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  1. I have an idea. Instead of my coming up with stats to sorta fit a miniature, why doesn't Reaper start putting out more stats that actually fit? Seeing as how: A. Reaper won't release the formula (which is well within their rights, I'm not disputing that) B. The Warlord 'cards' are no longer used so I don't need the 'official' cards. and C. There is a whole host of Reaper minis called Dark Heaven Legends.
  2. Post here if there are specific things you are looking for (e.g. a 3-4 track model with high mav and X & Y SAs), and I'd be happy to help you search for the closest existing datacard. Okay, I'll take you up on that... ;) My wife plays Necropolis and I painted up # 02680: Undead Troll for her. Large Base, Undead, around 2-3 track, + other goodies. Yes, there are Trolls in Reptus, but no undead ones... LOL How about pulling Trolls from the Reptus lists and giving us a Troll faction? There are 23 of them. Brandu
  3. Stubbdog, thank you for the reply -Patrick still confused over why Reaper is limiting the game, but it's their game...
  4. If the id is 02680, then I don't think it's a Warlord model, they start with 14### First off, thank you for the replies... second: Does anyone know if any of the other minis that aren't 'Warlord' minis are going to be made 'official'? I understand that all of Reaper's Dark Heaven Legends line cannot be given Warlord stats but why can't some of them? ie: 02680 : Undead Troll (Necropolis) 02026 : Brigette of the Blade (Crusaders) 02077 : Carnessa the Terrible (Overlords) 02675 : Giant Snake (Reptus) 02524 : Alvhaera, Dark Elf Cleric (Darkspawn) etc... I just don't understand why the 'official' Warlords minis are so limited considering the wealth of minis Reaper has... -Patrick
  5. Okay, so I have the old hardcover rulebook and I'm getting back into Warlord after a long break. 1. Is there a new set of rules or just a second printing? 2. I have the Rage Chronicles for 2008 so I have all the errated card info correct? 3. Still no official status for: 02680: Undead Troll? (for Necropolis) -Patrick
  6. And before I forget... Thank you Ladystorm for the quick answer. Brandu
  7. Oh no... I'm not that smart... add in having a REAL hectic day at work... Brandu
  8. Oh. Well that makes sense now doesn't it? Brandu Who is really glad that the word "D'oh" is now officially a part of the english language as I'm saying it to myself right now...
  9. Uhmmm... Is that an "o'lord" you're dense, an "o'lord" we boo-booed, or is the new faction called "o'lord"? Brandu I worked my way through each of the groups on the online store but I don't seem to see her listed under any of them. She's listed under her number, but with no army symbol...
  10. The topic title pretty much tell it. Unless I'm missing something obvious, what faction does #14128 : Moraia, Warbride belong to? Brandu
  11. I'm wondering if it's due to it being tall or the fact that it's the only cavalry so far... Brandu
  12. Shadowdragon wrote: Reach should give the model the ability to attack an enemy up to 1" away. Ala Warmachine huh? Sorry, I don't agree here, but then hey, Warlord is a 'tighter' game than Warmachine. By tighter I mean that minis have to be in edge to edge base contact in order to be in HTH and corners don't make. WM is "any mini within 1/2 inch is in hth. I like the tighter version 'cause you have to be more precise in your movement. Brandu
  13. Pol used one of the Crypt Bats as a skulker around my flanks and rear. It caused me to have to devote time and energy to 'protect' myself way out of proportion to those 54 points. Y'all need to look at other ways to use things... Brandu
  14. I thought about adding Reach, but in the end I just couldn't justify it. From what I have seen looking at the pics in the book, Reach is reserved for those models with Polearms/Spears or extra long weapons. Even the Minotaur of the Maze with his honking big axe and long arms doesn't have Reach. Now, a group of Skeletal Spearmen supporting the U-Troll as it plows into the enemy... Brandu
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