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  1. I bought this guy as a potential diorama subject, but he wasn't quite right. I did a quick paintjob to get him off the table/out of the shame pile. I recently found out how to make crystals out of sprue.
  2. I bought this mini cuz I wanted to paint a drow. Simple as that. I like the way the crystals turned out, and the little pale spider eggs make for a different base decoration.
  3. This was a palate cleanser and quick win figure. I bought him spur of the moment at the store. It's the Bones Black version, and I was quite pleased by the clean cast.
  4. I did this conversion for a contest. I think he fills the role fairly well. I removed his sword and the pistol in his belt (it was a bit miscast and had no detail.)
  5. I forgot I bought this mini. I was digging around to find something else, and found it and started painting. I think it's going well, and I don't regret any of my choices.
  6. Here's another mini that's gone to a new home. Once again,thecolourscheme is fairly simple. I removed most of the metal base so I could fit him on a plastic base. I also reposed the arms to add some more movement.
  7. Here's another one I did a while ago. I think I twisted the hand into a "come get some" position. I sold him recently, and I hope he's having fun adventures.
  8. This was a speed paint substitute for a contest with the theme of "good." I think I want to go back and make the beige whiter. I think he looks like a cross between Stephen King and Peter Capaldi.
  9. Another one from a few months back. I seem to recall buying him because I wanted to paint someone in plate armour.
  10. So let me know if I get spammy with too many posts. I don't remember what drew me to this guy. I think I might have just wanted to paint a basic human in armour. I don't know if he reminds me more of Elvis Presley or Jay Leno. What do you think?
  11. So here's another from the last year. I was unmotivated at first because the facial detail was a bit lacking but I like the way it turned out.
  12. The eye is incredible, I also like the rotting pumpkins on the base.
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