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  1. Since there are only 12 teams now, instead of 15, will we be changing the schedule and playoff format to what we had last year?

    Sounds good to me :)


    BTW Stephan.. Umm one of my pics did not get into my line up.. though I am sure it was my fault for posting before my actual turn to pick. Matt Leinart got into my roster instead of Michael Clayton I beleive.

    Now as MUCH as I would like Matt Leinart.. umm yea.. I would like it to be fair for the person that actually pick him to get Michael Clayton back if possible.


    Ok here is my line up.



    Matt Hasselbeck. QB for Saettle Seahawks. Bye week 5

    Jake Plummer, QB for Denver Broncos. Bye week 4

    Tarvaris Jackson. QB for Minnesota Vikings Bye week 6


    Running Backs

    Tiki Barber. RB for New York Giants. Bye week 4

    Chester Taylor. RB for the Minnestoa Vikings. Bye Week 6

    Marion Barber. RB For the Dallas Cowboys. Bye week 3

    Najeh Davenport. RB for Green Bay Packers. Bye week 6


    Wide Recievers

    Terrel Owens. WR for Dallas Cowboys. Bye week 3

    Lee Evans. WR for Buffalo Bills. Bye week 4

    Deion Branch. WR for New England Patriots. Bye week 6

    Troy Williamson. WR for Minnesota Vikings. Bye week 6

    Michael Clayton ?. WR for Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Bye week 4


    Tight Ends

    Tony Gonzalez. TE for Kansas City Chiefs. Bye week 3

    Dallas Clark. TE for Indianapolis Colts. Bye week 6



    Ryan Longwell. K for Minnesota Vikings. Bye week 6



    Vikings Defense.

    Yes I know it shows a Vikings Bias.. but I think that it also shows my faith in the system they have right now :) Normally I would not have leaned the way I did.. but.. (yes I am a vikings fan) but.. you guys picked most of the people I was going to pick otherwise hehe

  2. Draft Order edited again. Still haven't heard from Vapok or Spartan6. I Pm'd them again and unfortunately will have to drop them if I haven't heard anything by draft time.

    Ok my friend Mike is coming over to my house to do the draft live with me and using my extra computer. He does not have a Yahoo account but will have when he arrives. I will also get him signed up on the League home page as well as Reaper forums ok. (he is not a mini's painter as such.. but for smack talk he can at least come here hehe :) )






  3. Sounds good to me. Bad news, I heard from Leech and he's too busy right now to defend his title this year, but promises to come back next year. So your bud is definitely more than welcome.


    I also have not heard from Spartan or Vapok yet, so we may be back to our original number again.

    Ok he will be here for teh draft then.. and a very happy person.. hopefully we do not loose the other two though.. it would be a sad say in all if we did :(



    I was looking forward to snuggling up to them :: smirk:: :)

  4. Well, we may be losing some more (hopefully not!)


    I still haven't heard anything from Spartan6 and Vapok. Hopefully I'll hear something before draft time.

    I might have a person that could join us being we lost one already? he could fill in as he has kind of been begging me to let him join but I told him the slots were full?


  5. Trades are possible with approval by the commissioner (Styates).


    I'll trade you Priest Holmes, who I currently have on my roster, for your first round pick Haldir :devil:









    No one tell him we're not doing keepers and that there's still a big question if he will be fit to play. Shhhhh.

    With qwik.. if you want the players he has.. you have to not only sell your soul but give up your first, second and third born children too :)

  6. This year I mean to throw away the pink helmet and go for Hot oarnge!!






    Now you know I will not be as cuddly.. this year I plan on burning my way into all your as... er um.. nevermind I refrain from my smacktalk and will just say Gnu Gnomes will be the victorius ones this year!!!

  7. What has been keeping me from painting.


    Well we are getting our house remodeled (been a nightmare so far).


    My father was put in the hospital for vascular thrombosis in his reamining leg.. had to have a vein transplant.. and because of his Diabetes he might loose it now due to an infection that set in after surgery. They are still trying to save his remaining leg. :(


    So all in all the last month, hell even this year has been a hellacious one thus far!


    I am looking forward to a break.. one where we can sell our house and get a new one in Minnesota so I will not have to travel so far for the medical emergencies in my family of late. Not to mention not HAVEING the EMRGENCIES. :)


    I hold out hope the year will start to look up and no more emrgencies :)



  8. Haldir... quick tip: Remove your armor when swimming. Remember, the D&D Armor check penalty applies to swimming as well...


    I learned the hard way (but now my rogues swim is +19. Whoot for me!)


    BTW: On Khyber as well... Thwak Amazog.

    I will make a PC on Khyber as well :) Lets set a time to playI am available tomorrow night (wed night time??)

