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  1. do you have to have a primary inf. platoon? or can i just put in fire suport?
  2. i met saint of sinners in the cav forum, he told me about it and lo and behold im saving for my first army i cant reesist minis oh well
  3. can u still get the rules? it sounds like a blast. i wish i had known about it a few years back.
  4. when i get going im not gonna build an army without cavalry. can you trample?
  5. hahahaha (takes out his old d&d book) i hit you whith my +1 malot of chibi
  6. my bro can't fight his way out of a paper bag
  7. looked at some minis and i have to say the crusaders look the best. my brother likes the reven. though i probly will end up with a little of everything.
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