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  1. Thanks for all the feedback! Got a couple more questions: Is "Kolinsky Red Sable" a genuine Kolinsky Sable brush? I've heard differently. Which site is best for getting Davinci Brand Restauro 5506 series brushes? Oh! Does it matter if the brush is intended for watercolors rather than acrylics? Does this matter less because miniature paints are thinner than the average acrylic artist paints?
  2. Thanks to all for the help! I don't have a local art store anymore (COVID killed it) so I'll check out your other suggestions.
  3. Hi all, I'm looking for a fairly reliable, online, store to source quality brushes from. By that I mean getting genuine Kolinsky Sable brushes (DaVinci & etc) that are packed with a bit more care than your average Amazon warehouse would give them. There are far too many negative reviews when it comes to Amazon's handling of the brushes, often with them showing up severely bent or otherwise damaged. All suggestions are welcome, provided they are shipping from somewhere within the continental US. Thank you.
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