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  1. thanx chrome, that was my question. sorry if im vague, im not good with typing.
  2. ive been out of the loop since i moved out of topeka,ks, so forgive my ignorance. what in flying monkeys is the bl dictator, how much is the mastadon now, and what has changed other than cost and the additions of faction abilities? on the mastadon being useful, it works well to kill the little fast units, and to wear down the big cavs from relative safty.
  3. i was just curious because of xcav2. their needs to be more units u can use for sniping.
  4. has there been an actual mission set for the mastadon other than special. is it support, or suppresion? hellllp
  5. maby an idiots guide in the deluxe, like what magic does in the core set box.
  6. butterflytank

    Fly APC's

    maby a traler mounted version later.
  7. butterflytank

    Fly APC's

    that might be a little expensive. i was thinking of 3 feet long, 14in. wide
  8. butterflytank

    Fly APC's

    give me a year and il make a jumbo version outa metal & wood
  9. count me in to design some mayhem. .........oooh, gatlings, there so beutiful
  10. ain't that a fuel trailer?
  11. well i think itll make it fair. when i played two years ago, i had a unit that had so much armor that it took a double crit from a wisper to damage it. neadles to say it was the only thing i had on the field and if i hadnt given up the game would have gone on for days.
  12. good point. ya know after i think bout it, thered also have to be a scater mechanic. but even if they had said charges, they'd be a little busy running from a size 2000 foot, or saying their last prayer to activate hem. maby a dice roll would settle if they pissed them selves and ran or blew my foot off. forgive the grammar please. been up 38 hrs with no caffene.
  13. try a billiards bridge. on those pincers, my local dolar store has plastic ones. a bbq fork works nice to. just has to be long 'nuf
  14. armored core series of games is ok, also i just got mech comander two. yes im behind on the new stuff, still play a ps1, but im to poor to give a crap
  15. id like to see a squish mechanic against troops. i mean if their stupid enough to stand under you then they should get squashed. plus, a mech cant realy aim between its feet.
  16. i prefer fighter for hire. it gives it an ilusion of honor.
  17. thank you saint of sinners. now i can build a unit that supports itself
  18. ? what will it be like for us who don't care who we work for?
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