    I will give you my PC name as soon as I can tonight or tomorrow morning.

  9. Back when I first heard of the internet, a friend showed me a site that you could play d&d in a chatroom, I think it was on the TSR website. I was wondering if there is anything like this still around nowdays? I want to play D&D but there isn't anyone locally.

    The Site you are talking about was the TSR web site on AOL. It has since closed down and went to the actual web outside of AOL. It has moved twice since TSR no longer owns it.. You can play online dungeons and dragons games on the site itself in thier game rooms. There is a good following of people on there too.

    It is also a good place to ask questions and such about the game itself too.


    Here is the site if you want to go there.




    (I have been going there for about 10 years now. I was formerly known as TSRO_Kip, WizO_Kip now just plain kip since I gave my chat moderator status up :) )


    Hope to see you there :)


  10. The problem with dropper bottles in general (and this includes Vallejo) is that you're dealing with an aperture that needs to stay very small, so the paint doesn't dry out, and which is vacuum-formed, so mass-produced and thus prone to defective pieces. There's just no way we can go through and test all the of the little dropper tops, so the best I can say is that (after years of using Vallejo and now MSP's) I always keep one of those clay-sculpting tools around that looks like a needle on the end of a dowel (what, maybe 69 cents at Michael's?), or a pin or two, or my handy pin vice, and if I get a bottle that gives me a problem I use my Pokey Thingee <tm> to break the seal. ::): Also make sure that when you're squeezing paint out you're tilting the bottle on its side instead of completely upside-down, as the little skull-shakers inside of the bottle will gleefully fall down to obstruct the flow of paint if given the chance. :;):



    Maybe that is what I was doing.. tipping it upside down. Hmmm thanks Ann :)

    You are a Goddess! :)

  11. If I had to guess - I would think that maybe it was some bad casting on your particular bottles. If the dropper is too narrow, it will clog up quite quickly. You can ream it out with a small drill bit or a piece of wire heated up (be sure to pop the tip out though...you don't want plastic to fall into the bottle).

    Thanks that is a good idea.. I might try that.. but.. there is alot more then just a few that do that to me though for some reason, then just a few. We shall see though :)

  12. Lots of things can lead to the cracking which are totally unrelated to the paint itself (primer, cleanliness, thickness of paint, thinners used...).


    Right before I moved up here I bought every color that was out at the time, and although I haven't had a chance to paint a whole lot of minis with them, I did go ahead and paint my index (behind each bottle I have a paint chip for that color that way I can see what it looks like dry). They all were great right out of the bottle.

    THe only problem I have had with my MSP's is that the dropper part of the bottle always seems to clog on me and I am constantly trying to unclog them. Eastman does not seem to have this problem with his though... any ideas as to what is causing this in my MSP's?

  13. I'm afraid to watch it with my wife, because when she saw the clip of him with the Optivisor on, she ran into the spare room, grabbed mine, put it on my head and started laughing, saying, "OMG it is the same thing"



    Complete with the wooly mammoth look???



  14. Good thoughts so far guys!!


    I'm compiling everybody's responses into a word file for now so that it'll be easier to go through later. I'm keeping track of your suggestions too as all of these things will have to be decided as well before next season starts. Keep the good ideas flowing!! We will not be able to do everything exactly the way that everybody wants it, but we'll do our best to come to a consensus and make this the best league that we can.



    I think that a live draft is a must too. What day of the week is open for me as I am not working at the moment but that could change.. whyich I will let every one know as soon as I do :)


    I also think that we should open it up to new players as well.. no more then 16 teams total though. That way it sets a limit. The thing about opening it to new players is that we should not have keepers. (as much as I would like to) the reason being is that the newer players would feel cheated and rightously so. Plus it was an auto draft. next year we can start the keeper system since we will have the live draft as well as a set team thing.



  15. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. ::D:

    Try this site.. it says plans for looms but I think that you have to pay for them.. let me know if this helps ok :)






    Thank you from the bottom of my heart. ::D:

    Try this site.. it says plans for looms but I think that you have to pay for them.. let me know if this helps ok :)





  16. I'm with Digital [email protected] on that. However, they do say that truth is stranger than fiction....

    If the mouse had run INTO the house then sat undearneath the window.. and the curtain.. it is certainly possible I beleive. The Mouses fur is flamable, and could have certainly been on fire enough that the mouse could have feasably escaped the firey leaf pile and ran into the house had the door been open. So I can see it happening.

  17. Can't you just buy an extension tube for your lens to do the same thing?


    No offense to the author, but I am not risking $700+ in camera gear to save a few dollars on a macro lens.

    It seems like a great idea.. but a spendy thing if it does not work right.. I will not risk it as I went out and bought one. I like the idea though :)

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