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  1. i have my pirates painted in cotton candy pink and light blue. my mercs are painted to fit the pilots personality.
  2. rach, teran, and merc just cause im sadistic and evil. now if ya'll will excuse me satan is due fer his daily torture. today i think ill make him be a den mother fer the girl scouts. luv ya'll bye bye
  3. mercs definately. i hate taking sides when blowing the keasters off everyone is an option.
  4. i just got a copy of the beta rules and like an idiot i cut them off before they finnished printing. i also got the infantry data cards. personaly i think that there should be more. like demolishin teans, AA teams with missiles, and mine sweepers. also i would like to se self propeled artilery tanks and maby an anti-infantry unit like a hover jeep or somethin. its just my oppinion.
  5. i do belive its 1.21 jigawatts
  6. ill take one. does the suit come with the girl included or is that sold seperatly?
  7. i wonder if i can mount a gatling and a flame thrower on it. hmmmm...................
  8. man, i hate wating fer results
  9. maby if they had a chance. plus u could play training scenarios, like delta vs gsg9
  10. thanks deth. by the way spartan, i used to play at knights realm. everyone called me tank. maby i didn't play agains u. who knows
  11. some of the rules might be the same
  12. though iv probably lost to spartan once
  13. terrans probly smoke ciggs and cigars still
  14. saint, wasnt makin fun of ya. i realy seem to make a fool of my self. plus im kinda airheaded.
  15. looks like im screwed if i play against you guys. im not very good cause i have the attention span of a three year old.
  16. thanks, nice vote of cofidence. by the way, u sure im a guy?
  17. sorry im wierd i need a new personality, or something.
  18. sweet. that alows more personal interaction.....um does anyon under stand me, or am i making a fool of myself again.
  19. what bout cqc. some times the most trained troops can be un effective against a raider. i dont remember who, but someone once said it was smarter to charge in and get hurt a little, than to stand back and get hurt a lot.
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