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  1. Wonderful OSL! And the classic "star" robe is great.
  2. I used some blue inks and white glaze to make the screen look glowy, then took a pen and scribbled some lines to look like text.
  3. Fantastic blending. And the mottled wings are a great idea!
  4. It looks well used and infrequently clean. Sounds like a great tavern to visit.
  5. Beautiful work (if I can use beautiful to describe the scene of a multi-sacrifice)!
  6. Artel W is a mini company in Russia.
  7. I kinda like how the texture in the pants turned out. The base is by Wyrd.
  8. Nicely done. I especially like the purple armor.
  9. Awesome highlighting work, especially on the shoulder piece and his nose.
  10. Great work on the coral! I too like the off-center base, it's as though he's peering deeper into the abyss.
  11. Nice work! I was in a used art supply store back in 2019 and spotted a collection of unopened Napoleonic and Medieval mini figs. I snapped up. Still haven't painted them, though.
  12. Or, as I like to call him, Smaul Hollywood.
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