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  1. I am glad that there are people still interested in this game. https://youtu.be/fiHJ9WLZLG4?si=R2T50DRkIziJJOP2
  2. Thanks. I have been wondering about such map for a long time. I thought it never existed.
  3. I don’t think so. No such words on page 52. There is no restriction on a Freelance company except that you cannot mix good and evil affiliations. One exception is when you field mercenaries as a faction using “A change of Heart” army special ability. This is for non-official play only.
  4. The entire game system is supposed to be balanced at around 1000 points. This is unlike others where some factions always play better than others after many editions. For comparison, WHFB had 15 factions with the 8th edition. There were 19 if one included previous editions. Rackam Confrontation has numerous factions and sub-factions combined. Both game systems have now been discontinued. Minor races, such as genomes, halfings, amazons, devils and reptiles, are never well supported in many game systems. The Bloodstone genomes and the Icingstead giants are only unique to Reaper's fantasy world. Razig exists because Reaper has a number of dead pirate models and the concept has always been popular, fueled by the Pirates of the Caribbean movie series. Halflings remain in open beta testing. It does not even have a faction name for itself. There is a concern whether this troop type, Sky Guard, functions properly in the game and therefore there is an alternative version for either a warlord or an elite. Personally speaking, it does not make any sense for halflings to field a whole army of dragon riders based on the traditional fantasy view. A warlord model would be much better. It will be increasingly difficult for any game designers to add in a new faction but it should still be practical in add in new characters for certain fractions. For reasons unclear, I thought that the fire giants would be the next faction. Not all factions have the corresponding models for being the musicians or carrying the standards. The initial rule book was published in 2004. Second edition came out in 2009 followed a year later by Salvage North. With a few exception, all miniatures remain the same. You don't need to upgrade to the latest version of the model or to re-base your miniatures.
  5. Page 22 - Your Army must be composed of models from a single fraction of your choice. Mercenaries, despite the name, belong to a single fraction of their own. Yes, Crusaders can only field only figures belong to their faction.
  6. The general rule is that you must have at least one captain or warlord in an army with 3 or more leaders. The only exception is Icingstead. The Mercenary faction does not affect the army composition. Your army must be composed of models from a single faction of your choice. Only the Mercenary faction has an exception due to its Bounty Doctrine. Each leader will has its own troop capacity which you can find in the online army builder. If you are fielding Necropolis or Crusaders, you need to get the 2nd edition, not the Salvage North. Before you create your army, it is better to draw up a list and post in the corresponding section so that people can point out whether this is any error.
  7. Apollo, Warlord is not WHFB. The play style and strategies depend on what doctrine you take and whether you include a warlord or not. Take Necropolis, for example, Judas will do well with his whole unit of crimson knights. Rhasia needs zombies to explore. You want to field as many skeletons as possible with the crypt legion doctrine or build your entire army around Monandain. Or, you can even field an entire non-corporeal army that bypasses every obstacle on the board. Generally, every faction has at least 2 to 3 different play styles that can be very different. Most people simply pick on the figures that appeal them the most and create an army based on them, not the other way around as those in GW. It is a totally different game system. You can then ask the best strategies and tactics in the corresponding faction specific forum. Many people feel disappointed for the lack of fluffs. On the other hand, you need to evolve the history to have more fluffs. This will mean adding in more figures or killing off the existing ones which no one wants. Eventually, you come to a dead end as in WHFB. There are 20 factions in Warlord with over 500 different figures to choose from. The system cannot expand anymore because it is increasingly difficult to add in more figures or one new faction with a totally new play style and keep the game balanced. So, every figure will have a short summary of how it begins. The rest is up to your imagination. Finally, if you are more interested in game play and using the best army or strategy to win, you will be disappointed. So, don't bother. Since 2nd edition, I cannot even tell you which factions are stronger and which ones are not. May be someone else here can tell you the difference.
  8. You get all the fluff in the Savage North rule book. I do not know them well enough to give you a rundown unfortunately. By checking out the army builder, you may have some ideas how each faction runs. Most people buy the minis to paint and the game is regarded as a bonus. Anyway, thank you for taking an interest in Warlord. It is a fully matured, developed and relatively well balanced game.
  9. It appears the current intention is for people to buy the miniatures to paint and then play a few occasional game. At one time, there was a kickstarter for a sim but it fell flat on its face. Besides, without any support from Reaper, I doubt very much anyone will try again. Retrospectively, when Reaper launched Warlord back in 2003, I suspected that it got hurt a lot financially. I believe that the 2nd edition and its supplement were doing not too bad but far from ideal when compared to all the successful KS projects on bones. Although new releases will be exciting, you will increase the chance of play imbalance. Warlord already has 20 factions with each one having 2 to 3 different tactics. It is hard to add in something new.
  10. People are interested in Confrontation because of the miniatures. The rules are not great. There were reasons why Rackham decided to revise 3.5 to 4.0 and made pre-painted plastics instead. The whole game system failed once. What makes people think that it can be revive again if nothing has changed?
  11. This is why I really don't understand. Shouldn't it be the other way around? If I was the one who started this KS project, I would pick a few factions to begin with and then add in more if funding went well.
  12. I always prefer metal over anything else. If this KS project is to reproduce metal figures, I would have pledged.
  13. Initially, I had a lot of interest about this game. After years of supporting various project on KS, something do not sound right. They are not able to specify what material they used and not even the name of any specific manufacturer. The fine details of the old metal figures cannot be easily duplicated by computer scan and this raises a lot of concerns from various sculptors as posted in various forums. It also does not make any sense why it is a all or none package. I cannot come up with a reason why they cannot offer different pledges such as single fraction or rule book only. How many single players will need that many miniatures at one time? At such a high price, most if not all developers will show at least some prototypes but not this KS.
  14. Same here. The last thing everyone wants to see is a revision of the current rules since there is nothing seriously wrong with it. For your information, I believe the 2nd edition was entirely driven by some hardcore players. There will be no more change. The best we can hope is to incorporate the halflings and Razig as official armies, or to have a story that bring the the world of Taltos and Savage North together. Given the fact that there are so many models and factions already, it will take a lot of work and one's imagination to introduce a new one and add more troop type. Again, this will not happen. I don't like bones at all. All my models are metal including Deathsleet.
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