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  1. OK, here is the touched up photo.


    I am mad because they decided to take this picture as we were walking out the door on our way to the airport, and now that I look at the photo, I realize that I did not re-adjust my F stop from earlier pictures. The back row is not as crisp as they should be, but they are still in focus so I lucked out.

    The photo looks alot better!!

  2. Minnesota's pretty much a cold frozen wasteland with not all that much going on, but those of us here are trying.......

    Being from MN myself I was a gamer there for many a year. As far as painting goes I am not sure I know of any groups that paint there on a regular basis though. I am in Chicago right now, but I do have alot of friends there that a few might be interested in getting a group together if you are interested? I am from the Coon Rapids and Brooklyn Park/Center area. I am now living in Chicago but I can make a few phone calls to find out if there is at least some interst :) I know the Source is an excellent place to go to for most things gaming though. In a pinch also Shinders is a good place to go to at least buy a D&D book or other RPG item. (at least it was when I was living there) Good Luck! :)


    p.s I am planning on moving out there once again in a couple of years hopefully.. maybe even sooner.

  3. If you can't afford one like a canon rebel where you can change lenses, then you need to look at the macro modes. Go to a store like Best Buy where you can turn in on and touch it and see how good it does up close (take a mini with you if you have to). some DIgital cameras Like my Finepix have the option to screw on a macro lense for taking detailed upclose pictures.


    Unfortunatly not all digital cameras are the same, and after you fork over a couple hundred dollars (Pounds, Euros Whatever) is not the time to realize you make a mistake...


    Wes Bland

    One of the better places to go too is Wolf (Ritz) Camera they have a larger selection I think then does Best Buy or Circuit City. You can check them out there for the Macro lenses plus they know alot more about the cameras as well. They are not as likely to push you into something you do not need nor want, not to mention they have less customers to deal with :). If the prices are higher there I think that they do price matching so do some shopping around once you do find the camera you like. that way you can get the best price :) Good luck! :)

  4. It's going to billr! Yeah, I get to see it in person (if bill brings it to paint night next week)


    debby ^_^

    Having seen this figure in person.. I must say it is a very very nice paint job Eastman :) I can hardly wait till the pictures are posted though to be able to see the base finalized.. (did not get to see the shield after it was added :) ) Good Job!!

  5. Well, I'm all set to be 7-4 after today. With only 2 games to go, I'm going to come out better than 50/50!


    Not only that, but my last 2 games are against Kris's Dwarves and Jon's G-Nomes. I have a good feeling about the next 2 weeks!

    Hey there.. I had a MUCH better week this week then I have in a long time.. me thinks me Gnomes are feeling thier oats once again.. so bring it baby boy :)



    oh and BTW...


    ::HUGS TO YOU::


    I'm hoping for some great play out of Samkon Gado again this week, if not, I'm losing. Another subpar week for Brunell, and despite the offensive explosion on Indy, Marvin Harrison got barely a sniff. I'm wishing I had held onto Dallas Clark a couple weeks ago. His points would have made all the difference. But no...Peyton goes all season ignoring the guy until after I decide to drop him, then starts throwing to him like it's out of style.


    And Ben Watson. Beautiful game. Great receptions, but when it gets to the Endzone. STOP THROWING IT TO THE DAMN TIGHT END IN LINEBAKER'S CLOTHING!!!


    Great game by the Chicago Defense though! Their performance really saved my arse big time and still makes this week a possible win for me if Minnesota sucks it up big time on Monday Night.


    Looks like I will continue the win one, lose one cycle I've been on for awhile.

    If Minnesota sucks it up big time.. BLASPHEMY!!!! How can one uter such foul words about a team that I revere so much!! WIth the way GB is handling thier team of late.. I can not see em doing well. I can see Samkon Gado sucking it up.. and falling down! hehe :)



    MN shall do well! :)

  6. I see that the Gnu Gnomes are next up for the Legion of Doom! :grr: Do you think you've got what it takes!? I doubt it! I lost by 44 points last week, you better be able to do better then that to impress me!! :lol::B):

    Me do me best BOSS May the legion live on in it's own DOOM! :)




    Good luck and Lots O Hugs to you!!


    May the hugs kill! :)


  7. Foo Dogs are guardian spirits in Chinese mythology - originally used in and around Buddhist temples (Buddha in Chinese is Fo). They have since become popular for use outside of houses and businesses in China and Korea.


    As far as coloring goes - most the pictures of paintings I have here show them to be golden colored...like a Chow. Some are a bit lighter - nearly white...though the paintings could have been faded. There is a Foo creature on the cover of the Old Oriental Adventures book if I remember correctly too.


    Giant? Don't know. In the D&D system they are always pretty big.


    As a side note - that mini looks more Foo Lion to me than Dog. The Foo lions were protectors of the imperial family and holdings in ancient China. They had longer tails and larger, more square mouth than the Foo dog did.

    THere are actual Chinese foo dogs.. they look like a chow in coloring without the black tongue :) They are an unusual breed too from what I was able to pick up from it.



  8. Hi guys. I have been lurking in the boards for some time and decided to come out of hiding to join you all.


    Has anyone used the Water Effects from Vallejo yet?


    If you have, any advice on using it?


    I just got my shipment of "clear water effects" and am going to try it soon but was wondering if anyone had any results with this yet.


    Thanks in advance for your help.

    Wish I could be of help.. but i have not used the Vellejo water effects as of yet.. but when I do if I do I can report how good it is here if you like ;)


  9. Shackle City is now in one giant hardback book by Paizo (see their website for more info) price is 50 thou, thought I'd warn yah on that one. the book has extra stuff that wasn't in the dungeon run, but for the most part the mag & the book are the same adventure.


