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  1. All done on this one I think. The color scheme isn't conventional, but it works! And here he is in an action pose with the soon to be complete Mystic Knight:
  2. And another one up on the table. I'm working with some other minis also (Fallout Wasteland) for a Gamma World campaign, but I always have a Reaper in the wings! The white is not cooperating. Must fix.
  3. Well, here it is. He looks much better in person, I promise! Talarand Deathguard. (These really are Super-potato quality!)
  4. Everything about that little bunny-girl is a work of art.
  5. I'm back to painting some Reaper minis, and this is the guy I've got on the table... I'm not sure how to bring up the color anymore without completely changing the color scheme. I thought maybe mixing more blue in the grey and lining everything in gold metallic, but I'm not sure I want to commit to that yet. [I have a fear of commitment, you see!] Anyways, here's what he looks like now (potato shots) UPDATE: Better potatoes, mor pics! Also - the sword is from another model that also had a broken sword or two upon opening. I got it to stick, so that's the one he gets! UPDATE - changed the sword. Added color. Still trying to make this guy work.
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