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  1. i always take addvice and thank you
  2. mcfarlans dragons they have a whole set heres pic and web site
  3. i know this is not a mini to paint just thought you all might like to see it
  4. sorry cant get my camera to focus any closer
  5. i plan on giving most of the area a dirtier look lot of soot and such also the grass is suppose to be sand it just didnt turn out right im going to go over it with some browns and blacks
  6. i know im not as good as you guys but i like showing my work i just wish i had a better camera
  7. yes the base house is hurst the roof i made from rubber tubeing split in half and glued to posterboard
  8. heres a second try still cant get the pics to look right
  9. this isnt done yet either imagine that but im camera crazy right now
  10. this one isnt done either but i wanted to show it
  11. hows this ive still have to paint the inside put on the door and attach the roof but its in progress
  12. this is my first try with shading and highlighting what all is wrong with it
  13. sorry iwould like to know how to shrink them though hope this works
  14. ive new and wanted to post something so i thouht these were cool what do you think?C:\Documents and Settings\User\My Documents\My Pictures\shanes pics\Picture.jpg
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