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  1. Welcome aboard! I'm pretty new on here myself. Here you'll find a wealth of great talent and great people who are more than willing to share of their wisdom and knowledge.
  2. I just wanted to give a shout out to Reaper for excellent service! I bought me a Frost Giant King at my FLGS, and found it to be missing a small piece. I let Reaper know at [email protected], and they made sure to make it right. They even sent me a seasonal lump of coal for having been naughty.😃
  3. Upon seeing Zenfis Zadar, the wizard with a pseudo dragon - I suddenly remembered I want a thief/assassin/generally shady character with a familiar like that. My ideal candidate is a human male and would look like a mixup of Kurff the swift and Romag Davl. He does wear a short cape and a mustache. He carries a rapier and a length of chain wrapped around his wrist. ...and of course the winged reptilian familiar
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