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  1. Well you are up by 11 but I have Palmer, Rudi, and Harrison to go so looks like odds are you are not going to whip some 9-5 team.... 10-4 didn't even win your division so (no goose eggs Monday night) PRAY PRAY PRAY PRAY PRAY FOR GOOSE EGGS :)
  2. I just can't beleive I lost a tie breaker and fell to the 5th seed with a TEN AND FOUR RECORD :) How sad is that :) Oh well I guess this 10-4 will have to whip some poor 9-5 team then hehehe :)
  3. We sghall see what is up.. I have no byes this week either hehe :)
  4. Without LT you would be dust hehe :) But now hopefully I get my starting QB back and will put up some better numbers :( I will still give you a hug though how is that.. as of yesterday I really need one! :)
  5. One word for the Dwarven Stouts.. ::SMOOCHES:: Looks like I am playoff bound for sure now :) ::huggles:: for those that lost to me before :D
  6. Man did my team suck it up this week!! My main mistake I did not play Jake Plummer instead of Charlie batch.. (mistake #2 picking him iup in waivers this week after loosing Hasselbeck for a couple weeks. ) Good game though.. if you can call me loosing by 80 points almost as of right now and having 3 players out yet.
  7. you know what is funny.. is If I had not missed a week I would probably be in first.. going by my average score that is.. which I think is around 9 :) now I am just about last but catching up muhahahaha :)
  8. Haldir ::HUGGLES AND SMOOCHES FOR YOU TOO!:: The smack continues.. another one gets beaten down and hugged by a TINY LITTLE GNOME :) Hmm what is the world coming to when I can beat all those tall people out there... these little gnomes be bad azz :)
  9. My Gnomes will give you a Hug and a Smooch too.. to while away the loss you will sugger to them. I would hate to leave you in tears without that huggle and smooch ok. That make you feel better?? Here is for Cuculain too.. ::HUGGLE:: ::SMOOCH:: I had my best scoring game too! To bad it was against your best scoring game.. or you would have STILL lost muhahahaha :) (man don't you love getting smacked down by a bunch of cute and cuddly little bitty teeny tiny gnomes? Makes the smacking a little less painful... NOT! Well time for another smack down.. but I now have a dilemma Most of my fantasy football team is playing each other. Some of my second fav team is playing my fav team so while I want them to both have a great game I do not want them to for my fantasy football game hehe :)
  10. Hey Qwik!! :: SMOOCHES:: you deserve a big KISS for loosing so nicely!! Heres to you babe!! (all kidding aside) Good game though.. it came down to my QB.. and got ya!! :)
  11. Man... did I get a beat down.. congrats on the win! Now... do you want a big hug.. or a wuddle one??
  12. I too am getting nothing but HTML code and jibberish! I am using firefox as well with the latest updates. Hmm hopefully it will get fixed soon Oh BTW Gnomes may be small and we may be underwieght.. but think for a moment that puts us in line for a specific body part... just the RIGHT height, gives head butts a whole new meaning hehe!!! :)Imagine that! Oh.. and also if someone shoots me besides myself.. I feel sorry for them. that means you get to feel the wrath of a very vindicitive wife... MAJOR WIFE AGGRO!! :D
  13. Damn!! That is incredible!!! Ummm why is he not getting paid more????? Yea you tall people make it easy for us to cry... you and your lanky no good side winding decietful hugging and all. Not giving us any love.. yea you know I am right.. you do not give us any love. What happened to bortherly love. the world comes to an end and no gnomes get any hugs ::cries:: Wait what is that.. the world has not come to an end.. ::runs around hugging and squeezing everyone:: now I can jump for joy.. What is better then that.. Hugs.. and playing football!! Up next some more hugs from the next team I beat down... you know you are afriad to face me!! Scary aint I ::blushes:: (now if I was like this in real life.. I would literally shoot myself!) :D
  14. Yea lord knows... Groo and the wanderers certainly stunk it up last week!! Muhahaha
  15. Hey States, HUGS YOU AND SQUEEZES YOU... you just died because I stuffed you!!! You got beat by the Gnomes!! :)
  16. I will hug you and squeeze you to death, Hugglety goodness all over for you!! You know you will loose baby.. I got your number now! :) Thanks for the love BTW :)
  17. Yea I picked dem dolphin type creatures and dey let me down! Well that is only 1 GAME!! I have a few more to go.. and my record is still clean.. just a little bitty tarnished :)
  18. yep they will be going down.. and you will be at the bottom of said pile my friend!! In all my cuddly goodness.. you will be stuffed!! :)
  19. you pick the winners for each game. the last entry you pick the winner and see if you can opick a score in case of a tie breaker.
  20. it is actually ALOT of fun.. and if you are good enough you can win prizes and such.. but it is more for bragging rights and such. So please sign up and pick the winners :)
  21. Are we going to do the ESPN Pigskin Pick 'Em league like we did last year too? I know you do not want to loose to me again though :) hehe
  22. Hmmm teh Madden Curse shall strike again.. What makes it even more fun is with a name like Legion of Doom.. the Madden Curse is going to just be attracted to it :)
  23. Now that is called wishful thinking.. the first week.. you will be nothing but fluff.. as I will stuff you with it!!
  24. Now this will be fun. I have a feeling Mike is going to have turf toe this year... from stumbling so much.. Last years champion is this years flop hehe I am going to hug you and squeeze you all.. to death muhahahahaha toodles... Have I scared yopu yet?
  25. Here is the League office home page for Mike.. Just so he can find it faster as well :) http://games.espn.go.com/ffl/leagueoffice?leagueId=192738
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