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  1. I'll be there Ranz, but I don't think I'll be playing in either tourney. I haven't had the time to make a new list under the new rules nor paint an entire army for the events. Work and other stuff has kept me busy. I will likely bring some models for pick-up games, however, after demos. See you there.
  2. Nice job, Hex. I agree with Storm. When the datacards are final then I'll input the data. Thanks for your hard work, man.
  3. When I frist read the update to Mercy and the new Conversion FA I thought that Mercy did what it did before, but you got the Model on its last DT and it was automatic. I think this is how it should be to give the Crusader players some options on how they want to snag enemy Models. 1. Mercy should be automatic and convert the enemy model to the Crusader side on its last track. 2. Conversion should impose a -2 DIS penalty to allow a better chance for the Crusader Leader to succeed. 3. Healing Graces should impose a -2 DIS penalty if the Healer is a Leader Model. 4. Only 1 Model may be "converted" per activation no matter which method is used. This way the Crusader player can choose to try and get a Model on its last DT by attacking it, scarificing a Leader's attacks to try and snag a Model that is not wounded or less wounded or heal a Model and try to convert it. Keep in mind that the Crusaders have an FA that can't even be used on some entire armies (Necropolis, Razig, Undead Nefsokar) and now can't be used on Models with the Berserker SA as well as the Undead SA. It should be made more powerful than it is. My $0.02.
  4. Great ideas Tavis. Magical Arrows should use the RAV of the shooter instead of CP to make up for the HUGE range advantage over the normal spell's range. They should probably cost at least 1.5 times the spell's normal cost as well. Still kind of powerful to ba able to shoot off a Firestorm at 30"!! Good one Tavis! You're kidding right?! This one needs a lot of work. Anything that inflicts multiple wounds in Warlord is powerful and the two things that already exist have tough restrictions or drawbacks. Being able to inflict up to 5 points of damage is insanely powerful!! It should not be the same as Volley as you are taking precise shots at a specific target and should not add 6" to the range and you should not be able to use Blazer. Here is what I think it should look like: Concentrated Fire: This ability allows Elf Models with the Marksman SA may give up a Non-Combat Action to concentrate their fire on a single target. Models must be adjacent to each other as for a Volley and any number of Models may participate. For every Model partcipating after the first lends a +1 Support bonus to the first Models RAV to a maximum of twice the first Models RAV (i.e. 4 Vale Archers could Concentrate Fire on a single target for a RAV 6 attack or Eawod with GAU with 5 Vale Archers for a RAV 10 attack). If the Elves get a subfaction that has very few or very poor Melee units then Concentrate Fire could be balanced. It is still pretty powerful as I have written it and could dominate in a timed event. You could Concentrate Fire on your opponent's fast units or spell casters to eliminate getting your archers mowed down early in the event and run and gun the rest of the time. It's hard to hide from Ranged Attacks. Give your archers the eleveation advantage and you can hit anything you like. My $0.02.
  5. My Crypt Legion is getting old; however, I may not have time to assemble a new army. We shall see if you get your wish.
  6. Are we talking about the same Death Riders that I am thinking of?!? I think that they are best cav in the game BECAUSE of non-corporeal. Not to mention that they have a decent MAV and DV to boot...I hate facing those things. Give me Skeletal Breakers to face any day! Wild Bill I agree WB. Death Riders are the best cavalry in the game. They have the highest Mov & DV of any cavalry unit and are Non-Corporeal. In a Crypt Legion army they're even Tough/1 (ala Dark Energy). All for 45 points. I always field a troop of them led by Gadrun and 95% of my lists have a Totem so they're all MAV 3. Cavalry are there to wreak havoc not stand there and take a pounding. If you made heavy cavalry they'd be too expensive to field in any significant quantities. Even for Necropolis a full troop of Cavalry (Gadrun and 4 DR's) is 248 without equipment. That's very reasonable for what they bring to the table. For any higher DV or MAV coupled with First Strike or Raider or something similar you're going to double or triple that cost for one troop. Not really worth it IMO.
  7. You should try using a GF. Believe me, for 30 points your heaps of success will become mountains!
  8. Best... Sergeant... Ever... Awesome 1-track sergeant with great stats and SA's. Not to mention a kick-butt sculpt. I might start a SOTB army because of her!
  9. Jason - I just wanted to thank you for all the hard work you've done to the AB files. I haven't had any time to play WL let alone update the AB files. I know what kind of work goes into those and I wanted you to know that your time is greatly appreciated. I know you've been asking for help and I'll see what I can do to help out in the future. Thanks again.
  10. Sounds like an awesome time guys, but, alas, I will be unable to attend. The holiday visiting will have begun... Have fun and Good Luck.
