer returns on those lines, plus the customer could purchase the mini of their choice.


    You'd probably end up getting a lot of people who normally buy from other manufacturers picking these up.


    Just a suggestion. :upside:

    I think this is by far the best idea so far.. no offense to the others.. The Reason I beleive this is no other company has done this.. and I KNOW I would purchase it all! Especially if it was loose leaf.. that way I can use them with my notes as well. I have plenty of notes :)

    I think to having in the pamphlets the right paints to purchase would be better then a kit by far! that way they are not purchasing duplicates... and the case with kits... they may just want the pamphlet inside any ways.. and have to purchase all the paints just to get the pamphlet.. not that it would not be a boon to purchasing so to speak... but think of all the paints that would be sold this way... instead of having to buy all the paints to get to needed tutorial... but you get the tuitorial and it encourages the purchase of the paints.


    Most customers seeing this will become more lloyal because they see that Reaper is trying to save them money but in the long run getting closer to taking the market over so to speak


  5. Man this is going to rock!!


    I can hardly wait for the book now.. I too am goint get the binding cut and going to have each page laminated and then holed for a binder.. so I can easily remove them and such.. as I to am limited on painting space.. since I frequently paint at other places besides my home too :)


  6. Sounds like I should move to Memphis and open a game store!  :unsure:

    Ummm... yeah. Cause you don't learn from other's mistakes? ::P:


    I think all of you should move up to the Twin Cities, MN. We have TONS of gaming stores. About 3 million total population, and at least 6 stores with gaming rooms, plus at least that many more without. ::D:

    having lived in the Twin Cities.. they have some decent store. Especially the SOurce... But I have to admit. I am in Chicago area now.. and I prefer Games Plus to it. But there are about 20 games stores in this area... that is what I can think of.. I know there are ALOT more that I can not picture off of the top of my head.. but hands down.. the only one I attend is Games Plus :)


  7. Really nice.

    I do have to say it looks even better in person!!

    I would have to agree.. the Banshee looks awesome, especially in person!!!!

    I could not havce painted it better myself if I tried :)

    Keep up the Great Work Dracos!!


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