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  1. I bought this guy as a potential diorama subject, but he wasn't quite right. I did a quick paintjob to get him off the table/out of the shame pile. I recently found out how to make crystals out of sprue.
  2. I bought this mini cuz I wanted to paint a drow. Simple as that. I like the way the crystals turned out, and the little pale spider eggs make for a different base decoration.
  3. This was a palate cleanser and quick win figure. I bought him spur of the moment at the store. It's the Bones Black version, and I was quite pleased by the clean cast.
  4. I did this conversion for a contest. I think he fills the role fairly well. I removed his sword and the pistol in his belt (it was a bit miscast and had no detail.)
  5. I forgot I bought this mini. I was digging around to find something else, and found it and started painting. I think it's going well, and I don't regret any of my choices.
  6. Here's another mini that's gone to a new home. Once again,thecolourscheme is fairly simple. I removed most of the metal base so I could fit him on a plastic base. I also reposed the arms to add some more movement.
  7. Here's another one I did a while ago. I think I twisted the hand into a "come get some" position. I sold him recently, and I hope he's having fun adventures.
  8. This was a speed paint substitute for a contest with the theme of "good." I think I want to go back and make the beige whiter. I think he looks like a cross between Stephen King and Peter Capaldi.
  9. Another one from a few months back. I seem to recall buying him because I wanted to paint someone in plate armour.
  10. So let me know if I get spammy with too many posts. I don't remember what drew me to this guy. I think I might have just wanted to paint a basic human in armour. I don't know if he reminds me more of Elvis Presley or Jay Leno. What do you think?
  11. So here's another from the last year. I was unmotivated at first because the facial detail was a bit lacking but I like the way it turned out.
  12. The eye is incredible, I also like the rotting pumpkins on the base.
  13. Very nice. The metallic paint looks nice and clean.
  14. I'm very happy with how the skin tone turned out on this mini.
  15. Fairly simple paint job on these two, at the time I needed a quick win to boost my mood.
  16. I think it looks great! I wonder if something copper or blued steel like a cog or gear on the ground in front of her might the in the shirt more? I'm also colour blind so take any colour advice I give with a chunk of salt.
  17. Okay, I just joined the forums so I'll be posting my "backlog" of finished minis. This is one I did for a contest earlier this year.
  18. Here's a zombie dragon I did recently. I'm trying to up my dragon game.
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