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  1. Banking House Necromancer. Money is easily come by from any of the lending houses. Death is no escape from debt, and all major banks retain licensed necromancers to raise the corpses of their debtors so that they make continue to work off their loans.
  2. Thanks all! @Gadgetman! I’m not sure how to move threads, but so it goes. Burgoo, halfling watch-commander of the lower districts.
  3. Hello All. Just wanted to start a thread where I could post indifferently painted miniatures and potential dungeon crawling ideas. Old Pillage: There are, as the world knows, dogs and DOGs. Old Pillage is the DOG of the small hamlet of Much Throbbing. For nearly a hundred years he has served the two-legs of town, offering both physical and spiritual balm. As a DOG, Old Pillage has access to the following spells. -Bless -Cure Wounds -Detect Good and Evil -Beacon of Hope Old Pillage can also bite.
  4. Baelre Rexasegdhi, Matron mother of House Rexasegdhi. She holds the Founder’s Skull, a relic of she who led the House to their city-ships. Through the Founder’s Skull, crab-goddess Lolth still guides in whispers.
  5. Very, very new to painting. Here’s a Drow for my recurring villainous set, House Rexasegdhi.
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