  11. Plans... yes. Actual time to implement said plans... limited.
  12. The Crusader book fluff mentions Lupines and their human form. There was one (I can't recall her name) sitting at the dinner with Gerard. Thanks for the link, Mike. You're right, I like it... a lot
  13. MORE LUPINES!! I really want to see the Lupine Faction expanded. I know it's coming, but I grow impatient I would like to see the following: -A nasty, raging, full of bloodlust, Lupine Solo. Ya know, all claws and fangs to tear flesh from tasty opponents. -Wolves. Sort of like the Crusader war dogs, but maybe they're the Grunts of the faction. -Dire wolves. Elite or solo wolves. -Lupines in human form. They do have a human form, but we have no Models yet. Maybe Mages or animal handlers or just regular peasants/commoners. -Lupine Models with 2 forms!! . One set of stats and SA's in human form and one for Beast form. I'm sure the Models would be expensive to field, but it could give versatility. I'm thinking in Human form it has a Standard base, #MA 1, Mov 5, MAV 1, Dis 6, DV 10, Deflect, Tough/1 and then in Beast form it gains Large base, #MA 2, Mov 7, Mav 2, Dis 4, DV 8, Tough/2. I picture a soldier marching across the field of battle and then shedding his sword, armor and shield and transforming into the Beast to rip his foes to shreds. I'm sure there are many other options as well.
  14. Wow! I just noticed he's got 5 Damage Tracks!!
  15. Wow, this guys is awesome! He easily fills the void left by Leisynn's conviction and subsequent joining of the Hanged Men.
  16. I wish I could have been there, but alas, I had to work. We're in a serious crunch right now. I was even going to bring a different army I got a briefing from Yudaman and I have to say from what I heard about Darthiir's Elves, I think he would have crushed my Aysa list or at least handed me a sound beating. I was planning on playing a Vampire list this time because I figured there would be little or no other Undead at the Toy Soldier. I would have especially enjoyed seeing Pete's Overlords routed by the Elves . Storm's O'lords always give me trouble. Sounded like the Elves had a great showing this time Tavis. Gratz to Darthiir and Yudaman for getting 1st and 2nd. Who took 3rd? BTW nice list Jim. Keep using the King. I think he's worth it. The GP was a great run and I look forward to next year and new lists.
  17. Seriously, though, that sucks rocks, Tavis. I hope you can salvage at least some of them. I agree with Pete. It's a tragedy that those great paint jobs and conversions are no more. Wait, wait. What's this about Overlords?!
  18. Would a Necromancer SA model but not with the Undead SA, really be acceptable for the Crypt Legion Sublist? If not undead, surely they would not gain the advantages of the crypt legion, they shouldn't be subject to dark energy nor should they be able to heal themselves with Necromatic surges although they possibly could use Necromatic surges to heal undead around them. I think it makes perfect sense to me. Frankly, I was surprised when the Necropolis book came out that Malek was not part of the Crypt Legion list. He's a NECROMANCER! They have all these mindless or semi-mindless Undead. Someone needs to make them. One can argue that Moandain does all the work, but c'mon do you really think an Arch-Lich is going to spend precious study time making Skeletons and Zombies
  19. Well, me and a Nefso guy side trashed Ravenwolf and Freefall, and I had enough left over to send the Onyx Golem after the Walking Avatar (proving yet again what a better model the Avatar is...). PS Yeah, we got trashed alright. The Nefsokar still had a lot of his army left while Freefall and I had little to nothing. I do recall Castlebuilder's Reven army of about 57 Models though! I think we had the only "group" game and it was merely 2 on 2. There was a 1 on 1 of Razig vs. Something to Freefall's right and the Overlord-Reptus matchup that Castlebuilder mentioned to my left. Yeah, we were tired and punishing ourselves by staying up late to play. Speaking of too late...
  20. While that is true, I did not field Aysa in that list. That was 750 points, 2 Troops maximum. No room for Aysa. I fielded Moandain leading Breakers and Archers and Kentaur with Wraiths.
  21. Maybe the Necromancer SA will allow him to be fielded in an all Necropolis army as if he were part of the faction/list Yeah... I doubt it too, but it's nice to dream I think SE has the right idea. It is nice to see a DV 10 Mage though...
  22. I have lost once in tournament play against CaptC's Crypt Legion list also fielding Aysa. This was in the early stage of my list which now looks very different. That was not an excuse for losing. CaptC played well and I made a tactical error that cost me the game. I have also lost once in casual play to Storminator's Overlords. I've had a number of close games both in tournament play and casual play. Very seldom is it a blowout. When I played Ravenwolf I would have won if I understood the modified tournament rules better. I Left one model that was half down and attacked another and put it half down. I thought that counted as dead but it was more than half so I lost the game. It was around a 35 point loss and it would have been about a 95 point win. Ravenwolf could probably tell you better. It is not unbeatable but it is harsh. I believe there needs to be a small drawback to the GF Aysa combo but nothing harsh. IIRC our game was very close. I don't remember the point spread, but it was a great close game that could have easily swung in EW's favor. Since Spectral Minions do not have a point cost, they are worth nothing when they are killed. This does give a good advantage in timed tournament play as I can charge Minions into the fray and not care when they die as they are worth nothing. Under normal Bounty Point rules they can be looting for 1d10 BP's however. In the FWGP we have a special point system that Storminator devised and do not use the BP system.
