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  1. It does not make sense why they created CAV, and especially, Reich of the Dead, and later Cowboys & Gunslingers. Obviously, the rules are made to support the sale of the miniatures. If that is the intention, the company may have more success with Warlord.
  2. Deathsleet. The first and the only one dragon I owned. Fully painted in pewter, it is heavy.
  3. This is interesting. Will the army list remain the same or change after each battle? May be it is time for the players to evolve the timeline.
  4. It is quite apparent to me that Reaper does not want to give up Warlord, at least not yet. Otherwise, they would have given away the rulebook in pdf for free. They may have some ideas or wishes but definitely are not planning any actual step to move forward. From the business point of view, it makes sense since it will be hard for Warlord to establish a foothold in the gaming market. Rules do not sell but miniatures make the profit. I bet Reaper is selling much more minatures than Hell Dorado.
  5. There is no need for a new edition but I am hoping for new army lists or campaign. What happened to the halfings? It is kind of embarrassing to say that it is still in beta since October 2011. On the other hand, this is one of the strong point about Warlord. Nothing changes or is expected to change for a long time.
  6. Adding in a rulebook for Warlord will be nice.
  7. Excellently done. I can't believe that those are Reaper miniatures.
  8. I agree. It is way better than Army Builder who charges you an annual fee but relies on players to update the databases. Only those who play WHFB and 40K would fall for it.
  9. I understand the request for bones although not all painters like them, but why the need to re-do the rules?
  10. Both Crusader and Necropolis are the two factions in the Deluxe starter set when the game was first introduced back in 2004. For a new player, you can't go seriourly wrong with both. Having said that, the game has evolved since then. Each faction has at least 3 different styles of play. I would recommend choosing a Warlord first and then build your army to support it.
  11. No, why should I pay for a program that depends on fans to update the data. Its sole purpose is for 40K and WHFB because GW does not want to make one of their own despite on the money they made.
  12. The best way to begin is to purchase the 2.0 edition and Savage North. Use the online army builder to make a list. Post it in the forum for us to improve it. Then, you can decided whether to dig deeper into this game system or not. The starter sets were created at the time when there was only one warlord with limited range of models in each fraction. With so many strategies and tactics you can take, a starter set will simply limit your choice instead. The system is designed to play at 1000 points and this is quite a limit on how much you can include in your army.
  13. Get the Savage North. It is hard-cover.
  14. Look at it this way. In other games, either your figures or army list will be made obsolete with time due to new expansions or figures. So far, it has not happened with Warlord. To me, that is a hugh PLUS. Unfortunately, many gamers cannot see that.
  15. As mentioned above, there are many factors. To summarize from what I understand: When the game was first introduced in 2004, game balance was an issue. The original plan was to evolve each fraction as in WHFB with its own spells, equipment, etc. in its own booklet. That did not work out well. What soon followed were the many changes to the stats/point costs and abilities for each figures to balance the game, eventhough the basic mechanic remained that same. Yes, all datacard could be downloaded for free but most new players felt that there were too many changes to handle. It was very hard to convince anyone to purchase a newly revised rulebook that was already out of date. Even if the demo team program continued, it would not help.The game was considered "dead" by many until 2.0 came out after years of playtesting by some hardcore players. Why it has not become more popular as expected after 2.0? Again, many reasons. Please see my other recent threads. IMO, any game needs to be promoted to become successful. There was never any marketing strategy for 2.0. Reaper can easily take the advantage of the Kickstarter success on their Bones model to incorporate Warlord but they forgot. Back to your other questions. The 2.0 rulebook contains all the orginal fractions while the Salvage North has only the new. The basic rules are present in each. You can download the datacards from the website but not the faction specific ablities. Check the army creator program on this website.
