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  1. The Same thing happened to me.. except the tail on mine did not break.. I cut it off thinking it was part of the sprue for some reason.. man was I ticked at myself.. but I did fix it though. What I did was to take three pins.. of a fairly decent gage brass rod. and drilled three holes into the tale and made a tri-pod of sorts for it. I then made a base out of sculpy.. inserted the eagle and find that the position of the eagle is MUCH better then the one that was originally posed with the base. I love it! I have not got it painted yet of course but I can tell you the brass rod goes into the back of the tail as the tail sort of sweeps forward. Plus the rod does not detract from the actual mini hardly at all. I know it can not be hidden well.. but it should not have to be. I will say this it is ALOT sturdier with the Rod instead of the original piece that is for sure.
  2. I actually did not think of that.. that is an awesome idea!! I did think of making some recipes of my own though. :) I was already thinking of some recipes for pureed chicken beleive it or not.. sounds wierd eh? :)
  3. Yea I guess I can do that too :) Here is where I am starting from.. Just as a point of referance so to speak. I started out at 560 pds on thursday the 15th. I was put on a clear liquid diet for the weekened before surgery.. which was at Monday the 19th at 7:30 am. When I was wieghed at the Hospital I wieghed in at 535. NOw I have not been wieghed since then. I was released from the hospital on Thursday the 22nd and was supposed to go in to an extended care facility for a week to rehab and to rebuild my strenght and such. Which I did go into. When I got there.. the bed did not raise at high enough of an angle for me to be comfortable and so I had to sleeep on a couch the first night. (I need to sleep almost sitting up because I get panic atttacks lying down on my back.) Besides which the doctor prefers I am sleeping almost sitting up as well for reasons of relieving the stress on my stomach. They did finally get me a bed the next day.. but I was in pain most of the night and into the next day because of some yogurt they gave me was flavored with a suger substitue.. which caused my stomach grief (Not allowed suger or suger subs at all for the first few weeks) they did finally give me a bed that I could sleep in and I did so (took a nap) . I was still uncomfortable with the place over all. Friday I decided to leave.. talked to my Primary care doc.. and he said I could. but prefered I stayed in for the obvious reasons. I explained I would be more comfortable at home with my wife and such.. as we were both missing each other too. I was released with alot of griping from the facility.. boy did i have to fight to get out of there hehe. I got home and my wife catered to everything I needed. :) Well I woke up saturday morning and noticed that my stomach was in pain near one of my incisions. So I took one of te pain patches they gave me and let it got at that.. only to feel it get worse as the day progressed. I am thinking to myself.. great.. now my doc is going to say... "See.. I told you SO! :)" I ended up going to the Emergency Room at the hospital I had my surgery at. (I had talked it over with my wife and even though it was not that painful... I could not talk to my surgical doctor.. and I was in pain.. as my doctor told me to call her or go to the ER if I needed to even though it might not be that big a deal.. I did so.) It turned out to be an infection in my stomach. I was prescribed to take some antibiotics and to see her on Monday.. now I am just waiting for her to get out of surgery so I can. Just so you know what I have to eat and such.. I can eat yogurt plain.. egg whites.. Applesauce.. apple juice.. Pureed chicken from a can or pureed tuna from a can. I can only eat 2-3 ounces at a time and need to stop when I feel full, or boy do I pay for it with cramping and such. Hard to beleive one can get full off of less thentw ounces of food eh.. but I actually do :) I eat every 2-3 hours.. and need to drink a protien mixed drink and water all day long. I also take a one a day vitimen (chewable) I have to go in this week for my vitimen B12 shot to.. which I will have to do once a month for basically the rest of my life. I will be attending my first mothly support group this october too. which should be kind of cool. When I feel up to it I might even include a before picture if anyone wants to see it?? Sorry to be so long winded and in the future.. I will not be nearly so ok :) -jon
  4. Boy Spartans.. talk about one guy carrying your team to victory.. I think that LT did that and then some! That was one of the most impressive games I have seen with one running back like that.. LT is starting to remind me of Barry Sanders! Wooo boy.. glad I did not play you this week :)
  5. WOah that was a close game between you two!! Good game too! :)
  6. Beginners luck... and lots and lots and lots of HUGE hugs to everyone!!! :) Did I read the box wrong.. or are the Burnham Bloods and the Gnu Gnomes the only ones left in the league with a undeafeated record thus far?
  7. I would be more then willing to bring my camera! :) If you bring your camera do me a favor and bring the operators manual as well.. that way I can take a look at some of the settings. I Bring mine everywhere I go with my camera as well :) I am hopeful I can truely get out soon enough to enjoy the hobby of photography once again! :)
  8. FINALLY!! My Quaterback has perfomed to my expectations rather then a measely 0 pts or 8 pts like former weeks! He scored 29 points!! now that is the way it should be baby!! It is nice to see that most of my team is already done.. and I pretty much know I am going to break the 100 pts mark! Looks like I will be the only 3-0 team in the dwarves section.. and I am not even a dwarf.. but a cute and cuddly pink Gnu Gnome!!! :) Now aint ya glad that I am such a nice guy and not rubbing this into anyones face?? :)
  9. Thanks everyone for your well wishes! It has been a tought time of it at times. Especially with some cramping and gas... eesh the gas is the worst. I always am or was feeling like I had to burrp.. and only to find out I was not eating enough.. isn't that a hoot :) yea my meal portions are about 2 ounces now :) so I have to supplement my meals with alot of protiens and such understandably I also have to eat at least every 2-3 hours or so. I am also constantly sipping water to keep from getting dehydrated. No big gulps any more hehe. Things are progressing well. though I do still have to do some relearning on a few things.. thanks everyone again!!!!!!!!
