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  1. Here are better photos from more a ngles.
  2. This model was 3D printed by me for a kind friend. I painted him up as a Night Goblin Shaman. He will be leading some Reaper Bones goblins I am expecting to receive this weekend, and paint soon.
  3. I do not play WH, or RPGs anymore for that matter. This is strictly a painting hobby for me currently so you could say these are for display. Though whether my skill reflects that I do not know. I plan to eventually turn this into a diaroma of 4 adventurers (The D&D group I GMed for about 10 years) running into a young red dragon (Bones Temple Dragon). We will see how that goes..
  4. Yeah, not a coincidence to be honest, I was starting out safe as I went outside my comfort zone.
  5. This is my second ever Reaper Bones figure. I'm having trouble with the softness of the details, particularly on the faces and in the cloth, but I thought it came out OK. I have two more figures to go through, and once that's done I'll base all four of them and post a group shot later.
  6. Hi, Long time 40K painter, this was my first experience with Bones figures. I haven't had time to base it yet, I have 1 more complete and 2 more to go, once those are done I'll base them all and post a group shot. I thought it looked a bit too clean after taking the photos and added some scratches to the shield:
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