  23. Welcome to the lists. If you like Naomi try to focus on a mostly Vampire troop. Swap Elsabeth in for Azarphan and try to have all Vampire Leaders: use Judas, Elsabeth and Athak wherever possible. Maximize on Vampiric Feeding. Get some Crimson Knights and go to town. Mix some Wraiths in there to take advantage of Trencher. Naomi is expensive, but try her out. Scrye Shot is potent and great for picking off wounded Leaders, Elites and Solos. Get a feel for the Model. You may like her while others don't If you favor Azarphan, try a Crypt Legion list. They have some potent Faction Abilities in Dark Energy and Necromantic Surges. You can still field Wraiths and get some Skeletal Breakers and Moandain. Always bring a few Skeletal Archers in whatever list you make. Ranged attacks are very useful for whittling down your opponent before engaging in melee.
  24. Tournament report for the penultimate tourney of Storminator's Forgewalk Marches Grand Prix at The Whiz. We had 10 players with Ranzadule (and sons) coming all the way from The Bloody Strip. Some of the usual suspects were there as well: Curadhan, jdripley, Yuda Mahn, Qwyksilver, CaptC, rcrosby and others. I was going to change up my list a little, but real life got in the way and I didn't have time to paint the additions I wanted. I wanted the extra point for having a fully painted army in the Grand Prix so I went with exactly what a ran last tourney. Many players at The Whis hadn't seen this configuration anyway so it was no big deal. You can check out my last report in this thread for the list. Round 1: vs. CaptC (Necropolis Crypt Legion) I fought CaptC to a loss the last time we met so I had an idea of what I was up against. He fooled me by not bringing Aysa and only fielding 3 Troops in a 1501 game. I figured he loaded Mondain up with spells and that's exactly what he did. We got the road board so his Zombies and Skeletons had a movement advantage over my Wraiths, Cavalry and Minions. He marched his Troops of Zombies up the road to the middle while I charged my Cavalry down one side in an effort to get Moandain. Moandain dropped a Firestorm on the Cavalry. Ouch. I spent two turns firing at Moandain's Gruesome Familiar, missing every time. Our forces clashed in the middle and near the end he ran Moandain to the middle to sacrifice an Undying Host for Necromantic Surges to stand an Azarphan and like 5 Zombies up. In the last 10 seconds of the game, my card was drawn and I rushed my Moandain to the top of the hill and Lightning Bolted that same Azarphan and many Zombies to their death as time ran out. It was enough. Great game CaptC. Win 1-0. Round 2: vs. jdripley (Dwarves) I had played Jim once before and won, but I knew he'd be prepared for my list this time. He fielded the King and a Gryphon so I knew he'd be gunning for Aysa. I hid Aysa between my Totem and the table edge so he couldn't get the Gryphon in there to base her. I tried to give the King more tempting targets and he picked off a couple of Wraiths during the battle. He managaed to base both of my Banshees with the Gryphon and wounding both while our archers exchanged fire and my Cavalry charged toward the Piercers, Bearrider and the King. Freya and her Shieldmaidens marched down the center of the board. By round two, I had Minions on the King and other units while I managed to break both Banshees and heal them to full with Necromantic Surges. The Gryphon got swarmed by Wraiths and fell taking a few Wraiths with it. My Cavalry got charged by Warriors and the Bearrider. In the end, the King was wounded enough to count as dead which sealed my victory. Great battle, James. Win 2-0. Round 3: vs. Ranzadule (Reven Tomukh) or "How to hand Ranz his first tournament loss." Ranzadule brought his Reven Warcry list with many small Troops, one large Troop with 9 BO Archers, 2 Braugs and a Gurm. I knew this was going to be tough especially after the first activation when he downed 5 Wraiths with arrows. I retaliated with dropping 5 BO Archers with 5 Skeletal Archers rolling five 9s!! This put a damper on his plans. Since his Archers are his point scorers I focused on them throughout the battle. I ran my Cavalry down their side and charged Minions into them as well so he had to continually bring Leaders over to Warcry them back up. Many BO Archers died and I managed to wound Varaug enough to be counted as dead in the end. In the meantime, his other Troops were marching to take the center objective. Gurm was trying to kill Banshees and orcs were Enraging to kill my Cavalry. In the end, I killed more points for the win. Pwned! Great game Ranz! Better luck next time. Win 3-0. Props to The Whiz & CaptC for hosting, Storminator for running the tourney and all my opponents. Special props to Ranz who made the trip all the way out here only to get handed his first ever tournament loss at my hands. Slops to Banshees which almost never kill their points worth. It wasn't for the cheap card they add to the deck I might never field them. I hope to see you all at the final tournament of the Grand Prix next month at Toy Soldier. I might even bring a different list...
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