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  1. just anoth old mini i liked wanted to show and get opinions on
  2. geting the pic thing down i hpoe what do you think
  3. love this mini but just cant stand the paint
  4. heres another of my trys at highlighting
  5. just wanted to see if my pics were coming out any better
  6. ive got these from historic arts i might use them and trim with card stock and see what happens and im personaly against punctuation its done nothing but evil for me
  7. the base is round styrofoam thetowers are postage rolls for like documents the tops of the towers are styrofoam cones one glued to the bottom of the other i used joint compound to seal and smooth it then since it was sealed i could spray it with gloss white and silver glitter never spray paint stryrofoam the doors balsa the heads i made from a clay mold any more quetions id love to answer
  8. im trying to figure out some windows and trim for this but havnt came up with anything yet
  9. what is basswood never heard of it but there are other thin woods you could use like masonite and luan you could even use plexi glass but the pglass andmasonite definatly wood need preped and primed
  10. they look good so far for basing balsa wood works well and its thin
  11. these are about 15 years old dont know witch was first but there what i have left
  12. thay make three kinds of them one for drywall and two for wood and such one fine one medium the fine one works well for about any terain in my work with them
  13. still trying to learn the pic thing getting a little better but still not right
  14. cant get the camera thing down yet
  15. ill try that iwish i could give you a better pic of the sand stuff but the pic wont take
  16. i use crafters edition pait and apple barrel coast fo my buildings on this i usedcamel for the base burnt umber for the wash and using a fan brush i heavily drybrushed on sand stone
  17. my green dragon ive got a lot of minis ive wanted to post so heres another
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