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  1. Just wanted to share my Bones 5 Overgourd. Pumpkins are base of leaf green followed by pumpkin orange and hallowed orange for highlights. Vines are leaf green, shadows are black green, followed by a leaf green and pale green dry brush. Eye on the central pumpkin is dragon white, candlelight yellow, Redstone and clear yellow with pure black and dragon white for pupil. The teeth were dry brushed w the remnants of the eye colors. The smaller pumpkins I used the runic glow paints. I used Woodland Scenics Realistic Water for the central eye to give it the wet look.
  2. Pics are of my Brinewind boat. Figure is a Heroforge mini. Base is a Dwarven forge terrain tray. Backdrop is from Trainjunkies.
  3. Congrats to all the winners! All the entries were amazing! The judges did not have an easy time in picking a winner, I am sure!
  4. Congratulations Mousekiller and Cicciopiu! Both are beautiful pieces! Well deserved wins for sure!
  5. Dragoth promised Sophie a good time. However, while she enjoying moonbathing in the Graveyard of Despair, Dragoth has failed to produce some warm blooded food for her to devour. Instead, his portal has only produced an undead dwarf fighter and a few ghasts. At least, the Graveyard Golem stands ready to bring Sophie her food, if Dragoth can succeed. Miniature used: 03537 - Bone Pack 03984 - Reclining Sophie on 74042 - Graveyard Display Base 77017 - Skeletal Swordsman (3) 77201 - Dragoth, on the base of 77640, Graveyard Entry, Steps are Green Stuff 77534 - Tombstones 77731 - Graveyard Finials: Gargoyles 77640 -Graveyard Entryway - Portal is toilet paper, Reaper Clear Red, Reaper Breast Cancer Pink and Woodland Scenics Realistic Water 77159 - Ghast 77007 - Ghost 77526 - Graveyard Golem (40mm + mini) 77531 - Graveyard posts 77532 - Graveyard Fence 77538 - Gravestone of Sorrow 77539 - Gravestone of Protection 77561 - Undead Dwarf Fighter An assortment of reaper paints were used to complete the diorama, as well as various scenic accessories. Diorama size is 8 1/2" x 8 1/2"
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