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  1. I plan to attend the tournament. I won't, however, be able to attend Friday, though, so maybe things will work out that either I get knocked out early, or we have enough time to make it all happen Thursday. This is, of course, assuming that I can get at least THAT day off work. /sigh Hope to see you guys there, and I have to admit, I am rather disappointed that I won't be able to play in the siege. Maybe my bosses would let me quit my job, then come back after the con? Hahaha. Oh well. Take care... Ben
  2. Hey guys. Recently, I purchased some of the new MSP triads, and found that the scorched metal color was pretty thick. Worked ok once it was thinned out, but was very hard to get out of the bottle. Anyway, I called up Reaper (I am sorry, I don't recall who I spoke with) and they graciously offered to send me a replacement bottle at no cost. I just wanted to express my thanks for the quick service and generous replacement of the bottle. The new one seems to be just the right consistancy! Thanks for being the fantastic company you are. Ben
  3. Still no reply from S2P, Qwyk? *sigh* Ben
  4. That's a great suggestion, Spike. I'll definitely keep it in mind when the ones I have start to come apart. But specifically, I was looking for more for storage, and for fitting larger minis into, etc. My collection seems to be growing exponentially. Heh. Any word from S2P yet, Qwyk? Ben
  5. Cool. Guess I'm an oddball, using 5's instead of 3's. ;) Thanks for the feedback! Ben
  6. I was just curious... Is there any particular reason that most of the various grunts are packaged in groups of three? It doesn't seem to be a very useful number... I normally wind up using groups of 5, or some other odd number. Was it due mostly to amount of space in the blister packs? Would people be willing to pay a little more for packs with a couple more figures in them? I'd personally be quite willing to pay extra for a blister of 5, rather than having to pay more for 2 blisters of 3, and not use some... Anyone else feel this way, or do most folks use multiples of 3? Ben
  7. How about a scarab familiar for the Nefsokar? Ben
  8. Thanks a lot for the clarifications. Much appreciated (as usual) ;) Ben
  9. According to the book, second printing, page 57, bottom left, under the heading "Resolving Troop Combat Actions"... "When a troop performs its Action Phase, not every model will be conducting the same Actions as others in the Troop, or possibly even in the same order. It is important to remember that all Models in a Troop performing the same Combat Actions must perform their Combat Actions at the same time. The oder that the Combat Actions are declared or resolved does not matter. The controlling player may opt to conduct Ranged Combat before Close Combat, or vice versa. In other words, when you start resolving the Ranged Attacks being conducted by a Troop you must declare and resolve all Ranged Attacks that will be conducted by that Troop. You cannot declare an individual Model's Ranged Attack, follow it up with a different Model's Close Combat resolution and then conduct a Ranged Attack with a different Model when all of these Models are in the same Troop. If, after declaration of a Combat Action, it is discovered that the Model is out of Range, the Action is lost." The question is this... Do all the NON Combat Actions have to take place at the same time as well? I didn't see it mentioned there, or in the following section for NCA's... Example from the game last night... Nefsokar Player has activated a troop consisting of Lord Kadath, Netikerti, and 4 Awakened. All of the figures take a single move, then Netikerti casts an attack spell at an enemy, then Kadath and the Awakened charge. Is this legal? We couldn't find anything in the rules to prohibit it, but we may have overlooked something. All we could find, was what was listed above about the Combat Actions needing to happen at the same time. Since the charge is a move action, it shouldn't fall into that catagory... Thanks, Ben
  10. Thanks, Qwyk. Hopefully they'll have something to say in fairly short order. Ben
  11. I would assume that the Darkspawn don't always hurt the body, badly. I'm sure the man is deeply scared, it's just nothing you can see. They called him some really nasty names once...
  12. Thanks much, Talin. Was planning to buy a second carrier anyway, but would be great to be able to buy a few extra trays as well, rather than having to buy a third carrier just for storage. Tommy, the S2P carrier is a reaper miniature army transport, made by a company called Studio 2 Productions. It's a nice bag, and very good price for it. Thanks, Ben
  13. Alright. After re-reading it, I guess it's clear how it works, but seems pretty screwy. *shrugs* Looks like time to field an army of as many zombies as I can pack into as few Crypt Legion leaders as possible. Good luck killing them all.
  14. Seems to me that I had, at some point, seen replacement trays, in various depths available for sale? Recently I looked again, and was unable to find any, other than the ones for sale for that "other" carrier... Are the trays for the s2p carrier still available? Thanks, Ben
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