  16. I suggest that Reaper should host a monthly Battle Report contest. We need more BR like this.
  17. Rick Priestley, the designer of WHFB and 40K, has picked D10 and D100 for the new game, Beyond the Gates of Antares. Check Kickstarter and the corresponding website. The previous comment of a D10 system being bad is beyond reasoning. To the moderator: I request that this thread be locked and buried. It serves no purpose for the game. Besides, psyberwolf1 is here simply arguing rather than having any meaningful discussion. Besides, when looking over his correspondence, one can find that he is contraindicating himself.
  18. Psyberwolfe 1, You have joined this forum since 2007. All your issues did not come over night. All these times, you had plenty of opportunities to raise your concerns on this forum leading to a meaningful discussion. I am sure that other players would have corrected your misinterpretation on unique spells. Instead, you keep your peace until now and then bash the game to say that it is bad. Worst of all, you fail to suggest any useful changes. For someone who has played the game so many time, it is not acceptable. So far, you have clearly stated your preference but showed no good reason why this game is bad. This is not appropriate. Warlord is not going to please everyone no matter how you change it. Even if you manage to, your friends will probably maintain their preference on other systems, like Warmachine/Hordes. Like CAV, it is built on the D10 system and this cannot be changed. Otherwise, you will have to design a whole new game again. Given the fact that you hate the D10 system and mulitiple stat cards and that you have interests in other systems, I suggest that it is time for you to drop Warlord and move on to play some other games. If Warlord is still a fun game for you, I am sure that you will come back. With exception of Hordes, I personally have tried them all.
  19. Psyberwolf1, if you don't understand what a unique spell means, I am quite certain that you played a lot of your games wrong and felt frustrated. You really need to design your troops well in order to use Teleport the way you intended. I emphasized the cost of 5 points not because it is under or over-valued. The fact is that not many wizards can cast that arcane spell at such cost. You need to move your caster forward either with special abilities or by the help of another caster before it can put on the spell on the melee figure and it has to be in the same troop as your caster for it to be activated right away. Besides, you are putting your caster at risk. Usually, enemy caster is my prime target. Teleport is NO way as bad as Daisy Chain. It is like a kid vs a giant. It is also not comparable to Nefsokar's cavalry charge. I did not recall that Gus' powerful crimson knight army ever bothered to field a caster for this spell. I am very surprised that you did not even mention that. In a sense, these unique fraction specific tactics function similar to Warmachine where each fraction has a trick under their sleeve and each fraction in WM is considered broken. I usually do not compare WL to WM because they are two very different theme and concept. Many more people do like giant robots than dragon though. Every WL players should know how to design an army to encounter a single strong melee figure. So far, all the posts you made imply that your opponents were not aware of the mechanics of the game. And if you were demonstrating any game, you were not telling them what to watch out and how to encounter.
  20. I am glad that these are not your ideas. Some of these comments appear to be brought forward by those who get so used to the other game systems, like 40K or WHFB, and that they never tried to learn Warlord in the first place. To someone, D10 may be horrible but it does not make Warlord into a bad game. D6 has its limitation as well and sometimes being too simplistic. At least, Warlord stays with one type of dice. Whoever feels that the initiation deck is a problem is acutally not learning to play the game at all. He is simply grunting. Part of the fun is to build a balanced army with spy and tacticians. If someone doesn't want to do that, tell him to play another game. I don't like models that have multiple wound and that their stats never change with damages. I don't believe that shooting is an issue. It was a problem for the first edition. I am not going to comment on defensive strikes. The interaction of spell casting and movement range is complicated and one has to look at the overall picture rather than narrowing into a specific part of the game. The two example you used are not a good choice to illustrate your points. How do you expect the Witch Queen to defend herself with only a MAV 3 / DV 10? And she moves slowly at 6? Besides, Domination is a unique (ie once per game) spell with a range of 18". If your opponent does not know what the Queen is capable of doing, he deserves to lose. If you can alpha strike her in turn 1, do so. Teleport is an Arcane spell that cost 5 points to cast. I played Necropolis. Only Naomi and Tharian have access to it. I don't even field the latter. Moreover, every fraction has access to it. Instead of hiding a powerful melee asset, it is also used as a saver for your important model. Right here is a good illustration that you need your models to support one another. Meanwhile, you should try to take out enemy casters at every opportunity. Any spell users who can use 5 SP spells are powerful. Don't just focus on the melee model alone. In both examples, your friends lost because they were being outplayed by a much more experienced player like you. They complained because they did not know the mechanics of the game well. These do not mean that Warlord is a bad game. Thus, I fail to see the issues you raised. Finally, if you ever want to demo another game with your Witch Queen, please kindly ask your opponent to consider Nefsofar.
