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  1. Thanks!! And also my thanks to all who served as well! May this countrys soldier continue to be as good and as strong as the one that came before!! Here Here!!
  2. I am planning on Painting lots of minis.. enjoying the weekend sun that we are supposed to have and watching some football.. all at my wifes request! :) Oh and on saturday I am going to my local game store to the Game day they are hosting there.. and co-hosting a paint seminar.. so more painting hehe :) Have fun all and remember to thank a veteran as well :)
  3. For those that live inthe Chicago area.. or even those that don't. There is going to be a CHicago EN World game at my fav game store at the moment.. Game Plus in Mt Prospect. There is going to be a paint seminar/paint shop sort of thing there all day as well. Paint and brushes provided as well as some minis to paint too :) While I am not the best painter in the world I will have plenty of books and such for you to look through and I can at least teach techniques and such..and let you practice them hehe :) Here is the sign up thread :) http://www.enworld.org/showthread.php?t=152732 -jon (sorry about the short notice folks :( I hope you can forgive me!)
  4. On Ebay there are ALOT of coolpix cameras for sale under 200 bucks.. so I would have to say if you are familiar with the coolpix line that is what I would recommend. They are fairly easy to use and a decent camera to begin with.. especially for the price :) Here is a link I found for going to ebay with the coolpix cameras to help out :) http://search.ebay.com/coolpix-camera_W0QQ...rdsreturnedZ300 -jon
  5. Lots of close game thus far.. but looks like I am going to get a win.. unless something stellar happens.. which I doubt hehe :) I got another win!!!!!!!! :) Oh and the Groo commentary.. was great!!! :)
  6. :: HUGS to ALL OF YOU :: Thanks I did NEEDED a Hug!!
  7. Well yesterday I went into the doctors and got weighed in at 480 pds total. So that brings me down 80 pds in 5 weeks. from 560 to 480 :) I am extremely excited about this!! Even thoguh I ghave still been feeling week I have noticed a quitre a few things lately.. one I can get in and out of the car ALOT easier then I once was able. and I can walk without having breathing problems once again! :) Thanks everyone!
  8. I too would love a copy of the PDF file if you would not mind sending it to me that is? -jon
  9. YEa he does at that.. it almost makes you laugh just listning to his :)
  10. This is a radio show excerpt of a guy witnissing a car accident.. it is humorous to say the least.. I hope you all like it! http://www.chumfm.com/MorningShow/bits/march24.swf -jon :)
  11. can you give us a pic of the old one as well?
  12. Seems the Spartans went down to of all things a DWARF team!!! :) hehe :) Right now it is tie with my team and the dragons.. but he still has his defense out.. and I do not :( Oh well.. my team is looking better this day then last week! :)
  13. See, the can of anti-hug worked. *sprays a bit more anti-hug, just for insurance* The HUGS will be back... Muhahahahaha!!
  14. Maybe if Corey Dilan HAD played I might have won the match up that I was in instead of a measly 22 points!! :) I am not much in a hugging mood today :(
  15. I have a measly 22 points!!!! Holy crap what the hell happened to all my good players!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Man this bites!!!!!!!!
  16. Do not feel so bad.. it seems the same way for me with the Vikings!! I am highly disappointed in them of late :( I wish they still had the offensive line from last year! :(
  17. This is hilarious!!! Who would have imagined that you would be able to turn Chess into a contact sport of this nature!! hehe.. funny!
  18. ::Conteracts the anti-hug spray with a liberal dose of cupids arrows!!:: Good luck in beating me! I got most of my good players back from the bye week they had!! hehe!! This will be fun! to you!! :) Lots of hugs and aaahhhh.. how cutes to you !!
  19. My wife and I play often.. me not as often as she does but we play alot! We have even kind of got a new guild started as well. One that has nothing but decent kind people playing in it ;) with my health being a little down I do not play as often as I would like but My wife plays a couple of hours a day now still.. :) My name on there is: Ashford Silvermane My wifes name on there is: Icy Yu
  20. Holy crap.. what the hell happened to the Cincinatti defense all of a sudden!!!!!!!! they have been playing so well and then wow they let ALOT get by them! Oh well I am 3-2 which is not bad and still top in my division :) Hehe to true! Well my best guys were on vacation too :( I was not counting on all my best ones going that route all at the same time like that so I had to scramble to get SOMETHING together.. guess it did not work.. but i did give it a run though :)
  21. I must say me living in chicago area.. and seeing the bears get beat.. makes me SO happy!!!!
  22. Yeah, sure you're not cute and cuddly!! You and your pink helmet!!! Hehe.. if you saw me in real life.. you would think the same thing.. SO NOT cute and cuddly.. in fact I am told I look ALOT like Hagrid from Harry Potter :)
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