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  1. Thanks for the nice words. I updated the original post with actually half decent photos..
  2. The Liquitex Matte Varnish saved this figure: 77503 Temple Dragon
  3. Finally, done. It will soon be part of a diorama I am working on.
  4. I've previously posted some unbased shots of these but now that they are all based, and now that the diorama involving the Temple Dragon I am currently painting is coming along I thought I would share some better photos.
  5. This has been a nightmare to paint. I brushed on Vallejo surface primer knowing that this material is very picky about aerosols.. But after the primer went on fine, I figured I could live more dangerously and I sprayed on some Montana acrylic red. To my horror, the paint went on INCREDIBLY gloss and sticky, and would not dry up. I immediately followed up with a coat of Windsor & Newton Matte Varnish spray which.. only made it even glossier and more sticky! It has been an uphill fight from there, trying to recover what I can of the figure, until I finally got to this point. As is, Iā€™d say the dragon and statue need some touchups and fine highlights, then I will brush on some Liquitex matte varnish onto everything and do the basing. Moral of this story: Do not ever, ever spray anything onto Bones miniatures, even after priming them. ā˜¹
  6. I don't have access to the photos at the moment but if you don't mind Instagram links here is a better view of the shield as a WIP: https://www.instagram.com/p/CKzmh09nnA1/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=
  7. Here are the four Reaper Bones figures I painted to represent the most recurring PCs of a long Forgotten Realms D&D campaign I ran between 1995-2005. Models in this photo, from left to right: 77058 Almaran the Gold 77078 Astrid, Female Bard 77063 Duke Gerrard 77092 Elquin, High Elf Adventurer
  8. I replaced the image with one taken in better lighting and looks more representative of the figure. Cheers šŸ™‚
  9. Great paintjob. This figure has a much more detailed and readable face than any Bones figure I own. Is it from one of the later Bones series? I guess the sculpt details improved over time?
  10. Just finished this last night. After taking a photo this morning I can see that there is some chipping on the shield and the face needs some more work, but it's 95% done. I will take a new photo after touchups and basing. I will also take a group photo of the complete adventuring party together šŸ™‚ That should happen this weekend.
  11. Better photos after some touchups. Like I said, bases will be done together when all four of these are finished. I'll post a group shot then.
  12. Just a friendly tip: If you want your dragons to look less like Sid from Ice Age try painting the pupils facing forward, not sides. It's easy to think of them like chicken heads, but these are predatory animals and their eyes are probably not set for peripheral vision but for forward focus. Cheers.
  13. Kind of finished.. Still have some details to pick out and the base isn't done, but this was the Bones figure I enjoyed the most so far so I thought I'd share:
  14. This model was 3D printed by me for a kind friend. I painted him up as a Night Goblin Shaman. He will be leading some Reaper Bones goblins I am expecting to receive this weekend, and paint soon.
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