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  1. the sheild csi simpsons buffy hercules the ledgendary journys ok you can laugh at me
  2. ive got another kids one veggie tales tottaly wrong aloth it being a god lovin show ill prob go to hell witch is probly gonna be watching the wiggles tied down with no eyelids........ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. never seen baby einstine but anything but the f#[email protected]@^ wiggles so prob nemo it was ok for the first20 times it keep the kids quiet
  4. gotta go with cheeseeeeeeecakeeeeee love it only cake i like tho
  5. this goes to those with kids i have one the wiggles movies
  6. Answered your own question, silly. The second didn't impress me. i agree with 2 but as a once upon a time bodybuilder arnolds movies arnt about a great plot there about action i guess growing up in the 80s prob does help
  7. spike lees stuff stereo typed no way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. it took me about 9 hours before i broke it when it fell of the shelf im still touching it up
  9. this was my first contest and for some amazing reason i actualy won im not real happy with the mini but i waited till the last minute to enter and had 2 days to paint it but i guess it worked at least for a local hobby shop contest next year ill take more time and at least shade the metal
  10. im messing with my camera and thought id post the pics and advice would help with pics or dragon
  11. sorry to here about that ive been in that sitch before hope all goes well
  12. try discounthobby.com the have alot
  13. i havnt had any real probs with reaper everything ive gotton that was bent was easily bent back now i bought some confrontation kelt fionas for a diagram and half of them had hair (ponytails pig tails) that actually were almost broke out of the box .....well there broke now so id say that reaper are not that bad expessialy if you now the price of confrontation minis ive never had a reaper break
  14. another ive been working on
  15. after dropping it and busting it up ive got a lot of touching up
  16. the lattest thing im working on it needs some touching up but i like it
  17. you can also grt blue foam thats for shetting under metal roofs it comes in folded sectoins great fo storage and is high density try that its at any builders supply center with the insulation i love it it seems to be even stronger than the others
  18. dont take this the wrong way but im looking for fairys nymphs and dryads im making a mythical forest scene and those will be the carectors in it ive got reaper lance and laser and ral partha any more out there?
  19. ive got three seasons of hercules the ledgendary journys on dvd
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