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  1. Betsy and Rachel.. For not having alot of extra money you are very very Rich in Love!! I am really impressed with your attitude and yor daughters attitude in donating all the time and effort you have and are doing to help the victims!!! You are truely imsipring!!
  2. Enchantra.. Firefox does display it as a thumbnail.. but you can click on it and it will be magnified greatly :) If you go over the image with the mouse the mouse should turn into a magnifying glass with a plus sign in the middle of it.. click on the pic and it shoudl magnify then :)
  3. I would love to see..... me go to the RAC :)
  4. that stuff is good for metal minis.. even if it is brush on. You can probably dip the mini in and take it out in a couple of hours, (make sure you wear rubber gloves of course) and scrub it throughly.. if there is some paint still left on it then put it back in :) If for some reason you happen to forget about the mini you can be rest assured that even after a couple of days (Like Rasttl does) it will not hurt the mini at all.. but there is a point where the chemical just stops working on the mini's paint job because it has already hit the paint for the most part after a couple of hours :) So jut put some in a small container enough to fit a mini or two into and cap it off.. you got a good strip bath then. (make sure it is glass instead of plastic though.. as plastic will react with the chemical :)
  5. I got a problem I dropped one of my players without picking someone else up.. now it will not let me pick somone up without first having to trade somone during the transaction.. one for one so to speak :( now I have one less person on my bench :( does anyone know of a way to fix this??
  6. thanks.. I kind of new that.. reminds me to make my picks for the pigskin picks though :) thanks!
  7. When did the Colts get a good defense? Shhhh I was trying to make someone complacent.. and tricking them into thinking they are.. so that when I switch them with the steelers D that he would be shocked :) ::edited for typos::
  8. I actually own this book and find it quite useful. I have been playing the game for 31 years and find that the book has some fairly insiteful things in it. For New DM's I highly recommend it.. it has alot of nice tips in it for players as well. Do not let the title fool you folks.. just because it has the word duimmies in it does not mean it is for them specifically... it just simplifies the game in most ways. The tips area especially nice simply because they state something you might have done in the past but forgot about.. or the hand in front of your face kind of thing.. where it says something so simple and you think.. why didn't I think of doing this before.. I am going to do that from now on. Also the book is GREAT for beginners.. and in trying to teach them. :) I try to encourage the younger kids in my neighborhood to play and I let them boorw this book so that they can. They love it and are always asking me eithert to DM them.. or to let them borrow this book.. as the other books seem a little more complicated for them.. considering most if not all are around 8 years old (about the same age I was when I started in 1974 :), though I was actually in Dec of 74 so I was 7 :) So this is a case of do not judge a book by the title.. read the book before you do so :)
  9. I must say I think that I made out like a bandit.. as long as all my recievers that are on the P list come off of it. I got three good defenses.. I got Daunte Culpepper and Corey Dillon and Toery Holt.. so have to say... I am happy :) Not to mention I got a nice defense in the Colts :) So good luck to anyone that faces me :)
  10. It also records CD's with fast recording speeds. But yes you will need alot more space to record a DVD even temperarirly. :)
  11. If you do buy an external CD-RW then you can always buy a USB card for really cheap too. They are extremely easy to install as well. Instead of buying a CD-RW buy a DVD-RW. You can still burn CD's at a lot faster rate.. plus.. you can burn and or back up DVD's as well. Granted they are a little more expensive to buy.. but not so much that it is not worth it :)
  12. Having seen this mini in person.. she is one of the better painters I have seen ever for a beginner. The mini itself the pics do not do it justice. the highlights are really well done for the most part.. and when you see those eyes up close IRL. man you want to just cry.. as she is one of the best naturals I have seen for eyes! :) Golden Eagle you must have taught her well :)
  13. Ahhh you know your IQ.. I must say I am impressed.. I did not think that someone could actually teach you to take the test for IQ'ness :) hehe (jk)
  14. If you bear the number one at the end of the season it is because you will be the 1rst to get the beat down!! the only #1 that means anything is at the end of the season with the championship! and the only team that will have that number will be the Gnu G-nomes. So with that being said.. here is a HUG for all of you.. and a hanky to wipe the tears away... and Spartans.. an extra large hanky.. for covering your bum.. we do not need to see it please hehe.. Enjoy all!
