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  1. That would be Games Workshop, the Microsoft of the miniature gaming world.
  2. Dreadfully sorry to resurrect a dead thread, but I'm having serious primer issues right now. I've been working on a mixed group of Reaper and GW miniatures for a few months now, and I'm getting a grainy coat of primer on them no matter what I do. I've run through seven cans of primer now- four Armory (two black, one grey, and one white) two Citadel (one each of white and black) and one Modelmasters. They all gave me a sandy, grainy surface except for the Model Masters, which dried sticky and didn't want to take paint either. I can't figure out what the problem is. I've stripped and re-primed several of them five or six times now. I always wash new minis in warm, soapy water before priming and after stripping. I've tried using a toothbrush to brush off the crud, but it doesn't come off enough to work with. I can't afford an airbrush, and I really don't want to spend even more money on yet another can of primer. I'm hoping it's somehow my fault and not the primers', so is there anything I can try?
  3. Redeye

    Tiger CAV?

    Judging by the name I'd say KDM is more likely.
  4. Redeye


    Ever played Zone of the Enders for PS2?
  5. Neat indeed. I've also done a couple CAV PS images, do you mind if I post them here?
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