    I started gettin Dungeon magazine 1 issue before 1st part, (which kind of ticks me off!!!) but I want to get the older 3e Dungeon issues anyways so I'll just look for it while browsin ebay or other discount places.

    Owning both the book and all the Dungeon Magazines for the Shackled City.. I prefer the book the be honest for one it has an extra adventure.. and it has tons of extras not to mention all the DM referance material AND the players referance material in one convenient area. Besides if you do NOT have all the magazines for some reason.. it is ALOT cheaper to buy the book then all the back issues of the magazines too.. Not to mention the book holds up better then individual magazines. So I would highly recommend the book and the campaign style of the adventure itself too :)


  10. Couple friends of mine have them. One made her own. Went to Michael's and got the hooks and wire for the earring. Used a Dremel and nice sharp drill bit. Drove the bit right into the heart of that cursed '1' :devil:

    The ones I like are from Crystal Caste. They have the Semi-Precious Stone Erings and pendants.. they look like of cool for the most part too. I own a set of the Semi-precious stone Dice.. not the jewelry, the Hemitite.. and my wife the Amethyst ones. I would not mind getting the Amethyst jewelry for my wife though.. if only they have them in Gold.. as my wife is allergic to the silver :(



  11. I am running The Shackled City at the moment.. and i must say it is one of the better mods I have ran that is a campaign style adventure. Though I did like the Original Temple of Elemental Evil.. and the Underdark box set :) The Worlds Largest Dungeon if I ever get it I will use as a Referance book to stick parts of the dungeon in my campaign world, in random areas. I did not see much of a plot in it either. Another good light hearted campaign style adventure though is the Castle Greyhawk! It is hilarious and it is meant to be taken very lightly.. so if your style of gaming is not one of lighthearttedness.. it is not a good one to play.. but a FUN read though. I especially like the Original Star Trek Crew in there.. Bones (skeleton), Spock (Drow Elf), Kirk and Checkov.. which I forget what he was.. but the interaction between them is hilarious.. not to mention Mordenkanions Movie set with an ancient red dragon stuck up star on the set :)

    well I digress.. I will probably think of more at a later time, like Dungeon land and Land byond the mirror

  12. He he! Thanks for the feedback gents.


    As far as the MSP used, well several of the greens (triads +) . Hand primered in black... The mouthy parts I used MSP red triads + two more shades. I tried to give the underside of the model a ligther tone, but it did not show well on camera. Very large model, tough to photograph overall. I may try and re-shoot it once I get it mounted on the wooden base.


    Frank- I did consider doing something a little more drastic with the skin, stripes, camo, etc. Maybe some feathers... lol! But in the end, I just stuck with the basics. I also did some reading and used some references materials to help me. Many theorize that the larger predatory dinos did not need camo because they were to big to blend in with any surrounding, thus many speculate that their skin tones were drab and plain. I almost painted it a greyish black, but decided to go with a basic green. It looks really cool in person!


    Thanks again all.


    PS I am thinking about picking up the Triceratops model as well!


    Check it out. The 1/10 Scale T-Rex is mind blowing.


    Managerie Productions






    Now I wish I had 4500 dollars to blow on a mini of that scale.. it is gorgeous!! I think my wife would literally kill me if I spent that much on a mini though :)

    The scale is amazingly stark.. and a strong sculp! :)



    The Mini you painted looks very very nice! I would love to get one and see if I could paint it half as nice :)


  13. Next session have everyone discuss the issues. If everybody doesn't get a warm fuzzy then take a break.

    I totally agree with this statement. Just before the session starts.. say that we need to discuss how the game is going. Bring up your issues and that you are contemplatinig taking a break/quit because of those issues.. and that you want to resolve them because you enjoy the comrraderie so much. Give the others time to pipe up as well about it. The DM should have discussed it with the group instead of just jumping into the situation you are in now. As a DM it is his right to do so.. but it is also the DM's responsibilty to make sure the players are having fun.. not just him/her. If the players are not having fun.. no more players.. harsh lesson.. if he learns from it.. instead of just doing that over and over. Communication is a good thing as long as it is constructive and not a type of conversation that someone is getting fingers pointed at them and being blamed for things.. anotherwords.. when bringing this up to the DM make sure when you do that you tell him nicely that this game is going to end for you because you do not feel like it is fair for the players for this reason.... make sense?

  14. Well even though my G-Nomes may not be doing so hot in Fantasy Football.. I must say that in Pigskin Pick-em I am going on a streak!! I am in the lead by two points.. finally!!!!!!! Possibly 1-3 tonight after the game! :)

    So while yes I may be not be doing so hot in the one I am hot in the other so there!!!



    hehe.. I am winning! :)



  15. I am artistic at least to myself :) I can draw and paint on canvas easily enough.. need lots more practice to get up to my canvas painting standards on minis though. Painting a mini is so much different then painting on a flat surface :) I have done some lost wax castings for jewelry and such too. I am actually thinking about getting back into jewelry making and sellinig it locally here in chicago and on the web :)

  16. Thanks. I figure the sooner they slice me up and do it, the sooner this will all be over. :B):

    I too hope your surgery went well.. having been under the knife recently.. I know the fear and anxiety associated with it.. and I sympathize.. so count me for a point or two for the sympath points :)

  17. Sad, but true.


    And yes, I didn't notice the missing 9, and would have scrolled back, but I could fit the entire list in one window. Yes I laughed at myself.

    I admit too I did not notice the nine missiong and yes I WOULD have scrolled back as well.. but all I had to do was glance :) Yes I did laugh.. and yes I knew right away who I was going to forward this too.. my wife who is sitting less then ten feet from me at the moment :)

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