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  1. This is my Hargak. There are many like it, but this one is mine. This is a difficult model to try and learn NMM with, but I think he's doing okay so far. My blending needs a little work and I still have some way to go with him. Mostly fun to paint - sometimes frustrating. Difficulty rating: 8/10 Model aesthetic: 8/10 I think this one is going in the case when it's done!
  2. That set would make any dwarf proud!
  3. This is the completed model for Mason Thornwarden... I'd put him on the table! Just before the final touches:
  4. Anyone else play with artillery and vehicles? The FLGS I usually play at does not allow them. The problem is, I have been collecting the metal vehicle minis for some number of years and I only have a few mechs. Is this a common thing? 149th Darkhorse ACR recon detachment: And here's this:
  5. These are harder then they look. A lot of dead space and soft corners, but he's coming along. A long what, I don't know...
  6. Thanks good Reaper People! This is my first fantasy miniature, but I have a few more on the way. I usually paint BattleTech, Age of Sigmar, WH40K and Steve Jackson Games' Ogre miniatures. These are a whole different kind of thing!
  7. This is Biff. Hiram A. Biff - he's a Graveyard golem.
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