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    Painting minis. Battletech. Gamma World, 2e D&D, Stephen King. My dog, Littles.

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  1. This one was very finicky to complete. It went through at least 5 iterations of color before I decided on this final version. He's a tough lookin mini:
  2. I'm rather proud of this guy. Took some time to get everything just right on him, but it was worth it. A right proper Wizard this one! The final product with brighter lighting:
  3. Nice gobbos! The bases pull them all together.
  4. Here is an Orc named Thelgar. I just painted him because he looks cool. Originally, I painted the skin human tone, but then layered green (glazed really) over it. I saw this technique used by one of the YT regulars and thought I'd try it out. Works good! His orginal skin tones:
  5. Not very fearsome, but a helluva paint job!
  6. Reaper Halloween Knight #01449 Reaper Damaris Duskwarden #44054 Reaper Elise, the Witch #02869 Reaper Graveyard Golem #77526 (I should take all my pictures with the natural light mode on....!)
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