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  1. i wish i could get a better pic in here but this is the best i can do
  2. its not glued down its just for show i was bored it will go on one of scenery boards
  3. i just have to touch it up here and there and its done what do you think?
  4. alot of these have been done in the last couple months and ive finaly got a camera and desided to post all the questions and show of a bit the seanary was done over a year ago just havnt done anything with it
  5. sorry but with me they go hand and hand the trains dont exite me like the scene for my minis
  6. actually im in to the diogram stuff im going to build a miniature world around the edge of my basement somday i hope here is scale but im going to build bigger trees out of the bottom branches of bushes with flocking or something for leaves
  7. its gonna be a clean town with cobblestone streets ive drybrush with off white ill try the white thing thanks
  8. i just used a sponge paint brush at the high point or were needed and let the wash flow the key is to use diff washes to get the look like grey black brown or brown ligter and ligter till you like it its pretty simple
  9. check out my post (my first scenary) see what you think maybe it will give you an idea?
  10. its pretty easy giving you take you time theres manuals and vidios that help basing is styro and waded newspaper fo mountains and hills then plastercloth over top (hardest part and messiest then paint with several dif washes for rocks and gras dirt ect then add flock and trees houses ect everything can be bought at a model railroad shop thats the jist of it woodlandscenics.com if you think this is good
  11. this is all woodland scenics and i wondered what you all think
  12. ive got this and three house like it and cant figure out how to highlight the walls the woods easy but the walls i cant get help please
  13. having to nuch fun showing off my stuff even though i know its not the best i still like to show but i think im out of good ones so i might have to paint
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