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  1. This is the completed model for Mason Thornwarden... I'd put him on the table! Just before the final touches:
  2. Anyone else play with artillery and vehicles? The FLGS I usually play at does not allow them. The problem is, I have been collecting the metal vehicle minis for some number of years and I only have a few mechs. Is this a common thing? 149th Darkhorse ACR recon detachment: And here's this:
  3. These are harder then they look. A lot of dead space and soft corners, but he's coming along. A long what, I don't know...
  4. Thanks good Reaper People! This is my first fantasy miniature, but I have a few more on the way. I usually paint BattleTech, Age of Sigmar, WH40K and Steve Jackson Games' Ogre miniatures. These are a whole different kind of thing!
  5. This is Biff. Hiram A. Biff - he's a Graveyard golem.
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