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  1. Dang! I got to get me to reaper con and take some classes myself. Looks good. I might have tried to blend a little more. Added some muted colors. - But that's just me and what do I know? I haven't been painting much more (longer) than you.
  2. I really love the way the new Dungoneer Sophie is presented in the store with dimensions chart and multiple views. Is there any chance the other minis in the store could also get that treatment? Might be a lot of work though..
  3. Very interesting approach. And it came out real nice. I have the same model, an have an urge to start it but find it somewhat intimidating with all its pieces and switchbacks. Did you paint each segment before assembly and then touched up the joins as you assembled? Or did you paint it all in one piece? Great job all the same.
  4. Yeah, she even has that glassy, distant stare that make her look somewhat drunk. Really well done!
  5. You did great. Love the copper toes! Can't wait for this to hit retail. Now I want to paint one too.
  6. I think the bigger mistake would be if you didn't try. What do you have to lose?
  7. Whenever I start out painting any given mini, I pretty much always do an image search on internet to see what other people have done. There is some wine and some water there, but most often I find useful pointers.
  8. Say, where did that Phoenix Egg encounter go?
  9. And there is where my concern lies. I'd like Denizens to grow big and inclusive, but 2nd and 3rd installment are so far out and has not been revealed. Therefore, that expansion might remain small. It is still good value though. I have pledged all my budget allows and then some already, so now it is up to the rest of you guys. Oh,and note to Reaper: Glitterwing does not need 4" base. Sized for 3" is perfect!
  10. I always find your work to be highly inspirational Siri. I rarely comment though. Rest assured that just because you don't see me post in response to your work doesn't mean I don't like it. Have I seen that cabbage dragon before?
  11. I second this point of view. If the armor is impractical or inefficient, why bother. Just skip it all together! Can somebody tell me what color dragon Chonky Boy (girl?) might be?
  12. As in, - When ants come, they come not single spies but in battalions..?
  13. Me too. I can't help but wonder and hope that those sets might grow over time. The blurb mentions something about wolves... Just as I hope the toil and trouble set might grow to include more parts.
  14. Like he said; Lots of good workmanship there. I think what I like the most though is the color palette. It just works.
  15. That could be the vile and elusive "Frost Bite" adversary.
  16. This is awesome! Great idea, great execution. I think that if you can make his hat to sit lower on his head, he would look even better. Keep the pictures coming.
  17. The vast majority of mine are Reaper. All 43 of them. And then there are a few others. I can probably count them on one hand.
  18. I painted up this one as my daughter's PC. Her character is a female dwarf druid. I looked through the whole Reaper catalog and didn't find any of that sort. However I did find Valana. She had a huge hammer. Druids don't like metal all that much so the hammerhead could go, and the handle could become a short staff. She looks more like the description already. The brief given was " Caucasian skin tone, black hair and she wears green clothes". This is the result. Any comment or advise is encouraged and welcome. Admittedly, not everything went as planned in the final stages, but I still think it is good enough for a gaming piece.
  19. Welcome aboard! I'm pretty new on here myself. Here you'll find a wealth of great talent and great people who are more than willing to share of their wisdom and knowledge.
  20. I just wanted to give a shout out to Reaper for excellent service! I bought me a Frost Giant King at my FLGS, and found it to be missing a small piece. I let Reaper know at [email protected], and they made sure to make it right. They even sent me a seasonal lump of coal for having been naughty.😃
  21. Upon seeing Zenfis Zadar, the wizard with a pseudo dragon - I suddenly remembered I want a thief/assassin/generally shady character with a familiar like that. My ideal candidate is a human male and would look like a mixup of Kurff the swift and Romag Davl. He does wear a short cape and a mustache. He carries a rapier and a length of chain wrapped around his wrist. ...and of course the winged reptilian familiar
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