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  1. Yea, I tried to use the order from pledge manager, as a screenshot as PM don't have export function, but it was apparently not enough. Thanks for the UK help desk email. I've forgot they got office in my timezone too.
  2. Hi everyone, what did/would you provide to your customs if they ask for the complete order or invoice - including order number, name, address, order and shipping prices ? I can't find anything in my mailbox. Thanks.
  3. The package has arrived in my country (Slovakia) customs, yay! But there is one huge BUT. The customs told me that I have to provide complete invoice (including order number, name, address, order and shipping prices ). Does anyone know, how would I get that? I went through all my emails from RM and Kickstarter, but I've found only bits and pieces. Never anything that resembles an invoice or order summary. Help, please?
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