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  1. http://www.reapermini.com/store/customer/p...534&cat=0&page= What is that? Any one have pic of them? May be I am blind but I read through the rulebook and didnt found anything about them.
  2. http://reapermini.com/?nav=Models⊂=Greens finally.
  3. What wrong with the Reaper's Warlord line? It seems that no any new update on web since last month.
  4. It almost the same pts cost and same stat (first damage track) compare to Judas. But Treeman has 14DV and Judas only has 11. My necro force always lost due to treeman. How to kill a big monster like treeman?
  5. In 1000pts game, do you use this force upgrade? Which troops will you use this force upgrade? How many of them in your fighting company? I need some advice to use them effectively.
  6. If I am not missing something about the rule of volley, It seems that the number of attacks only use to decide the size of AOE. For example, a band of 5 Orc archers form a line and conduct a volley. They have 5 attacks, so the radius of the AOE is 1.25". When 6 models under this AOE and been hit, they may all die under the volley fire no matter actually there is only 5 arrows fire to them. The volley fire only give the advantage of 6" extend range. But the draw back is huge I think. Think about the radius of 1.25" AOE. How many models will you cover? Mostly likely not more than 5. Although the radius of 3" AOE is not that good, just because to claim this size of AOE, your boys have at least 15 ranged attacks! If you hit all of them, only 1 damage will inflict to each model. And didnt like the normal ranged attack. The attacker roll the die only once, add the lowest RAV and add any modifier compare to each model under the AOE. So if roll very bad, you will not hit anyone. But in a normal ranged attack, you roll each time you shoot. This will even the odd and you can even kill muptliple wounds model if you hit the target successfully. So how you guy use volley effectively? Any input is appreciated!
  7. WoW! I also always place the sleeping pooh at the centre of the battlefield!
  8. Q1. A model has front side and rear side. I know you cannot conduct a defensive strike with the defender's rear side. But Do normal attack must conduct from front side? e.g. shooting, close combat, cast spell... Q2. Except spell with AOE such as Ice Shards or teleport, are there any penalty to friendly model like firing into close combat does?
  9. My mistake! I mean does the model with scrye shot SA has 360 attack arc of ranged attack?
  10. Oh! What a shame! I must be blind!
  11. One more thing. Can Scyre shot attack from the rear side of the model?
  12. I know its true! I dont have too much time to play this great game with friends and I eager to learn more about the Warlord, so I asked lots of thing. I hope I can catch-up more before I play the next game.
  13. It make more sense! Since I dont have any model with Scrye Shot, I think it was an arrow attack.
  14. __________A XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX __________B If A has Scrye Shot SA, he sacrifices its movement and shoot B. There is a high wall (represented by XXXXX) between A and B, so A and B cant see each other but A can still shoot at B. Do I play this wrong? I think its so weird, because its like a homing missile in modern warefare.
  15. How about this situation? If the mage casts a fireball spell and successfully hit the target, and then dispel by enemy cleric. Does it still count an unsuccessful spell and can cast again in later turn?
  16. 1: Crusader (Armored Knight is always my favourite army) 2: Reptus (If they release more model, I will buy them at once! )
  17. When the flyer is flying and finished its movement, the flyer can choose stay in the sky or land on the ground.
  18. When is the exact moment the leader announce he reduce the command radius? and when the effect end?
  19. I think the description of Flyer SA must same as the format of bloodlust or runner. So if not in flight, the Griffon only move 5". If the Griffon is flying, the movement is 12". I find that its easy to understand and not ruin the simplicity of Warlord. Tell me what you think!
  20. If a runner does not wish to enter btb contact with an enemy model, he can conducts two movement action and add the additional Mov. In this situation, if a model has Mov 5 and runner/2, the maximum movement is 5 + 5 + 2 = 12 (Only add +2 Mov)? or 5 + 2 + 5 + 2 = 14 (Add +2 Mov per movement action)?
  21. If Undead model is not in cohesion, it losts the fearless SA. It seems that Undead model just like other model, when not in cohesion and suffer a further Shaken token, retreat. Am I miss something about this?
  22. Hi all fellow gamer! Do you guy want to share your tactics and combos? I promise I will not use this to against you. Sorry! I lied!
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