  10. I am using a Nikon D70 DSLR.. it is a wonderful camera with both good White color balanace and fast pisture taking. The nterchangable lenses feature is very nice as well. I have taken some pictures of minis already and think that they turn out very nicely with it. I do not have a macro lense yet.. but I find that I can get faily close in with my 28-100 zoom lense. It has a built in flash with step mode too.. so you can eliminate alot of the problems some flashes cause :)
  11. The story was hilarious.. but the thing that concerns me greatly is... the title.. it says and I quote "FIRST" Taser experiance.. I juse HAVE to know.. was there another? hehe :)
  12. Well I went into surgery the 19th of Sep. The surgery was a Drastic means of loosing wegiht. (Gastric Bypass). I did not make this decision with out alot of life long things in mind. That yes it was life altering.. and yes I would have to eat a certain way for the rest of it! As a few members of this board can affirm I am severely overwieght.. so much so that I can barely get around :( I am glad to report I am out of the hospital and in an extended care facilllity for rehab to get my strength back and for them to watch me to say "Hey you feeling ok" :) Now I am a chef and I love to eat like the rest of you.. so this was one very very hard decision to make :) I finally got it done and am enjoying the results thus far. I have lost 30+ pds in a week and a half now.. will I keep expecting those drastic results... not as much.. but I should loose to about 250 and 300 pds by this time in a year to a year and a half if I stick to way I am supposed to eat.. and considering my determination now.. Yes I will :) Thanks all :)
  13. Because I made a bone head move! Traded out defenses on the waiver wire and for some reason just assumed the ESPN site was clever enough to just put in the only defense I had. So I missed 11 points from my defense that spent the entire game on the bench. Gad........its been to long since I have done this, what a rookie mistake. sounds like a mistake I would make since it is my first year doing this :)
  14. My Vikes took a hard hit this weekend.. but hey.. I am up for the whole season.. regradless of a win or loss.. I am there for them!! The NFL is what I live for.. the Vikes to me are just a cool side affect of the season :)
  15. I guess us Pink G-nomes have something of a good thing in us! :) (Nice game beaters!!) Now for the good news.. Beaters.. here is a special hug for you!!! ::HUGS!!:: now I would have done pink.. buyt they did not have that color :(
  16. Well you have not met the Gnomes yet muhahaha!!! UNless the BEaters score 37 points with One Donovan McNabb.. well.. lets just say the beaters live up to thier name.. they got BEAT!!! ::huggles the beaters::
  17. I was truely impressed with this mini in person again. the camera does not seem to do it justice though. It does look like it could use more shading and from the pic I totally agree. BTW I can attest to the fact that she is very picky about her colors and how much she fretted over the colors to paint the wings :) Most of us at the painting club we have fret over how good she is and how much we wish that we could paint as well as her at times :) I just wish the camera did a better job then it was doing.. or maybe my eyes are going ;)
  18. how do you have Corey Dilon too?? ROFL :) I think I got him hehe :) And no you can not have him :P~~ :)
  19. There is a Reapers board league as well. My roster is not to bad. I do not knwo it by heart though.. I have Daunte Culpper (QB) Corey Dillon (RB) Carnell Williams (RB) Torey Holt (WR) Derick Mason (WR) Jermaine Wiggins (TE) Bengals (D/ST) Jeff Wilkens (K) This is my first time playing.. so not sure how well I will do.. but not from lack of trying :)
  20. I am like a coackroach in many ways.. you can beat me.. you can spary me.. you can turn out the lights.. but you will always know weare there!! And eventually will beat you.. like it or not.. we are the vermin!!! Gnomes!!!!!! :huggles:: Muhahahaha
  21. Yea the same.. good luck to you all.. and may the gnomes be with you.. and with you and with you... ummm HUGS :) muhahaha :)
  22. I am so glad I was able to pick up wiggens!!! :) I am sup[rised to see that someone also picked up the colts D/ST too. Now only to find out it is Special teams and D combined.. if I had know that I would not have dropped the colts.. as thier ST's are awesome! I guess live and learn.. so I at least got the second on the list for D/ST and that was the bengals :)
  23. Is there a Reaper Guild for Guild wars.. I recently quit the guild I was in because of some racist comments that were made by the Guild leader.. and we disagreed that even joking that it was still racist though she disagreed with me :( Oh well glad to be out of that guild.. so I was wondering is there a Guild formed of Reaper Peeps? If so can someone send me an invite.. Ashford Silvermane is my IGN :)
  24. HEHE!! This looks awesome.. and pelase do not take this as offensive.. but as a testiment to your skill as a painter!! THIS LOOKS LIKE HULK HOGAN in Japanese armor from a movie set or some such !!! I love it!!
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