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  1. I am working on some models for a friend currently and as I began to lay down the basecoats for the flesh tone (using the Vampiric Skin Triad) I got a bit of anxiety about it. There's a prolific painter in my area who is fairly well known in gaming circles. One of the things that always bothered me about his work was that he painted so much but EVERY TIME his skin tones would finish a gross, chalky way and he never worked to learn how to do otherwise. Chalky Skin Syndrome is sort of one the ways to tell if he's the artist on a paintjob! I REALLY do not want that to become my "style" the way it is his. Having never worked with the Vampiric Skin Triad and it having been a long time since I've had to paint any human-ish skin colors I am especially apprehensive. What are the best ways to avoid Chalky Skin Syndrome and achieve a nice, smooth finish on the miniature's flesh?
  2. Thanks for the warning @ferret. What kind of brush do you typically used to apply the sealer coat on your miniatures? Synthetic or inexpensive natural hair?
  3. Ugh. Yeah that sounds like it might be the issue. I live in Southwest Florida. Getting humidity less than forty percent is impossible. Got any recommendation for a decent, basic airbrush to seal coat with?
  4. Hello all! This is something I've been battling with for a long time. More often than not, even under ideal conditions, the seal coat of spray varnish I apply tends to "frost" and turn to a white/icy look that obscures the paint on the miniature I spray. This has happened with pretty much every brand of spray varnish I've used and is quite frustrating. I'd appreciate it if I could get some helpful tips on this...
  5. Thanks for all the feedback! Got a couple more questions: Is "Kolinsky Red Sable" a genuine Kolinsky Sable brush? I've heard differently. Which site is best for getting Davinci Brand Restauro 5506 series brushes? Oh! Does it matter if the brush is intended for watercolors rather than acrylics? Does this matter less because miniature paints are thinner than the average acrylic artist paints?
  6. Thanks to all for the help! I don't have a local art store anymore (COVID killed it) so I'll check out your other suggestions.
  7. Hi all, I'm looking for a fairly reliable, online, store to source quality brushes from. By that I mean getting genuine Kolinsky Sable brushes (DaVinci & etc) that are packed with a bit more care than your average Amazon warehouse would give them. There are far too many negative reviews when it comes to Amazon's handling of the brushes, often with them showing up severely bent or otherwise damaged. All suggestions are welcome, provided they are shipping from somewhere within the continental US. Thank you.
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