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  1. I guess I've been lucky and not had a problem with frosting as of yet. While Testor's Dullcoat is the painter's standard for sealing minis, I would highly recommend Testor's Model Master Lusterless Flat Lacquer Overcoat (No.1960). I've found this stuff to be hands down the best miniatures sealer around. Three coats of the stuff and your miniature is done and protected for normal use. Never had frosting issues, never needed a gloss or polyurathane coat (though if you are rather rough on your minis a poly-coat may not be a bad option), no yellowing, and metallic paints aren't dulled down very much. The downside is that it is in a small can and expensive. However if you want a good flat protected coat on your minis, I have yet to find anything better.
  2. If I can get the funds together by then, I hope to be there, since I ended up missing out on ReaperCon this year. It's only 5 hours away.
  3. Here are a few suggestions off the cuff. -More intergalactic marines with a few new personalities. -Civilians, civilians, civilians. The more and more variety the better. This is one of the biggest lacking elements the better. -I also second the "average" hero concept ala Hurley from Lost. Everyday people, maybe not so perfect, maybe not so attractive. Additions of a number of SKU's along these lines would be a plus! -Modern and historical "add on" items. Weapons packs are cool, but things like books, backpacks, frying pans, and other everyday items would be a big plus. -A group of gamer geeks/convention goers. -A group of street hockey players (with options on making them hooligan/gang members) -A twitchy, born again, mischief making purveyor of questionable items and his "Silent" partner (Who knows, it could be made official) -More anime based concepts. -More Steampunk/Chronotech concepts (keep them coming!) -Modern ninjas with personalities. -Terrorists (and not just of the Middle Eastern persuasion). -A football/rugby hooligan with optional .50 Caliber Desert Eagle. -Photographers (civilian, combat, or scared Japanese schoolgirls armed with magical cameras to "steal" spirits) -Shinto Priests, shrine maidens, eastern style monks. -The local vicar/preacher/priest (shotgun optional). -More "modern horror" concepts. -More Cthulhu Mythos (and related writings) monsters. -The King In Yellow in a very dynamic pose. -Mardi Gras performers/revelers. -More bikers. -Since historical figures are playing a big part of Chronoscope. How about a number of SKU's that depict Pershing's expedition into Mexico. It would be cool to have some really good banditos and a historically accurate Pancho Villa. What would be even more cool would be to have several SKUs of pre-WWI US troopers, a machine gun crew, motorcycle riders, Pershing himself, and to top it off a dynamic figure of a young George Patton going to town with his ivory handled revolvers (if anything else, PLEASE consider this concept. it would be a big seller). This is an era of history that is not touched on much and figures from it would fit in well with everything from the latter days of the wild west, to steampunk games.
  4. Some official hotel stuff set up a few months in advance, with deals and such would be nice this year.
  5. With luck I'll hopefully be there, and maybe for the entirety of the con! The only thing right now that would keep me from going would be if I got a job in the next few months that kept me away over the weekends. Even then I would find a way to sneak out. :)
  6. I don't know if this is the best place to ask this question (as I am not sure whom to speak with). Who do I talk to about the possibility of teaching a class at ReaperCon 09 and what are the policies/selections/and any further info in regards to being considered for teaching a class (or classes)? Whomever is in the know please send me info via a PM. I have a few ideas I would like to pitch. Thanks.
  7. Bicycle Repair Man? Ahh this reminds me of the discussion about a certain lupine robbing Python character that was being tossed about at ReaperCon amongst the sculptors.
  8. Hello there, This is my first post to the forums, so I wanted to quickly introduce myself. My name is Ford. I've been a miniatures painter for about 15 years, give or take. And I've been collecting Reaper minis on and off since they first hit the streets all those years ago. I recently came across The Dark Maiden from the Warlord line. And what a mini it is. There are few minis out there that just wow me. This is one of them. Now that I got the fig, it's time to paint it. But how should I paint it? Im not entirely sure what she is or what she does in the game of Warlord. My question is what is the Dark Maiden supposed ot be? Is she a spook, spectre or ghost? A wood golem created from a figurehead of a ship? A strange and unusual creature with an affintity to look like a figurehead of a ship? All of the above? None of the above? Anyone have a clue?
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