  15. I would pick a Sony myself.. with a good recording of 16 plus if you can for DVDs.. make sure it is DVD-R-RW of course :)
  16. Here is the link to it.. it does not have a hyper link to it as of yet.. but it will probably with in two weeks of the release time. Yes it is on the 8th of october officially the one that scares me even more though is the one that is coming up soon with Bruce Campbell.. the Man with the Screaming Brain.. man does that LOOK Terrible!!!!!!!!! I guess it was a Bruce Campbell movie though.. so what the heck.. might even watch it :) hehe http://scifi.com/onair/movies/
  17. I like the cartoon.. The Dead Ale Wives rock too!! Now I wish they would do the cartoon for the second part of that skit :) It was hilarious!!
  18. ::hands the spare back and says phooey to your destiny:: Keep those things to yourself.. and please stop shouting.. this legion of doom stuff should have stopped years ago when you were a child.. didn't your mother spank you enough in trying to knock that non-sense out of you? Some children and what they think that they can get away with. Just remember the old addage applies.. good children do not speak unless spoken to. Did I hear someone say you could speak :) Come here and let me give you a great big hug... ::squeezes the stuffing out of ya:: ::chuckles:: See thre.. that is how you play football now!! you win em over with subterfuge.. then stuff them into the ground by sqeeing that stuff out of em first!!! Then all you have to do is walk in.. like I am doing now! Winners I will truely be. Now.. go to bed like a good little child.. and stop that shouting!!
  19. I was also a chef at a Seafood resteraunt as well. For 12 years :) If you ever want to know some recipes for cooking shrimp.. lobster or fish on the grill I can give some good advic e and or recipes as well :) (the resteraunt was Red Lobster btw ) :)
  20. Neither have I my friend.. so welcome to the club.. and BTW.. Gnomes rule.. well they would like to hehe :)
  21. yea it is satisfying to boot something through those posts.. but try to boot a dwarf.. you come away with a stump.. try to boot a G-Nome.. and he will take the leg with him as he goes through the posts!! (after all those hugs can get a wee bit tight hehe)
  22. NOVEMBER???? Man that is early.. way to early to have your christmas shopping done.. guys tend to wait till the 24th or so of december Now as far as cooking considering I was the head chef of a sea food resteraunt for 12 years.. I do alot of cooking in the house.. I have to clean the bathroom and kitchen. I HAVE to keep the toilet lid down because of my wifes cats, they drink the blue stuff in the bowl.. and then puke blue stuff on our white carpet. More.. Why guys have it made stuff...... Guys get to play FOOTBALL. Guys get to WATCH football... and then pay for it later with our wives somehow. Guys get to take control of the barbecue. Guys have a chance to be KING!! :) Guys do NOT have stuffed animals and other crazy stuff on thier bed to remove before going to sleep. Guys do not NEED knick Knacks to furnish a house. (Except for miniatures and eagles) Guys do not have Dolly's! Guys are ok with a messy house! Guys and Gadgets are synominous! Though I have to admit some women like them too.
  23. I just had to say something about this one.. Emotion I think motivates us more then women.. just at a baser level.. look at jealousy for one.. anger.. need I say more hehe..
  24. I got first pick.... but 24th next.. wow.. that is huge!!! BTW my pink helmets are equipped with spikes.. I may be cute and cuddly... but I have to have SOME sort of offense.. after all I am 3 feet tall.. imagine me running at you.. the spike is the perfect height for.. umm I will let you imagine hehe :) Good luck and I love being in the dwarven faction!! We will rock!!!! Hers to the next division champs.. GNU G-Nomes!!!!
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