  21. People purchases 40K, for example, mainly because the game is so popular that you can find someone to play with anywhere, not simply because the models are nice. The old figures from 2nd edition is not better than any Reaper models at present. On the other hand, Reaper makes some very interesting figures that no other company cares to produce. If "generic-ness" is a problem, then it is time for Reaper to improve the quality of the scultpure. Afterall, it is a miniature company, isn't it? Warlord rules may be daunting but this is no comparison to Malifaux, Heavy Gear Blitz, etc. It is like elementary school level comparing to high school education. I am extremely surprised that psyberwolfe has no problem with the tremendous amount of spells, magic items and upgrades for WHFB but has issues with the number of special abilities instead. When a simple game like Song of Blades and Heros, using only generic figures, is able to gain much more world wide popularity than Warlord, there is a problem. This fundamental problem lies entirely with Reaper. Warlord has some die hard fans that cannot be matched in other games. I learned that the 2nd edition was mostly driven by fans. You had Mark who produced 87 episodes of Reaper Minis TV on you tube. Fans wrote a campaign. Tactic guides are supposed to be written for each army. At one time, there was even a kickstarter project for a computer game for Warlord. What has Reaper done to help to make the game more popular? Correct me if I am wrong but that was close to nothing. For years since I joined the forum, Reaper has emphasized that it is a miniature company. It has very limited resource for games. Yet, against advices, it produced CAV1 which failed eventually, tried again with CAV2 and fell flat on the face. There was then even a talk about making CAV3 at one time. The fact is that you cannot expect "generic" robots to sell well without a rich story background and a set of popular rules. I'll be very surprised if Reaper can make money selling CAV models these days. You do not see the same with fantasy figures mainly because there are many role-playing games that need these figures. Yet, Reaper does not seem to learn from their repeated mistakes. It lauched the ill-fated Reich of the Dead. The game never takes off ground. A complete waste of time and effort from a company that already has very limited resources. I choose not to mention the other popular game, Warmachine, at this time. It has a very different theme. However, I like to remind the management team, especailly psyberwolfe, that Privateer Press started off as a very small company with only a handful of staff. Their success again does not simply rely on the miniatures alone. The cheaper "bone" and "generic' models will not last long despite the success of the Kickstarter campaign. Far more miniature painters decide not to take the opportunity because they simply do not like the cheaper bone resin and generic looking models. Warlord is not a perfect game. It has its weakness. However, putting some effort into it to gain more poplularity will in turn keep the sale of your fantasy figure up longer in the future.
  22. I am thinking about scenarios, battle report, development of stories and hopefully and eventually a campaign system. I don't consider it as "screwing" the game since there is no rule change. You simply cannot expect fans to do all these works. Eventually, they get burnt out.
  23. The kickstarter project unfortunately was too successful. This is really bad for all three Reaper games. If there is no news, players will simply move onto the other games.
  24. I got interested in this game since the first edition. Never regret it once. On the other hand, all my 40K are OOP, out of date and not even allowed in a tournament. I am lucky that there is no dwarf players around.
  25. One reason why people rather like to get into WHFB and 40k is the critical mass of players. You can always find someone to play. Warmachine and Hordes are now getting the same effect. Otherwise, no matter how good the game is, it will always be difficult to find players. I would advise you to build up one 1000 point army first before you move to the next. This will allow you to play several standard size games, understand the mechanics and modify the tactics according to your taste. Remember, each faction can have several tactics. You cannot own them all and love them all.
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